• Takeshi:Do you ever think about these things before you say them, or just…?
  • Kentarou:Yeah, I do. I think, “Wow, that’s brilliant. I should say that out loud." And then I say it out loud, and it’s spectacular.

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-Elsa (Val'kyr)
-Pocahontas (Night Elf)
-Mulan (Orc)
-Jane Porter (Worgen)
-Belle (Pandaren)

the reason why benedict cumberbatch is my favourite actor is that in every role i have ever seen him do, i can’t see any of them in each other.

i think it’s a huge difference in him and many other great actors out there, because when i see another actor doing different roles, i can still think about that it’s them and that they have acted as other characters, but when i see benedict act, i don’t see benedict nor do i see sherlock or julian assange or stephen hawking when he’s not playing them. i see the role he’s doing in that moment and it’s amazing how he’s devoting himself to become a character and just let go of everyone else.

i don’t know a lot about acting in general, but i do know that benedict is one of the greatest actors in the world right now. he’s just.. fantastic.