I am realizing that this skin I’ve worn
this quiet
may not be fitting any longer
it has begun to strangle me blue
yet I don’t know how to be
anyone else

I suppose I should learn
how to be big
and angry
and unapologetic
how to take up space
how to scream out of anything other than fear
how to be unafraid of being seen
and how to stand up when I am questioned
or ridiculed
instead of turning on myself
because I was under the impression that it’s easier
to tear myself apart with the rest of the wolves
than to defend my own ideas
this is the year to try

—  A.O.A.M. || Outgrown 
And if 11:11 wishes
do come true,
the stars will lead me
back to you,
because if 11:11 wishes
are truly real,
the moon will help
me while I heal,
maybe I hope 11:11 wishes
are all granted,
so when the sun rises
it gives me you—
who I always wanted.
—  ma.c.a // 11:11 Wishes
A humanidade só vai avançar quando cada indivíduo entender que é justamente na diferença do outro, naquilo que foge às suas escolhas pessoais, normas familiares ou padrões coletivos de comportamento, onde está a sua melhor chance de evolução. Reconhecer que aquilo que não é ideal para você pode ser bom para o outro e que a liberdade de escolha e o respeito são imprescindíveis para o convívio em grupo e fortalecimento do todo. Semear a paz e fortalecer cada indivíduo na sua própria verdade é adquirir conhecimento coletivo e força,  afinal um grupo com diferentes visões e habilidades é sem dúvida mais forte do que aquele formado por iguais.
—  Elisa Bartlett.
Just remember, so far you’ve managed to survive 100% of your worst days. You will get through these ones too no matter how hard it may seem.


The sun holds hands with the clouds,
a beautiful day with pretty thoughts.

And I still get lost inside
the idea of losing myself–

– to find out who i am
– to find out why i am
– to find out where i am
– to find out what i am
– to find out when i am
– to find out how i am

– just because you
have made mistakes,
it doesn’t mean
you can’t be
a part of

I saw you from across the room and my heart fluttered. We shared a few glances. I was staring at you, you were looking at me. I caught you looking at me. You looked away. I smiled at the thought of you thinking of me.
—  the looks we gave each other

Love isn’t something you tell the person you feel for them.

Love is something you show the person you feel. I never understood how two people can claim to be in love when they do not have the elements of love visible in their lives; friendship, companionship, comfort, laughter, sentiment, concern, respect and the desire to please.

Love needs all these and more, yet you claim love without any of these actions?

And we got the second chance that most people only dream of and it still wasn’t enough to keep us together. It was only enough to show me that sometimes things aren’t meant to be, no matter how desperately or badly you want them to. We were too much for each other, not even a third chance would do us justice. -C.C.

How is it that we can
Figure out how much an object is worth
Before we even buy it
But can’t figure out the worth of a person
Until they’re gone.
—  SociopathicEntity

The moon is up, the night is cold.

My windows are fogged of liquid vapor.

Coffee is my source of heat and

maybe my sweater too.

It’s 1:45 am, I should be sleeping.

Yet here I am wasting paper and ink,

writing another love poem about you.

You’re too lethal.

Too undrownable by coffee.

I should be laying dormant in my bed.

Yet here I am, killing memories of that day with coffee.

—  coffee nights