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Steve Rogers/Captain America - I’m Sorry I Never Told You - Part 2

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Series Summary: Being an Avenger is the most challenging thing you’ve ever done, but you wouldn’t change it for the world. You’re in a relationship with Steve and that’s something you never thought you’d have, you never imagined being so lucky as to have someone like him. However, there is something that you haven’t told him or the others. A secret that you’ve fought to keep hidden. What happens when you have no choice but to tell Steve and the rest of the team your biggest secret?

Part Summary: You and Steve go and pick up your son. The reunion is emotional, but you’re so happy to have Jeremy back in your arms. You take Jeremy back to the tower to meet the rest of the team and one specific person who he’s a huge fan of. Steve takes on a fatherly role and he and Jeremy become close. One night, Jeremy says something out of the blue.

Pairing/s: Steve x Fem!Reader. Fem!Reader x Jeremy x Steve (Familial)

Characters: Fem!Reader, Steve Rogers, Jeremy Y/L/N, Danny Smith (OMC), Jennifer “JJ” Jareau, Derek Morgan, Spencer Reid, David Rossi, Penelope Garcia, Emily Prentiss, Aaron Hotchner, Jack Hotchner, Henry LaMontagne, Peter Parker. Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff, Thor Odinson, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, James “Rhodey” Rhodes, Vision, Clint Barton, William LaMontagne, Michael LaMontagne (Mentioned)

Warning/s: None, this is just very fluffy.

A/N: Thank you to @molethemollie for being my beta!!

A/N/N: I’ve decided to make this a crossover with Criminal Minds since the idea for this little series sprung from an episode of that show and it’s much easier this way since there won’t be loads of OC’s that I have to make up. Anyway, enjoy!

Part 1

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Imagine traveling to New York without Chris. (Part B)

A/N: Part 3B Is here, and I know it hasn’t been a day but Part A was short and this one is a quick continuation before we move on to the exciting parts in Part 4A. 😋 You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, ‘She Said Yes’, and ‘Miss Graduate’ - Masterlist; ‘Something Blue’: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A)

Ava and Sebastian sat outside your dressing room, drinking bubbly and eating cake while you tried on your first dress. It was a Vera Wang ball gown; a brand you’d thought you’d never see let alone try on. The salesperson had recommended it, along with a few others that she’d say she’d bring to you as soon as you were ready for them. The service was great, which was a perk considering it was a fancy boutique and you were Chris Evans’ fiancé. Even the bubbly and cake were complimentary, which your shopping partners were incredibly happy about. You were pregnant and unable to drink, and cake wasn’t something you felt like eating so Ava and Sebastian kindly offered to take your share off your hands. They were having a grand old time outside while you struggled behind the door to get inside the cupcake they called a dress. It was stunning, yes, but it was not particularly easy to put on which was why-

“Fuck!” Ava and Sebastian jumped up when they heard you cuss along with a loud thud. You’d stepped on the overflowing material, fell forward, and whacked your forehead against the mirror. The two of them lowered their champagne flutes and cake plates, and rushed to the door. “Owww.” You rubbed your forehead, wincing. “Stupid dress,” you muttered bitterly, slapping the puffy material that looked innocent resting around your legs when it was an extreme tripping hazard. You could imagine yourself wearing that on your wedding day, at least not if you wanted to get down the aisle in one piece.

“Are you okay?” Ava knocked on the door, sharing a worried look with Sebastian. They both knew their consequences if you came home with an injury of any sort, they’d gotten a text from Chris upon your arrival: “keep my bride safe, return her to me without so much as a scratch.” It was mostly humorous, but there was some sense of seriousness; you were carrying a child now. “Babe, do you need some help?”

“I needed help five minutes ago,” you grumbled as the door swung open. Ava pressed her lips together, whereas Sebastian tried not to laugh. “This is a real tripping hazard.” You picked up as much of the puffy material as you could, taking careful steps so you couldn’t trip and fall face first. “Can you finish zipping me up?” You asked Ava and she nodded, doing as you’d asked. “I could only reach so far.”

“There you go.” She zipped and tucked the zipper behind the little slit. “Wow,” she breathed, admiring your reflection as you did the same. Sebastian moved behind her, hugging her from behind and resting his chin on her shoulder. He smiled because not only did you look beautiful, he was imagining a time when it would be his fiancé’s turn. “That is so pretty, you look so good.”

“It is very pretty,” you nodded in agreement then sighed.

“What is it?” Ava asked, pulling away from Sebastian to join your side. “You look great in it,” she complimented, adjusting the skirt surrounding your lower half. “And if you’re worried about the baby bump, it’s not like the wedding is far away. You won’t have a baby bump by then, I mean- look at you, your genes will hide the fact that you’re pregnant until five months. That’s what happened for your mom, I have no doubt it’ll happen for you too.”

“I’m not worried about the baby bump, I’m worried about falling face first in this thing.” You turned and said, then laughed when they did. “I already fell trying to put it on, can you imagine adding heels to the picture? No thanks,” you shook your head then turned back to your reflection in the mirror. “As pretty as this is, it’s not me.”

“That’s okay,” Ava helped you with the zip and the dress as she walked you back to the dressing room. “This is only the first one, there are a gazillion more waiting to be tried on. Just take that off and I’ll go grab you another. Do you want to try another Vera Wang, or do you want to move down your list of designers?”

