Expiration Chat-TF2 Comic
  • Fanotak:Alex !! 40.media.tumblr.com/4c1b8ea7e7ac91f25ae98a426634a8ee/tumblr_inline_ntniszJkqP1tod1b0_540.jpg
  • Wrath:DDDDDDD: The comic ?
  • Fanotak:You all know what this means right ?
  • Wrath:Gaaaah ! We cannot wait anymoar !
  • Fanotak:Wooohooo ! Not exactly soldier ! You can wait as MUCH as you like !
  • Wrath:How long before we can read this comics ?
  • Fanotak:Vell let's zee... Ve've all been Vaiting 24 hours a day, times 10 months... Hmmm... Yes.... 1 day! Ve all have 1 day to Vait!!
  • ***
  • Wrath:This... is the previous comic.
  • Fanotak:Deaaaar Goood...
  • Wrath:There's more.
  • Fanotak:Nooooooo... ?
  • Wrath:*raises an eyebrow*... it contains the plot and cliffhangers of the last issue. Fano, you did collected plot and cliffangers ?
  • Fanotak:Ah you bet !
  • Wrath:Very well... gentlemen ? Synchronize your hype watches...
  • Fanotak:*beep*
  • Wrath:Some of us still got patience... some of us no patience at all... but we are not impatient. We are fanboys! We have the ressources, the will, to see this comic be released ! The hype is ticking gentlemen... let's begin. Our first plot twist is Sniper's ! It's... drawn a picture of Sniper's getting kissed by Heavy. He has... something radiating off of him...
  • Fanotak:((I CAN'T X'D)) Yeah these are... Bromance lines! That's why he's bleeding ! Because he's in looove~
  • Wrath:Yes indeed... *grabs another card* here we have Medic kissing Classic Demoman... Soldier having sexual congress with Saxton Hale... Demoman's fetish with Scrumpy... Miss pauling was in fact the directorDID ANYONE BESIDE FANO PUT A PLOT IN THE COMICS ?!
  • Fanotak:Classic Fano...
  • Wrath:Fantastic. This was a huge waste of my time.
  • Fanotak:YOU DID NOT READ MINE!!!
  • Wrath:*sighs*... does it say you want the comic ?
  • Fanotak:YES.
  • Wrath:*gives comic*
  • Fanotak:*grabs cautiously*
  • Wrath:See you all on monday!
  • ***
  • Wrath:I did not say Zhat ! I said Ve are Vaiting 'till monday !
  • ***
  • Fanotak:Should I be awake forr De KomiK?
  • Wrath:Haha... Vell no. But as long as you are, could you hold Ze page open a bit ? I can't... seem- *tearing noise*
  • Fanotak:Aaaaaaaaah!!!!!! D8<<<<<<

can u even imagine though how awkward it must have been in the bradley house though

like wrath and mrs bradley calling each other cute pet names and pride snickering the moment she leaves the room but the next day pride’s asking her to tuck him in before he goes to bed and pride can see wrath dying of laughter behind her

of course the moment they’re alone together it’s just coldly talking about how weak humans are but it’s always a little uncomfortable because they both know

WRATH, they call me. More white flame than red rage. More slow fire burn than volcano eruption.

Sometimes, I think I’ve faded. I am not a feeling. I am to be harnessed, reigned in and bottled up. I am a thousand stallions charging over the sea - wait, I stand corrected. I was.

People clench their fists now and call the surge in them by my name. I laugh at them. I spit in their faces. I am not a passing moment. I am not a fist fight in an alley and a beer the next day. I am not people punching walls.

What’s to become of me? I think I’m starting to forget myself.