…I am your worst nightmare, all your fears and monsters, dressed as your favourite dream.
You looked at me
with love laced eyes
and said you wish
you could write like me
but I hope one day
you’ll see your beauty
is what fills me with
words worth writing
I may be the poet
but you, my love,
are the poem
and I’ll always paint
you beautifully,
just as you deserve to be


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Your first love is shy and quiet. That is all that meets the eye at first. You don’t think much of him but you are drawn to his small smile, his gentle way of walking. And then in some fateful way organized by the universe, you start to talk.
And over time you discover he is shy and quiet but also so full of love, love spilling out from his melted chocolate eyes and tracing every inch of his heavenly skin. He has so much love to give, you think, and he’s giving all of it to me. He has a way of making you feel special. He tries, harder than any boy you’d met before.
Your friends think he’s a loser. Your dad says he’s not strong enough for you. But in a way that’s not at all for rebellious reasons, you love him. You won’t utter these words for a while yet, but you love him. You love him when he picks you up a little bit every time he hugs you with firm arms, you love him when he braids your hair as you fall asleep with your head on his lap. You love how with every kiss, there’s a warmth, a security, a soft and gentle spark that makes you want to stay next to him forever, your bodies intertwining and dancing like flames against the night sky.
But you get tired of soft and gentle after a while. You ache for something more. And this shy and quiet boy has stayed by you through everything, but when you tell him to leave, he knows you mean it. So he leaves, and you watch him go.
Years pass and you wonder why you never settled for shy and quiet, soft and gentle. And this boy still holds a piece of your heart that he accidentally took with him, and some places in your mind hope he never returns it to you.
—  an excerpt from a book I’ll never write #169

Be my high.
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all i want right now
is your arms around me
telling me to go to sleep
and that it will all be better
in the morning,
but i’m not even sure if
you would do that if you could.
—  i gave you a knife and now you’re holding it right above my chest. please don’t drop it.
She refused to accept her death, somehow convincing herself she was immortal, forever screaming her anthem from rooftops and rallying the world behind her. She refused to let herself be led to the slaughter like a lamb, refusing to sit still and accept what was thrown her way, making herself into some otherworldly being, ruling the galaxy and hopping from star to star.
—  an excerpt from a book I’ll never write #167
Love Is In The Air: Famous Love Poems For Your Sweetie

Here’s a really romantic gesture that’s sure to impress your favorite poet or writer.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, check out these famous love poems.

Once you’re properly inspired, write your own romantic verse for your sweetie—or quote a few lines from these amorous authors. 

QUESTION: Have you written a story or poem for a loved one?


Fragile heart,
‘Handle with care’,
Bruised by,
Too rough hands

Silent mouth,
Stiched close,
Black x’s where,
A smile should be,
Mouth stuffed up,
Throat blocked with thread

Broken pieces,
Put together,
With “I’m fine” glue,
That doesn’t last,
Under the fall,
Of tears

Invisible knives,
That pierce,
And leave,
No mark.

Words do hurt,
And work well,
To silence,
A bleeding heart,
And smother,
Your little,

—  worldsineveryword, “Consequences of a word”

she only loved you when the mood was right 

if her body was cold and she felt alone at night 

she would ask if you could come over to keep her warm

emotionally you weren’t prepared to fight

you would drop everything for her on sight


she only loved you when the mood was right

if the stars were aligned and the moon was bright

she used you until she had what she wanted 

then she disappeared and you were forgotten 

for you to feel whole again the pieces you had hunted 

your veins became clotted, your insides became rotted 

how can a relationship so dishonest 

taste so fucking chronic 

this whole thing had been mapped out and plotted

she knew just how to use you against yourself because …

she only loved you when the mood was right

if her body was cold and she felt alone at night

if the stars were aligned and the moon was bright

she only loved you when the mood was right

but was it right ?