“Honestly,” you chuckled. “I don’t care who the designer is as long as the dress suits me.” Ava smiled and nodded, taking Sebastian’s hand. You closed the door behind you as they went in search of another dress for you. It was surprisingly easier to get out of the dress than it was to get in. You slipped on the complimentary silk robe and walked out to sit on the lounge, grabbing your phone off the table to text Chris.

Tried one, didn’t suit. Ava and Seb are getting me a new one.

Your phone chimed not seconds after you sent your message and you felt your heart ache slightly knowing Chris was just waiting by the phone to talk to you. You wished he could’ve been here too, but you didn’t want to break traditions and ruin the biggest surprise for a groom on their wedding day. You read his response: “Wow, you’re trusting Sebastian Stan to pick your wedding dress?” And you felt slightly better, knowing he could still joke.

Sebastian has great taste, he is marrying my best friend after all.

And I’m marrying you, but I still have a stylist. So what’s your point?

You giggled and typed a response as you wandered away from the couch, absentmindedly browsing the dresses in your vicinity. You believed the rack you were browsing was a rack of Elie Saab, a designer you’d loved for a while now. You always saw his dresses as works of art, so delicate and intricate in its designs. Just as you were about to hit send, you glanced away from your phone to look at the dress you were feeling the material of. You felt your breath hitch in your throat and you quickly lowered your phone onto the carpet floor to pull the dress from the rack. There was no way; you’d found the exact dress you looked at while describing the wedding dress for your mini-series. How this dress was still available after so many seasons had passed was beyond you, but you needed to try it on. God, you hoped it was in your size.

You were so excited, you left your phone on the floor and quickly rushed into the dressing room to try it on. You held you breath the entire time, from the second you slipped into the gown to the moment you had to zip yourself into it. You finally breathed when you realized it was a perfect, like- an absolutely perfect, fits-like-a-glove, it-was-made-for-you fit.

“Why did you put your phone on the ground, Y/N?” You heard Ava ask. “Here, put it in her bag.” She passed it to Sebastian who was hanging the dresses he’d gotten with Ava on the empty rack they provided for you to hang all your try-ons. “Babe, there this one that I think- Oh my God,” Ava gasped when she saw you exit the dressing room. “Is that…”

“The dress I’ve been in-love with since I was sixteen, yes,” you nodded eagerly. “I found it over there and it’s a perfect fit, Ava.” You walked over to the mirror with absolute ease unlike the first one and almost whimpered at the sight of yourself. “Isn’t it amazing?” You looked at her through the mirror; her lips were still parted in awe. “Tell me it’s not meant to be.”

“I can’t,” she shook her head, walking over to you. “This dress is clearly made for you, like- oh my God, I can’t see you in anything else on the twenty-eighth of September. I really, really can’t.” You turned around, squealing. “Chris is going to lose his mind when he sees you walk down the aisle.”

“Oh, definitely.” Sebastian nodded in agreement. “I think we can call it a day ‘cause Ava’s right, there is nothing in here that will suit you better than that dress you have on now.” You smiled, mouthing a 'thank you’. “Can you do me a favor though?” He held up your phone, trying not to laugh and you knew he’d read Chris’ text. “Tell him I found that dress?”

“Sure thing,” you laughed.

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Part 4A

The Birthday Girl: a Nurse Offstill fanfic

@superhighschoolleveldemigod @jackie-sugarskull @thelovablycynicalerinmac @theanonforever @thatanimationgirl and everyone else. 

In honour of International Nurses Day, I’ve not only written a story about my CU OC Nurse Offstill, but I’ve also officially decided that her birthday is May 12th as well. 

No staff member at Jerome Horwitz Elementary had ever received such attention on their birthday. 

It started with little Peter Billards, the second-grader who’d gotten stung by a hornet on her first day on the job. Nurse Offstill had not only extracted the sting and treated the wound but also set fire to the ginormous hornets’ nest behind the football bleachers after the exterminator failed to show up (she’d enjoyed that part more than she would admit). Almost as soon as she arrived at school, he approached her with a thankful, toothy smile and presented her with a box. 

“Happy birthday, Nurse Offstill,” he said. “My Mom got you this. She says ‘Happy Birthday’ too.” 

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Cohabitation 3

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(wow, tbt to pre-debut Yuta amirite?^^)

YutaxReader (fluff?/kinda angsty? idk)

Word count: just over 1k

A/N Due to popular demand, I am adding a third installment to this series(?). I’ll admit, this one was a bit hard to write since I didn’t know if people would like the direction I decided to go with for this part. But I hope you enjoy reading it anyway~ 

Part 1 , Part 2 

As you eat your plate of waffles, you can’t help but notice the little things between you and Yuta. There’s just something very different about him today, it seems, and you can’t help but read into them. 

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Damon Salvatore - It Was Always You - Part 5

Damon takes you to Paris for a romantic getaway. It is a much-needed trip and it’s only made better by the fact that Damon is the one that you’re sharing the experience with. The two of you want to experience everything Paris has to offer, or at least as much as you can during your trip. The whole vacation is just so romantic and perfect. Of course, nothing can ever really go as planned in a world of supernatural creatures. Something happens on your last night that neither you or Damon expect.

