etsyfindoftheday 5 | 1.17.17

leather cord organizer by infusion

traditional third anniversary leather gifts don’t have to break the bank. you can find some beautifully made items on etsy that are under $25, like this super-helpful headphone or cord keeper that wraps up your dangles and dongles neatly and efficiently. happy happy third anniversary kat and ry, i love you guys!! :)

“To all african women create your space in society. Dream and fight, don’t let our society hold you back. Fight, fight and fight. You are strong and you are beautiful. Your competition lies not with other women but with your self and with your society. Standards are standards, and you mustn’t fit into any of them. Some may tell you that they believe in feminism but honey actions always speak louder than words. Observe and always be aware.” Written and photographed by Patricia Ellah. (please don’t remove.)