She only gives herself away in small doses.
leaving men wondering like children at all that she was.
Lately, the whiskey hasn’t quite tasted the same,
and I couldn’t figure out why for the longest time.
I realized recently that it’s because you are not the girl I wished for.
I didn’t want to know your favorite color,
or your favorite band.
I don’t want to know your dreams
or the city you hope to live in.
Sometimes, I’m scared to say the things on my mind out of fear.
Fear of saying things others have said before me.
Beautiful girl, where did you come from?

Which analogy or metaphor or word should I give you to tell you something as simple as the stars are bright.

You are not what i wanted.
You are better.

madhousepan  asked:

Can you write about zukaang? Just them being gay. Thank you(:

Iroh was getting old. He had been old as long as Aang had known him, but now, with his liver spots dotted over his hands, his breath rattled in his chest, and his slow moving, he finally looked it. And he seemed it in the way he moved, slower and more calculated than before.

Not that he really seemed to mind.

“This one is a special tea,” he told Aang, smiling and pouring the tea, “for a special visitor.”

Aang smiled in return. He thought he traveled to see Iroh and Zuko enough now that his visits would be mundane, but it was nice to be appreciated as ‘special.”

“Thank you,” he said after tapping the table. “I’m glad to be back.”

“So are we, Avatar, so are we!” Iroh returned. He patted Zuko’s shoulder as he walked away.

They were all getting old now, a fact Aang was thankful for. Zuko finally not only fit his robes, but looked comfortable in them. His hair, long now, was tied in a knot at the back of his head. He strummed his beard thoughtfully, his good eye trailing after Iroh as he crossed the room.

He sat close enough that his leg brushed against Aang’s.  Aang had to scratch at his own beard to cover the grin from the warmth of it.

“Are you not staying with us, Uncle?” Zuko asked, sipping at his cup.

“No, no,” answered Iroh. “It is far too late for a man as old as myself to be awake, even if such fine tea is being served—“ Aang gave a small laugh—“And besides,” Iroh added just before closing the door, “I think you two might appreciate he time alone.”

Aang’s stomach gave the familiar squirm. Iroh knew, of course he did. He was one of the few who did.

There was a strange comfort in that. Zuko shifted. His shoulder kissed Aang’s.

“Goodnight,” Iroh said. And he was gone. They were alone.

It only took a moment for Zuko’s hand to fall onto Aang’s, and for Aang to curl his fingers into his own. The room was quiet, and Aang could feel the warmth rising from his tea, lifting a soft, fruity fragrance. It felt safe.

He turned to grin at Zuko and Zuko pressed his mouth to his.

“What did Iroh put in the tea?” Aang teased after their kiss. His cheeks felt hot and his stomach light. This was getting easier, more comfortable. But still seldom enough to be special.

“Jasmine, I think,” Zuko answered. He didn’t get the joke; he never did.

It was one of the things Aang had grown to love about him.

1. I still have your copy of Kurt Cobain’s Journals and Batman plushie, do you want me to bring them over?

2. Hey, you borrowed my warmest sweater and I’m kind of cold right now, and it’s only September so it’s only going to get worse.

3. Have you finished reading my copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone? Not that I need it back, you can have it as long as you need.

4. The new season of The Big Bang Theory is so funny, you should watch it.

5. We are still going to watch the new Harry Potter and Star Wars movies together, right?

6. I know we are not talking now, but can I give you the present I bought you for your birthday? Or should I give it to your friends?

7. My grandma keeps asking about you and I don’t know what to tell her.

8. Thank you for introducing me to Jack White’s music. I’ve been listening to Love Interruption on repeat for days.

9. Do you want to see our new flat? Also, could you help us with moving? My brothers don’t give a shit and we can’t do it on our own with mom.