Pairing/s: Damon x Fem! Reader

Characters: Fem!Reader, Damon Salvatore, Stefan Salvatore (very briefly mentioned), surprise character (I don’t want to spoil it)

Warning/s: Implied smut, blood, and a little bit of violence

A/N: The french is roughly translated from google so it might not be 100% correct. 

It Was Always You Master List

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A Little Too Early With Some Flurries

Anonymous asked: Is there a chance that you could do a second part to A Little Too Late? It was really great, and I was curious about how you would resolve the relationship (if that’s the path you head down). Again, it was fantastic. I hope you have a wonderful day! (:

A/N: Guess whose back? Back again? I’m back. I have a fic! The first part to this series ((???)) is right here, and I highly recommend you read this first because I’m extremely proud of it and it’s crucial that you read it. 

Word Count: 2148

TW: Cursing/swearing, fake pregnancies, drinking mention, alcohol mention, ambushing ((in a friendly way?? if that makes sense??))  

AU: Modern

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader


That’s what the pregnancy was.


Although you and Lafayette didn’t talk anymore, you were well aware of the updates on his life because the guys were still close to him. By now, it had been over a year since he left, over a year since you guys graduated from college, over a year since you were admitted to law school, and over a year since you became really unhappy.

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Hunters vs Hunters

Title: Hunters vs Hunters

Pairing: Dean x Female!Reader

Warning: Swearing, Blood

Word Count: 1595

Requested: No

Summary: Reader, a big shot hunter with a her own hunting group, and Dean do not get along. Not only does she solve every case before the Winchesters even arrive to the crime scene, she also has a personal bone to pick the Dean from their teenage years. When the reader’s crew cannot solve a world threatening case, the crew suggests that alerting the Winchesters might be a good idea. But, reader will have nothing to do with them.  

Part: 1/8

Next Parts: Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight


Reader - Reader

Dean Winchester - Jensen Ackles

Sam Winchester - Jared Padalecki

Vince Stones - Dylan O’Brien

Lex Garder - Shay Mitchell

Harten Horns - Crystal Reed

Josh Phillips - Alfred Enoch

A/N: I have no idea how many parts this is going to be, but I’m hoping for six. The cast list above, except for the obvious, is only a rough guideline of what I think the Reader’s crew would look like. You can change them to your own crew or best friends, or even your favourite celebrities. Also, I’m taking request, so send me some prompts you’d like to see.

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Dean, groggy and still half asleep, rolled out of bed with his head pounding. Remembering the many bottles of beer and shots of whisky from the night before, only made the aching around his temples worst. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes as much as he can, he stumbled down the hall and into the kitchen. Sitting behind his black laptop, looking wide awake and ready to face another day, was Sam.

“Morning,” he chirped with a smile.

“Mmhm,” Dean groaned tiredly, waving him off. He walked straight towards the coffee machine, pouring himself a cup. After a few sips, he made his way towards Sam, sitting across from him.

“Rough night?” Sam asked, his voice laced with mockery.  

Dean shot him a hard glare before taking a long gulp of coffee. “What’d you got?” he muttered, rubbing his left eye again.

With a quick tilt of his head, Sam answered, “A man in Tulsa, Oklahoma was found in the middle of a hiking trail with his heart ripped out.”

“Werewolf,” Dean suggested, standing up and wrapping his grey bathrobe around his torso. “Quick, let’s go check it out.”

Sam shut his laptop, and stood up, trailing behind his brother. “Look that report was posted yesterday. They-”

Dean swiftly turned around to face him. “What did I say about mentioning them?” he barked, now more awake than ever.

“I didn’t say their name. All I’m saying is that it could be dealt with by now.” Sam reasoned, knowing about his brother’s hatred for the hunting group.

Dean gave him a hard look, his brows furrowed together. “Or they could’ve died.” he smirked hopefully at the thought. The nameless, well nameless to him, hunting group always beat him and his brother to most cases. The ones they got were sometimes seen as pure luck. The idea of their death was always something Dean looked forward to hearing.

“I highly doubt the most spoken about hunters were found dead, and we weren’t notified.” Sam replied, hoping Dean would see how irrational his decision is.

“We’re leaving now!” the older brother finally snapped. It was inevitable for Dean to yell when it came to conversations about- well, you know who.

Sam sighed in defeat, slightly slumping his shoulders. “Fine, but you’ll probably wanna shower first.”

Dean’s face, previously filled with anger, fell to a blank slate. “Seriously?” he mumbled consciously. Unwrapping his bathrobe, and lifting it to smell his armpits, Dean coughed. “Yeah, a shower’s a good idea,” he wheezed, turning around to head to the bathroom.


Claws sharp and eyes glowing burning embers, you were cornered with a hand around your neck. Your eyes flickered to the silver loaded gun a few paces from you. After tracking a werewolf to it’s nest in the deep, low caves of the neighboring mountains, you and your team found a whole pack.

Everyone was on someone. Lex was fighting two with a silver combat knife in each hand. She sliced, and slashed the two werewolves. A few feet away, Vince was shooting at any wolves that ran his way. One creeped behind him, and jumped on his back. He elbowed it repeatedly, but it didn’t do much. He decided to change weapons, and used the back of his shotgun to knock the creature off before shooting a silver bullet into it’s heart. Behind him, well away, was Harten holding a long silver sword. She swiftly swiped the blade across the monsters’ chests to weaken them before stabbing them through the heart. And near the exit, preventing the critter’s escape, was Josh. He gripped two heavy pistols, shooting silver into the twisted hearts of the werewolves.

