Few months ago I published some hypothetical artworks of how I imagined a possible Arendelle world from Frozen in Kingdom Hearts III. And many guys asked for me to do more artworks of other worlds. So here it is! Some artworks inspired by Wreck It Ralph. Hope you like it ^-^

This variant is for that dude on reddit that whined that Bane wasn’t “comics Bane”.

PS - In 2012, the Dark Knight Rises and Wreck-It Ralph came out 4 months apart, and I created the original a couple weeks after Ralph was released. So that should explain why the original was rendered as movie Bane and not comic Bane, but nevertheless, here’s comic-Bane

Also: BONUS CHARACTER UNLOCKED! Build-It Bruce! HE CAN BUILD IT! (with one millions of dollars)

Hope you’re happy now, “android151”.

Hi!!! This is my drawing of Ralph and Vanellope from Disney’s Wreck it Ralph!!
As many of my drawings, this one is based on Rapunzel’s wall paintings illustrated by Claire Keane!! I was also inspired by the art of the movie Wreck it Ralph, especially Sugar Rush images!!
I really hope you like it!!!