Looking for Asexual Writers!

I’d like to feature writers who are openly asexual and have already published a book or will during 2015. Because if I can’t get a bunch of asexual characters I want to support the hell out of asexual writers! 

Now I’d love if everyone could help me signal boost this call so the writers themselves can decide if they want to be featured. If you know of writers who are asexual I simply ask you be careful not to be crass when suggesting them. 

I stared at his veins, wondering if his demons matched mine. And I was so scared because our broken edges fit into one so perfectly, realizing we had so much more to lose together than apart.
Do you feel it? Do you feel that longing, that pang in your chest? It’s me, across all these miles calling to you. It’s me searching for you. And God, if I could, I would shrink the miles between us. I would shrink the oceans, the trees, the lakes and rivers and the valleys. I would shrink it all if only it meant that I could reach out and touch you. Don’t you feel it? That restlessness? That lonely creep at 3 am? It’s me, God, it’s me just needing you next to me. And when you look out over the water, know that I’m looking back at you. And when you can’t sleep at night and the sheets are cold, but you still find yourself reaching for me, know that I am reaching back. Please, know that everything in me is pulling me toward the everything that is you.
—  distance. (via brizzlewritesthings)
stop falling, stop
falling, stop falling, stop
falling, stop
the flesh, no longer
melts from your
bones, fire doesn’t
pour from the sky, stop
falling, stop
falling, stop falling, stop
falling, stop
the wave of death
no longer
washes over you, buboes
filled with pus
no longer
rise, on your body, stop
falling, stop
falling, stop falling, stop
falling, stop
murdering, stop
torturing, stop
destroying, stop
hating, stop
raping, stop
falling, stop
falling, stop falling, stop

Max Mundan, black rain (in my heart)

© David Rutter 2014

Our names shoved together
Want to be held but not possessed
Maybe we’ll just stop talking altogether
Maybe I’m just overstressed

Seeking an old familiar ghost
I woke up just to try harder
How much does love cost?
Those words together in that order

Letting you know people like me can exist
Last night I totally caved;
You’re something I realized that I can miss
Yeah, I’m looking to be saved
And yeah, I know there’s a waiting list.

—  C.J.S
I think that perhaps the bravest thing a person can do is walk away from something or someone that hurt them, but they used to love.
—  Because all those moments of happiness and joy and excitement and adoration are there to stay in my memory, even though it’s over.