In a few words, you were left alone to find a way out. You grabbed at the sharp nailed hand, in attempt to loosen its grip. When it wouldn’t budge, you reverted to hard punches in the face. After several punches, and a few scratches around your neck and abdomen, the monster staggered back. With its tight hold removed, you dropped to your knees, and dove towards the gun. A quick pull of the trigger later, and the wolf went down.

You let out a breath you didn’t realize you were holding. Looking around, you found the whole pack lifeless, sprawled on the ground. You locked eyes with your team. “Good work,” you breathed, slowly willing yourself off the floor.

“Shit, (Y/N).” Lex, the closest one to you, said walking towards you. “How do you always manage to get yourself fucked up?”

“It’s a talent really,” you weakly joked with a small smile. A mixture of rolled eyes, and sarcastic agreements followed.

“Come on, let’s get out of here. All this killing really works up your appetite.” Vince said, moving towards the exit. Josh turned around, and led the group out.

Lex held out her hand to help you, but you waved it off, muttering something about being fine. With Harten and Lex cautiously following you, you stumbled your way out of the dark caves. “Shot gun!” you called to the boys in front of you.

Josh turned to give you a toothy grin. “Not if I get there first.” he called, and sprinted towards the navy blue ‘67 Chevy.

You smugly smirk back, mustering up all the energy you could to outrun the dark skinned idiot.

Let’s just say, a couple of buffing bullets were shot, and, soon, you were resting comfortably in the passenger seat ignoring the grumbling complaints your friend voiced.


The two brothers, despite the Sheriff’s comment on the previous FBI agents investigation, followed a trail to dark mountain caves.

“This is pointless,” Sam interjected for the hundredth time. “They already dealt with it.”

Dean lead his brother into the cave. “They could’ve missed something.” he repeated before turning on a flashlight, and heading further in.

“Yeah, because that happened so many times before.” Sam replied sarcastically, flicking on his own light.

They waved their lights around, surveying the area. With an angry huff, Dean shed light on the multiple dead bodies lying around. “See, they didn’t burn, and bury them.” he snickered proudly. “If our smart asses hadn’t come along, they would’ve outed us.”

Sam rolled his eyes. “Wow, you really got them.” he mocked, earning a cold stare from Dean.

“Go back, and get the shovels while I round up the bodies.” Dean ordered, already dragging the limp beings to a dark corner of the cave.


Three days later

You woke up, still very stiff from your wounds. You winced from the pain around your gut. Clutching the scars, you sat yourself up in your bed. After rubbing the sleep out of your eyes, you slowly got yourself up, and made your way to the kitchen.

The kitchen was pretty basic. It was a small room lined with counter tops, a sink, and an oven. It stretched from the doorway entrance, around the corner, and stopped by the white fridge. Little off centered, to the left, was a circular dining table big enough to seat six people. You entered, the cold, dusty blue and grey tiled floors biting your bare feet.

“What have you found anything on Rowena?” you asked, pouring yourself a cup of coffee.

Around the dining table, Harten and Josh sat across from each other, both staring at their laptops. Harten spared you a quick glance before gluing her eyes back on the bright screen. “You shouldn’t be up yet.” she warned. “You could bust open your stitches.”  

“You mean your grade A level sewing?” you questioned, voice hinting towards sarcasm. “Yeah, I think those opened a while ago.”

Harten raised a challenging eyebrow at you, before rolling her eyes. “Sorry for caring,” she replied with the same tone.

“She’s still hiding.” Josh answered. “Every since that stunt she pulled with the flying tables and chairs at the restaurant, she’s been MIA.”

You shook your head. “I’ll grab my laptop, and search with you.” you said setting down your cup on the counter. “Where are Vince and Lex?” you asked, remembering the absence of two of your teammates.

“They went for a supply run. We’re running low on silver, iron, and salt.” Harten responded, typing away.

“And milk.” Josh added mimicking Harten’s actions.

As if on cue, Vince and Lex -both looking rather flushed- walked in, holding two bags of groceries and weapons. “Any luck?” Vince asked, slightly out of breath.

“No, still looking.” you said as you helped them unload the supplies.

An awkward silence fell over the group, and you watched them exchange glances. “What?” you questioned, narrowing your eyes. They continued to look between each other, none of them daring to say a word. “Alright, one of you speak up, or so help me god, I’ll-”

“Look, we know you hate them, but maybe-” Harten started.

“No!” you snapped. “We already went over this.”

Vince huffed. “Yeah, but it’s been months, and who knows what Rowena has cooked up?”

“I don’t care!” you shouted, making them all lean back. “We are not asking them for help. They’re slow, stupid, and fucking, not to mention, assholes. I don’t care if our lives depended on it. We are not talking to them.” you finished, breathing heavily.

The anger bled out of your eyes and ears, as you stared each member down. They looked between each other defended, and agreed to never mentioning them again. You nodded curtly, approving their words, and turned around to retrieve your laptop from your room.

“Looks like we’re going with Plan B.” Lex muttered.

