Fitzroy  Navy Rhum brand, ‘From Waste to Wasted,’

Washed-up Coca-Cola labels Used for Sustainable Rum Labels !

During January of 2017 the Dutch beaches of the North Sea Islands were being polluted with red Coca-Cola wrappers.

Fitzroy decided to recycle and reuse them to create their own special blend. By melting and pressing waste from the North Sea, they produced bottle caps.

Together with the new flasks which are made of recycled glass from the same watery expanse, Fitzroy created world’s first sustainable liquor packaging.

With the first sustainable rum label, Fitzroy wants to inspire others to think of new options to reuse waste, so we can all contribute in our own way to restoring our environment.


etsyfindoftheday 5 | 1.17.17

leather cord organizer by infusion

traditional third anniversary leather gifts don’t have to break the bank. you can find some beautifully made items on etsy that are under $25, like this super-helpful headphone or cord keeper that wraps up your dangles and dongles neatly and efficiently. happy happy third anniversary kat and ry, i love you guys!! :)