“If one day,” she said to him, “you happen to fall for another and you are torn between her and I,”

“Please don’t hold onto me. Please promise me that you will love her the way she deserves to be loved, and that you will let me go.”

“Because,” she breathed, “I think I am more than just an option.”

“I think, I deserve to be someone’s top priority, to be someone’s one and only.”

—  L.W. // Forgotten Words #78 // No one deserves to be an option

Why do you carry
All that baggage with you
Can’t you tell it’s weighing you down?
I know you like to hold on to things
But it isn’t even yours to hold

How do you carry
Such a burden on your back
Can you even move forward anymore?
I know you like to look after people
But you need to look after yourself

Creatures crawling up and down my walls
they slipped in through the vents
I didn’t smell them
or see them or hear them
until they climbed up the long
flimsy legs of my bed
they snaked under my blankets
and cuddled up beside me
close and secure and comforting
in a form I didn’t know I needed
fur covered the backs of some
warm and soft and easy to touch
others were rougher
but closer
all of them were lovely
like clouds or snow
or forest moss
something about them
told me they were gifts
the kind that stows away in your suitcase
the kind you never plan on
yet still fall in love with
the best kind
life spilled out of them all
into me
and each other
so much so
that none of us
ever needed to breathe
we had each other
and things were wonderful
—  A.O.A.M. || Monsters Under The Bed
I don’t trust people easily. So, if I’m still by your side after all these years, then you’re doing something no one else has been able to do. You accepted me.
I’m so torn between
wanting sadistic revenge
and wanting to forgive you.
—  VoicelessConfessions || Eternal Dilemma

Consider this an open apology
To any man who may find himself
In the unfortunate position
Of losing his head and falling for me.

I’m very sorry for your lapse in judgement.
If you had found me a year ago,
You would have found a hopeless romantic
Eager to open her heart to you.

But things change so terribly
In the course of a heartbreaking year.
And I’m sadly not the same romantic
I, at one beautifully oblivious time, used to be.

I’m sad to say I’ve become hardened.
My skin is uncommonly thick
And my head is never unclouded.
I’ve steadied my steps far too carefully.

I don’t trip as easily anymore
And I don’t fall upon the feet of good men.
I judge their goodness as a facade,
Blocked out before proven true and pure.

With the heartbreak caused by one,
I have become closed off to your affection.
I’m sorry, I really am.
It’s nothing against you.

I would love to love you
And be loved just the same.
But I’m not that simple anymore.
You have to fight unfairly hard for me.

I hope you don’t fall too hard for me.
I don’t feel I deserve it right now.
I hope there’s a chance for you
To find your footing once again.

To whoever may fall for me,
For whatever reason you see fit,
I’m sorry I am this way.
But know I truly hope to change.

—  A. Hietanen // February 12, 2016

you’re more beautiful
than evergreen mountain ranges
spanning as far as
these eyes
can see.

and I love you
to the mountains
and back.

the way the mountaintops
reach for the sky
makes me think of you
and how I ever got
to be so lucky.

and I will love you
for as long as those
evergreens breathe
in Spring.

snowcapped evergreens
kissed by the sun,
melting and melting
as I do when I’m
lying in your arms.

I love you
until all the leaves
and all the pines
cover you and me
infinitely and completely.

the ends of the wilds,
where the creeks run free.
little rivers and rolling hills
of raging blue next to
and endless green.

I love you
with your winds
like the breeze,
nipping at my neck,
like we’re lost in the sea.

and you’re my island,
and my love for you
is evergreen.

—  Letter for my Queen LXXX. ( mountain ranges. )
Stray Commonism thought...

In light of GM Bay Window - and while I still stand by my opinion that the topic of communism was kinda butchered - I understand that that (early) episode, airing right before this one was meant to draw our attention to 2 main points:

  1. The importance of individuality: being your own person, finding/defining your own identity and undergoing personal growth (even as the people around you will affect you and change you); 
  2. Despite your best intentions, you cannot share everything, and have all relationships be the same (although they can be equally valuable, in different ways).

Also, I know that the little classroom wall is obviously a reference to the Berlin wall; but I find it interesting that Riley used the phrasing: “I want to tear down the Bay Window.”

They held GM Commonism on purpose; kinda like they held GM Farkle’s Choice in S1 to air right before GM First Date - drawing attention to the difficulty of making choices and to Farkle/Lucas in relation to Riley/Maya (see: @yeoldeshipper‘s in progress meta on that).

I may not see you as much, but I’ll always be here for you.

In my most darkest moments, you were there. It must’ve taken a lot of strength and will power to stick by me, I’ll always be grateful for our midnight talks and hours spent sat in your living room.

I’ve seen you at your best. I’ve seen you laugh until tears are swarming in your pretty eyes. I’ve seen you cry and crack, I’ve seen you push on and succeed.

At the heart of it all, you’re my best friend. And I’ll always be here, through whatever, just as you are for me.

I love you, dear friend.

—  ‘Until The End’, from me to you.

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Can I just a say...

… I am IN LOVE with GM the Bay Window. Probably my favorite episode of the show so far.

Originally posted by forbeautifulpeopletv

Because of its brilliant writing - a chef d’oeuvre in symbolism and cohesion of so many elements that have been touched upon over the course of the show -

Because of its glorious execution in production, cinematography, costuming, staging (such a team effort) -

But ABOVE ALL because it was, at its very core, CHARACTER DRIVEN!