Mitsu's Top Ten Anime of 2013

Mitsu’s Top 10 Anime of 2013

No particular rules here, these animes are ones I found were appealing to my own personal tastes and ones I recommend above others that came out this year. If something you love was missing from the list I’m sorry, but there were many of my own favorites removed from the list in favor of the ones I found most groundbreaking, inspiring, beautifully animated, written, etc etc. Some of these I haven’t had a chance to review yet! Please enjoy! (1 is the best, 10 is on the lower end (but these are the best of the best so number 10 isn’t by any means bad)

10. Nagi no Asukara

I added this anime after a great struggle to quietly push aside another anime I admire very much. Nagi isn’t done yet, but it’s shown great promise in its first half, being a show that focuses on an age group that usually is skipped over in most anime I’ve seen, preteens. It’s that awkward stage between childish innocence and adult maturity with the main characters fighting between the two while also trapped between the fight of the land and the sea. It’s about FISH PEOPLE to put it bluntly and to explain quickly (my dad cutely calls this “Fishy Anime”) that this anime is just incredibly beautiful and sweet, and paaaainful. I’m really hoping the rest of the series doesn’t disappoint me, but is a genuinely good series to carry over to 2014.

9. Silver Spoon

I love me some slice of life, and Silver Spoon is so much more. It’s educational, feel good, coming of age, and full of things I’d gladly show to anyone. It is a GREAT anime for just about anyone to get into. There isn’t a ton of action and fighting, it’s by no means supernatural, but it’s just so nice! I’m happy to see it return in January and excited to see what fun things we’ll learn next about agriculture!

8. Little Witch Academia


*coughs* I did a review on this one earlier, so much of why I love it has already been explained. Really Studio Trigger (and this little part of it) has just done so well in bringing life so such a tiny little gem like LWA. Anime is magical, and LWA takes that seriously, bringing forth animation that really stands out on its own, a story and characters (and their great designs) that bring color and light into the show and the fact that all of that, a small, half hour long OVA won itself an anime thanks to a mostly WESTERN audience! Please keep an eye out for announcements of the upcoming anime!!

7. Suisei no Gargantia

The Urobutcher strikes again!! And he makes a mecha anime about post-ice age earth nicer and more heartfelt than that painful magical girl anime. He is one backwards man, but Garganita was one of my favorite surprises this year, mostly for the writing and directing. The plot twists were insane I MEAN INSANE, the character development WAS AMAZING for all characters, and the world building and animation was just perfect (SERIOUSLY LEDO GETS A TAN OVER THE SERIES HOLY HELL DETAILS) and it went out with such a wonderful bang.

I wanna say I caught wind of some sort of sequel/movie in the works (I know OVAs came out but CR doesn’t DO OVAs which kinda is their biggest fault at the moment), but I’m not entirely sure, regardless, the anime to me at least ended at a point that was just perfect and I’d be okay if no more showed up, but PUMPED if more were to be released.

6. Kyokai no Katana

A lot of people were upset with KNK’s ending, which surprises me seeing as it was a pretty heart-racing, gut-wrenching and tear jerking climax in my book. I had read the manga for AOT and knew what was coming (and what’s to come) so the climax of THAT anime was not nearly as emotionally provoking as KNK was, as I’ve never read the novel.

Overall, Kyoani has just had a great year and I’m glad they did, but I still stand by what I said, KNK deserved more praise than Free, and I’m happy to see Free returning next year, I’m just more satisfied with KNK as it had an ending that was just perfect, along with a freaking amazingly great story, characters, comedy, romance, and wow the tragedy.  

5. Eccentric Family

One of the few animes I see hardly anything about around was Eccentric Family. It was a really nice short, concise anime with some great story telling and mythology. I’ve gotta say, this one had my attention nonstop, and I came into this series late, having to watch around 75% of the anime before I caught up RIGHT AT THE CLIMAX, so I was all built up and raring to go at the bad guys and crying over the big reveal, and praying that the ending would be good and not RIP MY HEART TO SHREDS, but in the long run, Eccentric Family is a BEAUTIFUL coming of age story, and a story about family.

4. Attack on Titan

I had to put it on the list, not to pander, but just to mention it as AOT really was the anime of 2013. People OUTSIDE of anime knew what it was and it had such a great online presence…The problem is, after months, AOT actually just wore out its welcome for me. It’s already hurt me emotionally in ways you cannot imagine if you haven’t watched the show, yet I absolutely love it. I should hate it, I should hate all of the characters, YET I LOVE IT. Maybe the huge outpouring of pornography keeps me going, and my colossal titan nendoroid, but since the last few episodes of the anime, the OVA, the prequel and the latest chapters of the manga, my soul is just dying.

No anime has caused such emotional chaos since Natsuyuki Randevous or Shiki, maybe even Fruits Basket, but the problem is, those anime are what make me LOVE anime. The pain is GOOD. ;_; There is something wrong with me…

3. Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen

You have no idea how important Rozen Maiden is to me. It actually had an effect on my life and I have been waiting YEARS for this reboot/special series. To explain to people new to anime, Rozen Maiden originally came out during one of the…worst time for animes based off of manga. None of them ever got an actually decent anime and because of this, fat was trimmed, and by fat, I mean STORY AND CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, replaced instead by pandering and FILLER.

Zurückspulen (German for rewind) was a completely new spin on this to fix the anime the best it could and wow…I could not stop watching it. I have a feeling it had to do with Kirakishou and older Jun. Oh, and that they just kept twiiisiting that knife into my back, which as you can see, seems to keep me interested in anime.