10. If you need any help with math or just need a quiet place to study, I’m here anytime you want.

—  I wish I could talk to you.

i cant sleep so really id just like to talk about how yoosung would be that boy with the flowers in his hair and the ukulele in his hands who plays shows at the teeniest-tiniest venues in the city who has a smile like sunshine. he’d be that boy who goes to a bunch of shows to talk to people and offer a mixtape to them shyly and is always so polite to crowds no matter if its four people at barricade or one hundred and four people in a sold out space. the one who acts like the people who show up to his gigs are his best friends who he’s known since preschool and then he’d meet you who shuffles on your feet nervously and thinks there’s something profound about his music. then he’d be the boy who writes and sings about you on stage with the biggest grin and bopping his head side to side, occasionally looking down at the frets because you are here in the audience and he really doesn’t want to mess this up in front of the prettiest person he’s ever seen. but he’d be that boy who falls head over heels for you when you start showing up at every show of his and you’d exchange information and you’d have sleepovers at his shoe box apartment where he sings you to sleep and you’d think he shines brighter than the stars in the sky. tldr; think about yoosung who has, like, eight pairs of big ol’ glasses and has the nicest voice who makes your world turn round with his lil ukulele love songs that he sings about you in soft spotlights. 

Growing old

The money that we’ve saved need to be spent,
The home that we’re staying need to be empty,
The clothes that we’re wearing need to become wider,
The knowledge that we knew needed to improve,
The things we have, suddenly we had
The people we know, need to be known
Standing feet need to walk and take a pause,
Waving hands need to put down and take a rest
We need something to achieve, so we are moving forward
Long days with those memories of past
Now that afraid of tomorrow brings
Trees and soil never meant to stay together,
How much longer it can stay, It’ll die and lose to its soil
Lovely memories of hugs and kisses from parents
Awkward moments of the dog chasing after you,
A reminder of how good and bad the school was,
You run and cried when someone tried to bully you,
Those bruises left when you and your friends made an escape
A smile on your face when crush notice you
The most memorable for you is when you had your first love,
Laugh, tears, ups and downs,
When you stand up on your own feet and achieve something,
The best life is you, when you saw yourself changed well.
Anxieties, depression and fears, 
Rejections and failure, you spent life
In a place far away, you are wondering
It’s like you live the present, but thinking ‘bout the end,
An imagination of you already achieved, succeed, just need to walk for more
And the strength became weakness,
The eyes became the storage, whenever you see the place you’ve been,
Is like the view you were filled.
There’s always a moment that you would stop yourself to bloom,
But when you crossed different roads, shaping your soul,
Wholeness and standing for you to gain maturity,
Growing old like spinning on a roller coaster,
Suddenly one day, dizzy will change your whole to half
Every skin became rough, a change of physical appearance
Life became much fragile, anytime it can break completely 
And you will see your jewelry, your seed left in this world
That moment you’ll understand that he/she won’t stay forever,
Young now, fresh memories and seeds to plant
Growing old everyday like decaying your planted trees yet the heart stays.

Destiny AU: Lullaby

Maggie-7 came to the Court alone. Just a second for the desolate emptiness to put her on edge, the poison pouring over the sides, and then Keros pinged her Ghost.

/Be right there./

/There’s nobody here,/ Maggie sent.

/Well, now there’s two./

Three, Maggie noticed. Someone was sitting in one of the sconces next to the … activation plates. Alters? The things what you put the runes in. Skinny, hunched Guardian in black with a tablet in his lap. Keros dashed up to her, his bond nearly baking the air around them as the Sunsinger sweated a full charge. Maggie’s temperature warning lit and guttered.

Keros danced a few steps. All that nervous energy, while Maggie dug a rune out of one of her belt pockets next to her knife.

“What about that guy?” she asked.

“That’s the guy who we’re ranking up right now,” Keros said.

“He actually visits this place?”

“They can’t always stay in the Tower, can they?” His tone was sarcastic. Of course, some vendors did always stay in the same place at the Tower, but Toland, the Shattered, was obviously right there, poking absently at the tablet while The Ram nodded.

