Niucon 7, Wroclaw (Poland)| Cult Party Kei, Angel inspired outfit 

I’m sorry for too many selfies, haha. Actually it was my first time taking photos only by myself, because I bought a stand and a holder for my phone so I was able to pose as long as I wanted without feeling guilty that I use someone lololo. I hope you guys can see my skirt with feathers (Etsuna Otsuka), angel thights (taobao) , a backpack with The Birth of Venus (vinted), feather earrings (six) and angel wings choker (Zombie Unicorn Jewelry), haha ;; Wig, glasses (ebay), shoes (New Look)

So I’m back from that little Poland trip, and I brought back a bit of vodka and a strong case of the flu.

It’s a wonderful country, and I really liked the town I stayed the most, Wrocław, which is pronounced not Wro-klaw, but Vro-suave. It’s better known under the name Breslau. If you want to visit a part of Europe, this town is probably a good bet - it’s cheap, loaded with architectural treasuries, history and activities, most people speak a very good English and it’s very safe (there are a lot of Polish men in the streets, and sometimes even cops).

The fact that people speak English is not a moot point, since Polish is very difficult. In fact, since I speak French, English and a little German, I can get by with a lot of European languages - but visibly not Slavic ones. Dutch is already quite awful, but at least it doesn’t use made-up characters (i.e. the “ł“). To be honest, my brain shut down over every words over two syllables. The only consolation was that it was a two-way situation. In French, my name is very straightforward, and this is the first time of my life I renounced, after several trials, to put it down correctly in writing. The nearest phonetic result I got was “Lo-ho”. Good enough. 

I have an hypothesis about the fitness of the Polish youth - walking in the street seems to be in some Fashion Week show’s backstage : priority seems to have been attributed to cars flow, and pedestrians have to wait for a very long time before being authorized to cross streets, and the green light stays for very few seconds (I think about 10-15, depending of the street). So you have to sprint all the time, and it must be good for cardio (but they may be also practice some kind of Pole dance).

I will probably come back later about it, but most Germans, despite their reputation, don’t know how to drive. I don’t mind people driving very fast, they got powerful cars and the means to control them I don’t mind people driving slow. it’s good for the environment, it costs a lot less money and it’s better for the car. What I really don’t like is people in their little bubble deciding than overpassing a slower car or a truck by a differential speed of 2 km/h, and staying in the left lane when a lot of people are coming upon them at 50 km/h faster, is a good idea. To those people. and they are really a lot of them, I wish not only a very painful and fatal colorectal cancer, but that their whole family get mass-murdered with cottage cheese and lava lamps. Seriously, I’ve seen much worse behaviour on French highways, and driving between Lausanne and Geneva, or Bern and Solothurn, can be really painful. But it’s ten times more frustrating when you are on a part without speed limits and you’re stuck at 90 km/h on the fast lane because some asshole decided he couldn’t spend ten seconds more behind a truck. Thanks to that, two accidents and tens of Solothurn-style traffic jams (the kind where you’re have to emergency brake, stay put for one minutes or two, sometimes more, then you’re able to drive normaly again without any logical reasons whatsoever), the road trip took at least 8 hours more than expected.

So, be aware that for a long time, this tumblr will be loaded with Polish pictures.