I am such a freaking masochist OTL

2. Kyousogiga

Wowza, this was a great year for anime, artistically and emotionally. I was…mostly mad at Kyousogiga at first (I’m about to watch episode 10.5 to get to speed on what I just watched). Firstly, let me explain: this story is NOT told in chronological order! So you’re jumping back and forth between 4 or 5 different worlds, time lines, character POVs it’s stressful and hard to keep up with, but at the same time, it felt like a puzzle I HAD to put together on my own, slowly putting the pieces together and watching as the big picture came together. I enjoyed every moment of it, the reveals, the concept, and I was SCREAMING in shock in the last two episodes at my poor TV.

Beautiful animation, symbolism, story (despite how hard it is to follow) and I just…I’m in awe of this anime. IT WOULD BE NUMBER ONE IF ONLY FOR ONE SHOW

1. Gatchaman Crowds

It’s great to see something like Gatchaman Crowds come out of the woodwork. It’s retro, but yet it has this new, almost futuristic appeal to it. To me, this anime feels lost in time. Gatchaman itself is an OLD franchise, super popular in Japan, but not in the west, but CROWDS brings forth new technology, character types, animation and music to make this beautiful chic anime that is a treat for the eyes, ears and mind.

I say eyes and ears mostly because of the music and visuals. This anime, from the second it started to the moment it ended had the most visually appealing art style to me all season. Yes attack on titan was beautiful in its own respects (especially once you see the source material), but Crowds had this poppy, minimalist art style and soft color pallet. A lot of people HATE CG in anime like in Tiger and Bunny, but Gatchaman just pulls it off beautifully, taking a new mecha like approach on the old Gatchaman uniforms that were actually one of the main trademarks of the original Gatchaman series.

The music is an absolute treat. As soon as I heard Tutu I was blasted back to 2007 when I’d be playing Katamari Damacy, and it’s such a mix. A lot of people joke that the soundtrack is very dubsteppy, but not in a bad way at all. It takes opera, orchestral works, rock, pop, alternative music, and electrocutes it with the industrial sound of EDM and Dubstep to bring out the futuristic appeal of the Gatchaman Crowds universe.

It also broke the mold on characters. There are characters, flamboyant, masculine, miniscule, feminine, awkward, strange, angry and all in places you don’t expect. I was in awe to see a character in drag…and hardly anyone pointed it out within the series. It was nice to see a lead female character who wasn’t of your normal pick of the litter. There was little to no romance in this anime (though I won’t lie, I will gladly enjoy some when the series picks back up) and WOW JUST THE ANIMATION IS GREAT.


Regardless of what my favorites were, be it Saint Young Men, Free, AOT or whatever, 2013 was a great year for anime. The year ahead looks incredibly exciting and full of many more TBAs and a great line up prepared for Winter and Spring. I hope you all have a WONDERFUL new year, stay safe, and resolve to watch more anime in the coming year!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc, feel free to drop me a line be it via reblog, ask or whatever :3 I’m always up for feedback!


Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim - Localization Blog #2

Hi, everyone!

This is Brittany, Production Coordinator at XSEED Games. I was the editor and graphic text monkey for the PC version of Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim. I normally also do Steam achievements for our games (and my early work was…something, let’s be real here), but the honor this time fell to our extremely dedicated in-house tester, Danielle.

I thought I’d take this time to talk about my relationship with Ys. My first real interaction with the series was shortly after I’d started at XSEED as a lowly prisoner intern with Ys: The Oath in Felghana. XSEED as a whole was new to Steam and, to be quite honest, I was not a PC gamer. I definitely wasn’t into high-speed action RPGs, either. I was asked to test the title after being given a brief run of what Ys was (“Red-haired guy goes on lots of adventures”). Everyone was excited.

Except for me.

I hated it! Oh, man, did I hate playing Oath in Felghana at first. Like said, I wasn’t into action RPGS—I was into turn-based battles or slow, methodical strategy games. I didn’t know enough about Ys to really enjoy the characters or world, I never was big on the whole “silent protagonist” thing, and I kept dying! Death, death, death! Death at every corner! My co-worker had added an actual achievement for dying because he kept telling me that was half the fun of Ys, but I was just getting frustrated instead.

It took a good, long while for me to get into the swing of things. QA forces you to test dozens of playthroughs sometimes, so I didn’t suck forever. I’d eventually gotten good enough to where I could beat the entire game with all the bells and whistles in a matter of a few hours. You might think that would make me even more sick of the game, but the funny thing is, it actually made me learn to love it.

Before you cry, “Yo, that’s some serious Stockholm syndrome,” I guess I should say this happens to me with a lot of games. The first playthrough, I’ll hate it; even if I absolutely love video games, getting the feel for a new world is always a bit daunting for me. It’s hard for me to absorb all the details while I’m concentrating on the things the game is making me focus on—and the details usually end up being my favorite parts—so I end up feeling like I missed out on something. My second playthrough, however, is when I feel like I can safely explore all the nooks and crannies of the world and absorb all of the foreshadowing and subtle references, and discover new details that just add to the world’s culture. It becomes comfortable, you know?

