I am happy. like for the first time in a long time I am so fully happy, it’s ridiculous and I can’t even wrap my mind around it. I look at things differently. my smile hardly leaves my face. and this girl… this girl man…. she’s literally everything. she is the epitome of everything I swore just did not exist. she makes me feel like my life is finally at peace. and I promise this isn’t the kind of “wrapped up, blinded by love” type of situation. no. everything with her screams “different”. she makes me feel like my exs were wasted time. I’ve never felt like that. I always had the thought like “it’s okay bc I learned something from it.” no… she makes me feel like I would’ve been perfectly fine without them if not better if I had her by my side all along. it’s not love yet, but I’m falling… fast and hard. and for the first time in my life I’m not afraid. she makes me look forward to everything that’s to come in life. she even calmed my anxiety and gave me the ability to live my life without a care in the world. there is no questioning anything when it comes to her. she gave me peace and in return she gets all of me. it was fate…

-Pink Diamond-

and so i lost you.
and so i finally accepted you’re not coming back.
and so i’m writing another poem about you,
pounding your name on the page,
screaming into my pillow on a sunday,
preparing for another week without you.

and i wish i could let you die
but every day is a reminder that you’re not here
and every poem smells like your sweaters
and i’m tired of writing about letting go.
i wish i could write about love again,
but love is written in your goodbye,
love is hidden in last year
when your arms were wrapped around my neck,
love is just a word without you.

because being without you feels like
being lost in the woods with a blindfold on.
being without you feels like
stumbling over my own skin,
being stranded on a deserted ship;
every breath feels like drowning.

and i hate to be so melodramatic,
but i don’t know how to survive in a world
without you in it - it’s like
being chased by monsters without a weapon,
it’s like a losing battle, it feels like
giving up and giving in - and so
i wish you didn’t exist
or you and i didn’t exist
or maybe just that i don’t exist

because being without you is hopeless
and dreary and dark - it feels like
never being able to trust again,
like hard work doesn’t pay off,
like wasted time and forgotten feelings.
being without you feels like
every plan i once held in the palm of my hands
slipping through my fingers
because i guess i just
never imagined a life without you in it.
i guess i never thought you’d go.

now i sit and watch you leaving
in my peripheral vision
and wish it all away, wish you back,
wish i wasn’t missing something
that doesn’t exist anymore,
but i miss it anyway.

and so i lost you.
and so i’m not really okay anymore,
but when you ask,
i’ll tell you i’m doing better
and i hope you are too,
work on moving on without you,
and write you another poem.

—  and so i lost you / @scarredconversations

they were passing through regents park on the way home and sat down for a little bit of lunch (that’s a wrap in john’s hands) 

based off this quote sort of: 

One day in early spring he had so far relaxed as to go for a walk with me in the Park. For two hours we rambled about together, in silence for the most part, as befits two men who know each other intimately.

Thank you LA Zoo for this amazing new Vegan Portobello Mushroom Wrap Recipe
- Any tasty tortilla wrap of choice
- Sliced Portobello marinated in Balsamic Vinegar
- Sliced Tomato, Avocado, and Lettuce
- Sprouts
- Small splash of Balsamic Vinegar

halfjoon  asked:

hi this is some random thing about jin that i think about a lot and i don't know if u knew this already- the meaning of his name's hanjas. like his seok (diff from hoseok's) stands for HUGE, but usually used in the context of describing FRUITS (big! juicy! ripe fruits) and jin stands for precious/rare so he's literally big-precious and it SUITS HIM SO WELL thinking abt it makes me warm

hhhhhhhhh friend, this is lovely - and you are so right Jin’s name does really fit him so well.  I love that his Seok is usually used in the context of describing ripe fruits because lord only knows he is a delicious large peach of a human but also a strawberry prince and hhhh.  Thank you for this it makes me feel warm too,everything about this message is just so perfect and lovely just like Jin < 3


Whilst foraging through our submissions file last week we were lucky enough to come across a gem of a young illustrator, Ruby Taylor. A recent graduate from Bristol’s UWE, her work immediately stood out with its playful characters and quirky narratives. We also fell a bit in love her amazing illustrative patterns.

We got in touch with Ruby to find out a little about her inspirations and motivations…

Can you tell us about how you got into illustration?

I’ve loved drawing ever since I was a little kid. My aunty is an artist and when she visited she would always give me creative tasks to keep me quiet. We used to draw weird people and write stories about them. It was pretty cool when I found out that you could draw a picture for someone and they would pay you, so when it came to choosing what degree to do, illustration was an obvious choice for me.

How does your environment effect your work?

I find that my environment is really important – I live in the city and I love how busy it is, and that there’s such a mix of different kinds of people. I like that everyday there will be something new to look at and something different to do, this always informs my work.

What things do you love to illustrate?

Typography is great, I always enjoy doing hand lettering. I also really love painting collections of objects. I like to make work that has the feeling of a certain era or a particular environment.

So, do you have any collections?

I love collecting weird objects and old books from charity or vintage shops. Recently I found a book called The Ladies’ Oracle. It is full of all the questions that a lady might ask such as; “Shall I soon be courted?”, and “What is generally thought of my intelligence?” You pick your question, then close your eyes and pick a shape, then it tells you your answer – it can be pretty mean sometimes!

We love the element of adventure and endeavor in your work - What’s the greatest illustrative challenge that you’ve faced, and how did you overcome it?

It took me ages to get my characters how I wanted them. For a long time I would just do my best to avoid having to draw them, but its a bit tricky being an illustrator who doesn’t draw people! I just had to force myself to do it and after a lot of mistakes and awful pictures I finally nailed it.

Have you got a favorite piece of work, and why?

That’s a tricky one. Every time I make a new bit of work I decide its my favorite, then I get bored of looking at it. I recently got into making patterns, which is really fun. So, if I had to choose, at the moment I would say its my milk, eggs and flour pattern, I love the colours in it. [We do too!]

What are you most excited about for 2012? Any exciting projects coming up?

I’m fairly new in the illustration game but my work has been getting a great response which is lovely. There’s a few pretty exciting things in the pipeline but they are in the very early stages at the moment. I’ve just finished working on a couple of magazine editorials and they were really fun. I’m just hoping there will be a lot more of the same headed my way.

Big thanks to Ruby. To see more of Ruby’s work visit her website at ruby-taylor.co.uk

We think she’s one to watch!