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Do you remember the error code that appeared in Spencer's shower panel (?) In the 3x20 episode (S3E20)? It was "307320" and if you open the 3x07 episode at 3:20 you will see the exact moment we saw -A for the first time. You know, even though I still have my doubts about the finale... Am I the only one thinking that was a stupidly brilliant clue? Wow.

Wow! It’s pretty amazing you realized that, I didn’t even think about that!!

Green Tara & White Tara - Buddhist Goddesses by Simon
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White Tara in Namaste Green Tara with fingers in holf. Beautiful coloured bokeh in the background. Goddess Tara is probably the oldest goddess who is still worshipped extensively in modern times. Tara originated as a Hindu goddess, the Mother Creator, representing the eternal life force that fuels all life. There are many embodiments of Tara, but the best known are the White Tara and the Green Tara. The peaceful, compassionate White Tara gently protects and brings long life and peace. The more dynamic goddess, Green Tara is the “Mother Earth”, and a fierce goddess who overcomes obstacles, and saves us from physical and spiritual danger. In Sanskrit, the name Tara means Star, but she was also called She Who Brings Forth Life, The Great Compassionate Mother, and The Embodiment of Wisdom, and the Great Protectress. Provenance Treasures of Wisdoms private collection.

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Sooo~ you’re gonna laugh…” The soldier awkwardly began. She’s all in black except a simple oversized plaid shirt hung over her shoulders, the high contrast in styles cutting off mid-thigh at just about where her pencil dress finished also, tight to her petite figure. She’s smiling gleefully when she introduced herself, a little intoxicated but still well enough in control of her own that it did not seem as if she were a blabbering and drunken imbecile.

Cassandra leaned down on the bar beside the blonde glamazon, her lips immediately twitching in distaste when arms suddenly came into contact with something gummy and wet. She pulls back, similar to how one would respond to a burn and it’s clear she was fumbling when her next action was to take a moment correcting the mess with a napkin; also stalling perhaps whilst the soldier gathered enough courage to continue before she spoke again.

“Y’see, my friend keeps pestering me to talk to you, and he’s already way too pissed to understand you can’t just up sticks and hit on people like a freak.” The private chuckled lightly, repositioning so that she was on one elbow, reducing how much of her was actually touching the sticky surface. “So… Yeah~ Not like you aren’t totally gorgeous and all, cause you are, like wow, but if you could be a saviour and maybe like smile at him and wave… I don’t wanna break his soppy-ass heart.” Cassandra blushes and breaks eye contact with the aca-professional to point out a very drunk James Vega, “He’s just a dumb drunk idiot who thinks he needs to constantly be find me a date.” The dopey meat locker of a man looking hopelessly out of place in the crowd of his fellow semi-sober crew members heartily laughs and gives the brunette a thumbs up; the rest all laugh and jeer.

“I’d be forever greatful, man” Her voice takes on a more pained tone then, “As you can totally see… They’re killin’ me.”

My THG Story

I remember my brother brought home the first book, he said it was about a country where they have a big competition where kids, 24 of them fight to the death. Right there I was sold. I wanted to read it. So after waiting for him and two of his friends to read it. I finally got my turn with the book. And I found that it was about so much more. It dealt with poverty, starvation, elitism, classicism, depression, and how much one person can lover their sibling. I read that first book and fell in love with all those unique characters. Rue, Glimmer, Foxface, Cato, Clove. I read about a girl Johanna Mason, and said wow she was brilliant. The host Ceaser Flickerman was amazing. Then I reached the end. I then discovered that, two more books had been written, and I went out and got both of them. I read the brewing of love, the rising of a rebellion. New shades to known characters, and meeting new lovable characters. Beetee, Wiress, Mags, Finnick, That Johanna girl. People like Woof, and Cecilia. The Morphling twins. In Catching Fire, however, I also figured out which character I loved the most: Our dear President Coriolanus Snow. I feel in love with that wicked, but charismatic old man. The evil manipulative, chess master. I don’t know why, but I did. And then as the third book came to an end, as so many of these characters did. It was just as brilliant as the first book. I cried, I laughed, I loved. I made headcanons, and backstories. I went to every movie dressed as that character I loved. (Yes, I have been criticized that Snow is my favorite character.) It was an amazing journey, I loved every second of it. I am sad to see the final chapter come up. But it will most likely be the most exciting chapter. Thank you, Suzanne Collins for those wonderful books. Thank you, Jennifer, Josh, and Liam. And a special thank you to Donald for bringing the character I love to life. Thank you to everyone who made this ride, as wonderful as it was.



The “WOW” Syndrome, Aesthetics, Beauty, Style and Stereotype


Aesthetic is the ‘understanding of beauty’ collectively or individually by human beings. Talking in terms of the human mind, beauty is viewed as an exaggeration of features. Humans have created their own ideology of what is beautiful, and enhancement along with exaggeration takes place to reach that ideology of beauty- “big boobs, long legs, catty eyes”.

Humans psychologically aren’t attracted towards real, they need a ‘WOW’ factor, that is the reason why from the pre-historic era, we’ve always represented human body in exaggerated forms- from the Venus of Willendorf to the Egyptian sculptures, we always simplified and exaggerated forms in what we find desirable. Also, we started making 'brilliant’, 'desirable’, ‘impossible to believe' body forms, with amazing physical features- like Zeus. In the current situation we idolize physical beauty in supermodels with size zero figures, again 'desirable’.

What we have to do is change the definition of 'desirable’, it should not be on the basis of body type, every body type has it’s unique features, and captivating details. What’s imperative is to start styling ourselves in a way that embraces our body features the way they are.

It is true that beauty has its standards, aesthetic quality of a style has certain parameters, and there is a protocol to style when it comes to body types, playing it down or emphasising on certain features, and what kind of garment, colour and fabric is suitable for an individual. Someone who can break the stereotypical judgement, and come out with a unique style, is the one who gets the 'wow’s without measuring up to the standards of others, but by putting thought into their style.

Although beauty is stereotyped, aesthetics of a style aren’t. Creating and developing new styles that are aesthetically pleasing and visually balanced, whether they are chaotic or soothing, if the style represents the persona of the one adorned it in, then it is an ‘up’ value in fashion.

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i am in love with this blog. I also, have only known of rotg for a week but it captured me like no movie has in a while. It's so brilliant with its characters, plot and developments. ugh. But seriously, I love this blog. I've read through your a.b.o with silvershine and wow /wow/, your writing is brilliant and exactly what I've been looking for. NOT TO MENTION YOU DRAW??? YOU DRAW WELL HOLY SHIT GG YOUVE KILLED ME ❤

First off, Welcome to HEL-….I, I mean…Welcome to the ROTG Fandom!!!

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And thank you very much! Always nice to hear when someone is enjoying my work! :) The people in the ROTG fandom have a lot to offer, there’s so many amazing artists and authors here, we’re rather well stocked in talent and creativity! Thanks again! :)