This is what happened with Oath in Felghana. I started to see beyond the insane amount of deaths and started going, “Wow, actually, it’s really cool how all of these items I own have hidden uses that I have to really explore to figure out. I like how the game’s not holding my hand,” and, “You know, the story and the characters are really entertaining. I can’t believe how each NPC has a name and unique character design!” The dungeons were well thought-out and left plenty of surprises to make back-tracking enjoyable. Despite the story being simple, it didn’t have any holes, but instead wrapped itself up in an orderly, neat bow. I was even starting to see the value in Adol Christin being a silent protagonist. He was an adventurer, and he wasn’t meant to actively impress his viewpoints of the world—he just wanted to explore and be a part of the world that already existed.

What truly solidified my love for Ys, however, was the series’ prequel, Ys Origin. This story didn’t star our lovely Adol the Red and his best friend (boyfriend), Dogi, but instead starred the ancestors to many known figures introduced in Ys I&II. This time, I didn’t feel so lost; thanks to Oath in Felghana’s introduction to the world, Ys Origin felt more like I was expanding upon finely-documented lore. The story, once again, was simple, but its characters, flow, and gameplay (now that I’d finally gotten a handle of Ys in general) left me craving more. Barring Ys V, I’ve now happily played every single major title in the series.

I knew we were going to do The Ark of Napishtim eventually, so I’d intentionally held off playing it until we had received the rights and were able to proceed with the localization. Of course, I had no idea that I would be editing the game until a few days before I’d started—we had several editors in the office who have played Konami’s localization on PS2 before, and then we have our own resident Falcom fan, Tom Lipschultz. Why would I be chosen to edit? But it happened. Somehow.

Initially, all the character, item, and location names in the PC version were given localized names that were more or less the same as those in the Konami versions of the game, and while most are still the same (since they were perfectly fine, accurately-translated names to begin with), I did end up changing a few here and there. This is most apparent with NPC names—little Sia, for example, is called Shea in our localization, shopkeeper Cloa is Croix, and Romn-loving drunkard Calman is Carmine. There are several more, but I’ll save those for when the game has launched.

 (This screen isn’t actually in the game, but a fun text bug. QA is great.)

This also ended up being my second project at XSEED as lead editor, so while I am proud of the end result, I’m still feeling out my “style,” admittedly. I hope what Tom and Jess (Trails in the Sky, Rune Factory Frontier/4) have beat into me taught me over the years reflects well with this project. Every editor has a distinct style, and every editor will also tell you they have an easier time with certain types of characters than others. As an example, one of our Story of Seasons editors, Nick, has always said he works best with older, more formal characters. I personally struggle with those types, which made The Ark of Napishtim a challenge since there’s an entire village full of characters on the formal side. I’m definitely not a fan of the old standby “formal = no contractions” rule, as even the most formal of people in real life say things like can’t/don’t over cannot/do not—I think abusing the no contractions thing comes off as stiff and unnatural—but still, I hope that the formal air of the Rehda wasn’t lost by choosing not to go that route. Just as well, I hope that my connection with the much more rowdy townspeople of Port Rimorge shows, too. And with Geis. I like Geis.

(I also wonder if it’s really a good idea to talk about struggles with editing like this in an official blog post. Ha ha.)

To me, the beauty of Ys is that even though the series has been around for decades, the developers have cleverly designed the series so that your starting point doesn’t matter. Adol Christin is a simple young man who started adventuring at 16 and didn’t stop until his death at 63 (yes, that’s canon, apparently!), and each game features one of his many expeditions which were dutifully recorded in his travelogue. All of this and more has been known from the very first game, so you’re simply filling in a few pre-established blanks with every new Ys title you play. Developer Nihon Falcom has had plenty of time to move from laying down the foundation to building a fantastic library of information that effortlessly intertwines with each new title—all without ever forcing the player to know Adol’s lengthy history as a prerequisite for enjoying any single one of his adventures. Looking back on it now, how on earth could I have hated these games?

I can’t stress enough how much of a privilege it is to have edited an Ys title. Newbie I may be, but I certainly poured my heart into The Ark of Napishtim. If you’re a returning Ys fan, enjoy yet another wonderful entry in the series. For those who are only just now stepping into the world of Ys, all I can say is: adventure awaits.

 - Brittany

P.S. Have some Geis.

I thought a fun thing to do this Christmas Eve morning would be to go over the first issue (the first first issue) of Squirrel Girl this year, and give you a Writer’s Commentary of it: behind-the-scenes information on where things came from, how they ended up as they did, etc.  So let’s start!  If you go grab a copy of Squirrel Girl #1 you’ll follow this a lot better, but I tried to provide context if you don’t keep it beside you at all times. :0


SG singing her own theme song was part of my original pitch – I had the idea while repeating her name in my head, and found how quickly thinking “Hmm… Squirrel Girl… Squirrel Girl…” can easily segue into the first lines of her theme song.  I like putting music into comics and that’s tricky!  But here it worked really well because the Spider-Man theme is a song that most everyone knows, AND it’s a song that has a structure wherein you can identify the song by its lyrics and rhythm.  It’s basically an ideal candidate for something like this!


The theme song was slightly updated in every draft to make it EVEN BETTER, but the first few verses never changed.  Later on though, in my first version we don’t have “who’s her friend? / don’t you know / that’s the squirrel Tippy-Toe” but instead have “Can she talk to a squirrel? / Well, her name’s Squirrel Girl!”.  This was dropped because we’d hit the “she can talk to squirrels” note already, and Tippy is awesome! 