(Sabrina Carpenter and Rowan Blanchard just killed it. I can’t wait to watch it on TV and in HD.)

One day, you’re gonna meet someone and they’re gonna love you more than anyone ever has. I’m not going to lie to you, it won’t be perfect. It won’t be sunshine and daisies all the time. It’ll be hard and painful. You’ll fight and argue and cry and want to bail. The butterflies in your stomach don’t last forever. But what you get is better - you get safety, comfort and love. Love is unpredictable, it can be harsh, it can bite and wound harder than a knife, because emotions are harder to forget. Harder to heal. But at the end of the day, if you get it, hold onto it. Love is perfectly imperfect, not because it sets out to overpower you, but because it is a very real, very human emotion.
—  ‘Love’, words said by a girl who wants to believe in love and kindness, but it’s not always easy. 
Fic Starter Friday

Alright, FenHawke fans, we are starting something new called Fic Starter Friday. This is for all the writers who create all the wonderful fanfiction for this pairing.

Some of us being writers ourselves, we understand that it isn’t always easy to have inspiration or motivation to write. Life gets busy, there are distractions, you get tired, and sometimes you just don’t know what you want to write.

On that note, here is something to help and have fun with. Every Friday we will put some ideas out there for you to use.

This Fic Starter Friday: It’s coming up on Valentines day, so here are some ideas to help you celebrate.

☆ Love Letter Collection:
Perhaps Fenris writes Hawke love letters he can never gather the courage to send. Perhaps it’s Hawke who sends Fenris love letters. Or maybe, while Hawke is off to save the world, they exchange love letters to ease the separation. Either way, what could be sweeter?

☆ The Only Cure for a Broken Heart:
Both Fenris and Hawke definitely have had their hearts broken by Fenris’ need for distance. Perhaps explain the heartache of the lonely. Perhaps, show us how it is remedied.

☆ What I Love About You:
“Do you know what I love about you, Fenris?”
“I…. What DO you love about me?”

☆ Flirtatious!:
How does your Hawke flirt? Or you can take it in a more sensual direction. Or a even a cute one. Whichever you choose, we are just waiting to blush and gush over it.

Good luck FenHawke fans and Happy Valentines day! (Tag us if you will so we can read what you write ^_^ )

When you first wrote me a love letter I rushed my way to my bedroom to read it, giggling like an idiot. It was framed with hearts and colorful stickers. At first I couldn’t make out the scribbled letters because your handwriting was too small, but my eyes soon found it familiar.
A relatively big ‘I Love You’ was standing out in between words. Me, being a nerd, felt the urge to correct a few grammar mistakes and capitalize a few letters. 'You’re so stupid’ were the words that first rushed their way out of my mouth as soon as I finished reading it. God you have no idea how many times your voice echoed in my head while running my eyes on the dear piece of paper. I could literally write it down with my eyes closed. 'Can you please sit next to me in art class’ was the most romantic thing I read by then. It made me jump and giggle loudly, wondering how I’m going to dare and sit next to you, you fool.
I didn’t sleep that night, my fingers had a blue shade on them from holding the paper too tight.

The next day, I sat next to you. You drew little hearts on the table, and I laughed when the teacher asked you to clean it up. Your hair was so black, unlike your green eyes and caramel skin. And I was a little girl with pink ribbons, always chewing gum. And we loved each other so much we broke our own hearts.

Time flew away, and ten years later your green eyes were fueled in anger and sadness, soaked in tears. You were lost and broken, pain changed you. Life sucked all the happiness and innocence out of your young heart, to leave it bleeding, can barely beat anymore.
I still loved you, of course. And you did too, even in your darkest times, those when you don’t even have enough love for yourself, you still drowned me in the same love you spilled in that love letter of when we were young and free. It was so admirable how much anger you held for the world, yet so draining and tiring. Aside from many serious reasons, you always wondered how people could love then leave each other, why would they kill each other and the very own land they live in. It bothered you so much, and all I did was stare at you while you whine and ramble to me about things I found pretty interesting yet pretty big for us. We were meant to be in love and free, but you chose to care about others and not yourself. That hurt you, my dear. But you’d never listen.
Everything happened so fast and we had to wake up from the very joyful dream that blinded us from the tough reality. We were yet to learn how to fight and survive the battle, but no time was given before everything fell back on us.
We started drifting away, walking out of love. You spent your nights with other boys in smoky rooms to forget the pain you felt, and I spent mine reading books and doing my schoolwork. We barely even talked anymore. Your kisses were cold and lifeless, and I always looked away when our eyes locked. You didn’t talk much about the universe anymore, you had tucked all that care and anger away, only to replace it with sadness and numbness. Your once very warm heart turned so cold and your messy bunch of raw and random feelings had dissolved and vanished. Your soul was blank and you barely even acknowledged it.

Our love was the only beautiful thing left. The only thing left about you. Something I held onto until my fingers slipped and you drifted away. Drifted away into the cold cruel world you decided to hate so much. While I sat here and mourned over another lost soul.

It didn’t break me at first, I had accepted the fact that your love letter was burnt away along with all the kisses and memories we shared, all the love and care we held in our very fragile hearts. But now as I sit on the grass next to your grave I think about all the things we were and all the things we could have been if only I had loved you enough, if only I wrote you a love letter when you most needed to be loved.

—  The Love Letter - e,bj (via poeticallyh)