I admit, he was smart when he chose Halloween night. Everyone thought that the blood splattered across the windows and the screams from inside were just for dramatic effect.

Day Six Hundred Sixty Five.

traveling back to my childhood
familiar faces, well known places
years have passed and we’ve all grown up
new lives, new loves
and as we walk down these winding streets
i can’t help but smile
as i realize the one i dreamt about all those years
imagined that i would one day end up with
is right here by my side
walking down the same beaten path
with me

// MAGIC //

I hate the stories and myths and everything 

that lied to me,

telling me that I could be anyone

and do anything because 


I’m just a poor soul

with a broken heart full of

malfunctioning spells and 

a million dreams that will never

come alive.


Somethings gotta change
I need to make it different
For myself
I need to become different

I need to love
So that I may be loved
I need to show kindness
Strength for myself
and for others
I need to fight
Darkness and negativity

I need to sand down
My rough exterior
Leave myself exposed to the world
Because if I am vulnerable
If I am open
The universe can seep in.

~ W. S.

to the authors
who have helped me
fall in love with words:
thank you for
sharing a piece of yourself
with the world.
—  by shelby leigh
Cute One Line OTP Prompts:

1. “Don’t start a tickle fight when I’m supposed to be mad at you!”
3. “Did you seriously just wipe your popcorn fingers on me?”
4. “I said no more dogs, and what did you do?! GOT ANOTHER FREAKING DOG”
5. “Rainbow sprinkles? I asked for chocolate? Wtf”
6. “You don’t even know what this stuff means, you just say it to try to be cool. Ily? Rofl? Pbj?”
7. “I’m not playing Uno with you…not after you made me draw four.”
8. “I hope you choke on that watermelon seed”
9. “Next time you’re hungover, I’m not going to hold your head out of the toilet. I’m gonna let you drown.”
10. “I love you the most-est”

She was like a withered rose
with broken thorns.
but she was the prettiest one.
she was also the strongest one.
everyone went for the roses that looked alike,
but i wanted something different.
something that caught my eye,
and there she was.
outstanding and different.
it scares me that
I can sculpt
love poems
from the same letters
you use to
spread hate.
—  good vs evil by shelby leigh
I could fall in love with you so easily,
if you just show me you feel the same.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write, 64
“The edge of falling”
you never believed me
no one did
i was alone
and afraid
but you never wanted to help
that’s a lie
you did
but i was stubborn
and now we’re here
i’m in my casket
you’re watching me go six feet under
and people probably are celebrating that in gone
no ones mourning
but laughing
because i was a joke
but now im gone
dancing with the devil in hell
playing his advocate
waiting for the newly damned souls