I love little details waaay too much.

And this is one of those times.

So anybody remember this moment?

Wrathia says that she could smell Pedri. I thought she was just being goofy because Pedri’s still a ghost and by definition wouldn’t have a smell. However if she were going by magically sensing his presence, he’s very far away at this point and she seems to think he’s still nearby.

And then I remembered this moment.

Not only that, but when Wrathia says she can still smell Pedri AVA’S STILL WEARING ODIN’S SHIRT.

I know this isn’t some groundbreaking holy shit moment, but man I still love little details like this.  


I’ve seen a lot of people say that there’s “nothing in comic canon stating that this is all Ava’s doing!” Michelle confirmed that this is all Ava, but that the ‘Wrava’ phase will wear off. Ava will also keep the horns. [x]

Since their pact, Wrathia has no control of what Ava does or say’s anymore. 

The vials give the host enough power to last their lifetime and should only be used in dire situations. 

 Ava had no choice, but, to take the vial when she did. Not that that excuses murder, she has to deal with the consequences when this wears off.

Edit: an important addition by @emissary-architect

“the problem is people are thinking in sort of like. a black/white outlook? the following actions were all Ava’s doing, but she wouldn’t have done them without her internalized emotions being pushed through a Wrathia filter via the vial - it doesn’t make it any less HER actions, though.”