Just before she went to put the rune in another gaggle of Guardians showed up, a full Fireteam of three with matching colors, and they had brought a third-tier rune. Maggie and Keros jumped in.

This week the void had shuffled and roiled and decided that Tier 3 was the Bane. Adds first, so Maggie stabbed and blinked while her Ghost whispered “Eris, Pit Bane” in her ear. Not an easy round - another Hunter rezzed frazzled on the cliff balcony - but Maggie lived and locked eyes with Keros while Eris’ shield fell. There was some strategy with the rhythm of the adds but by the time you got here it was just about fire power.

She and Keros popped their supers around the same time. The Bane was enveloped in Keros’ grenades, his own body heat finally cooling down. Maggie got one good cut in, electricity crackling, and slingshotted herself around. For the second when her feet touched the ground she had an impression of ragged robes, a spiked spine, a white bone sword.

Another sound crawled in under the Arc-crackle and sun-flare too, a sound she would have expected to hear at the Tower. Toland was singing something more eerie than his usual cackle, both restrained in breath and loud enough to somehow squirm around the supers and the scream of the Hive as if he was whispering in her ear. Sad song. Song that made her feel like she was falling backwards.

The slingshot let go and one of the color-coded Titans got a hit in too and then it was over. The surface of the portal was empty air. Maggie scooped up a blue engram and felt her super start to generate, a tickle from her fingers up to the end of her gauntlets.

“Oh, I got another rune,” Keros said, inquisitively shifting through his inventory on the balcony, and then they went again.

To my other half

Good morning :) Kumusta ang tulog mo kagabi, nagpuyat kaba? May pasok ka ba ngayon? Mag-iingat ka ha. Wag mong kakalimutang kumain sa tamang oras. Mahirap magkasakit, kaya wag mo papabayaan ang sarili mo.

Konting tiis pa ha, bubuuin ko lang ulit ang sarili ko. Magfocus ka na muna sa goals mo sa buhay. Pasensya na kung nasasaktan o nahihirapan ka man ngayon, wag mo sanang iisipin na wala nang magmamahal sa iyo ng totoo. Sapagkat mamahalin kita ng walang dulo.

Hintayin mo lang ako, ayoko naman na masaktan lang tayong pareho kaya hayaan mo lang muna ako na buuin ko ulit ang sarili ko. Hintayin mo lang ako hanggang sa kaya ko nang muling suungin ang agos na naglalayo sa akin papunta sa iyo. Hintayin mo lang ako hanggang sa kaya ko nang harapin ang mga alon ng hindi nalulunod. Hintayin mo lang ako, hanggang sa matutunan ko'ng lumangoy.

Hindi ako mangangako, pero gagawin ko. Gagawin ko ang lahat ng makakaya ko sa pagbaybay ng daan patungo sa iyo hanggang sa makarating ako sa iyo. Kaya magfocus ka lang muna sa mga goals mo sa buhay para pagdating ko ay pareho na tayong handa sa bagong yugto ng ating buhay.

Wag ka munang susuko. Wag mo munang isusuko ang sarili mo sa iba. Wag ka munang susuko sa paghihintay sa akin. Maghintay ka lamang ako'y darating.
Bubuuin ko lang ulit ang aking sarili, hindi man ikaw ang huling parte na makakabuo sa akin, ikaw naman ang may pinakamalaking parte na bubuo sa aking pagkatao. Kaya mahal, hintayin mo ako.

And I held onto the thought that you were coming back. I was lying awake till dawn to catch a glimpse of you, I would carve our two names in all the trees I’d meet, in the air as I walked, in the sand with my feet. I had named you my happy ending, I was there, ready to run away. But you never showed up and a thousand autumns have now passed. I have let the tears turn to bitterness and the bitterness to silent grief. You may stay Peter Pan, I’ll have to be Wendy.
—  M.S