This may reveal too many “I’m not the smartest man” secrets, but it was very late along that I realized “hey wait a minute, SG singing her theme song also works as a unique, fun and very efficient introduction to this character, her abilities, her personality, and the tone of this book” instead of just “I think a theme song would be fun so I’ma write a theme song”.

Dan Slott (writer of many previous SG adventures!) got sent an early proof of the comic and suggested a few alterations to the lyrics, and IIRC he suggested changing my “All the powers of the squirrel!” to “Powers of both squirrel and girl” which I COMPLETELY LOVED and use all the time now.  Thanks Dan!


The character heads with bios used to be a thing in vintage comics and I always loved them, but my inspiration for it here was actually my friend Joey Comeau’s work on the Bravest Warriors series.  He did it in his first issue, and then his second issue, and I was like “Joey you can’t do this every issue” and he was like “Why not?  I’ll make up different stories for them each time” and I was like “um actually that’s a great idea and I’m gonna do that too”.  How long can it last?  WHO CAN SAY??


The SG / Tippy exchange of “Who doesn’t like you?” “I dunno… jerks, I guess?” originally had a part afterwards where SG told Tippy not to tell anyone about her secret identity, Tippy said “I only talk to other squirrels anyway, so we’re cool” and SG checked herself out in the mirror and said “Man… we ARE cool”.  I dropped this because a) come ON, Squirrel Girl, slow your roll b)  we were already hitting those notes in a much more satisfying way elsewhere on this very page!  I said it in my somewhat-detailed review of “Steven Spielberg Presents: Back To The Future: A Robert Zemeckis Film: The Novel by George Gipe based on a screenplay by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale” but it remains true: first drafts are where you get all your ideas down, and second drafts are where you make sure those ideas are Actually Good.


This page didn’t change at all from the very first draft, but I remember adding in the “casually stop a mugging with an acorn earring” bit because otherwise it would just be SG and Tippy walking and talking, and it showed up what I love about SG: her ubercompetency.  She’s just SO GOOD at being Squirrel Girl.


Again, no changes from the first draft!  Tomas was always intended to be Chipmunk Hunk, but I thought it’d be fun for these people to meet without knowing they both have powers first.  SG first realizes what’s going on in Issue 6!


Nancy was originally inspired by my friend Lucie, and that “there are three things you can do to get me to hate you” line that she leads with – and that so defines her character for me – is something Lucie actually said to me once.  Lucie also has a cat named Mew.  Apparently the secret to writing is just to have interesting friends.  

Don’t tell anyone.


SG’s Deadpool cards! I swear that originally it was just intended as fun little callback (in an older appearance she referenced having Iron Man Battle Series Vs Cards, but you couldn’t read them), but later on I realize, hey wait a second, these cards actually function as The Most Efficient Backstory Exposition Device Ever In Time.  One panel and everyone knows who Kraven is, what he wants, where he comes from, and what his deal is, because the cards tell you exactly that!  I wanted the comic to be accessible to new readers, and these cards do that with peak efficiency.  Thanks, Deadpool cards!


EMBARRASSING STORY: my first draft for this book was 22 pages long, when it was only supposed to be 20!  So I am a big dummy.  As part of fixing that mistake, the SG / Kraven fight got condensed from two pages down to one.  Originally, DOREEN ran to confront Kraven while pulling out the Deadpool card, got mad at him, said “I’ll be right back”, ran to the bathroom to change, and then SG came out to fight him. Needlessly convoluted, and easily condensed down to a single page by just having Doreen change into SG at the start!  All that was lost was a conversation between SG and Kraven over what the word “hirsute” means (it means hairy, it was no great loss).


Erica drew the heck out of this fight scene, and I love that later when people were like “oh wow, you drew Kraven sexy, I love that” she was like “oh I always thought he was supposed to be sexy”.  HE’S PRETTY SEXY, NOT GONNA LIE.


SG needing a moment to figure out how to beat him mirrored my writing process here.  In the first draft, she just throws him up, realizes what to do, catches him, and solves the problem.  It worked okay, but after cutting out some material elsewhere, we were able to draw SG imagining other ways she could defeat him, which ended up being one of my favourite parts of this issue.  Yay editing!  And Erica drew it just beautifully - the panel of SG thinking surrounded by squirrels is still one of my favourites - and Rico brought amazing colours to the “what if” sequence.

The “stuff squirrels down his pants” idea was how she was going to beat him way back in my pitch, before my editor Wil was like “I always saw SG as being someone who’s good at solving people’s problems” and I was like “Um holy crap you have just encapsulated SG perfectly”.


This reveals this whole conflict happened because Kraven angrily kicked a squirrel while musing about his current fate, which I thought was fun.  My original idea was “Kraven is tired of losing and so starts re-training himself in hunting, starting with the smallest animals and working his way up to the top”, which would have had him actually hunting squirrels on ESU campus.  That seemed a bit like gilding the lily, and him just angrily kicking a squirrel is so ludicrous that I liked it better.


This page got compressed in a later draft too (there were six in total, not counting the one I marked “FINAL – not final”, but all we really lost was a beat where Nancy said she was okay with Tippy living with them if Mew was too.  I think it’s reasonable that Nancy wouldn’t allow it if Mew didn’t like it, but decided it was SO reasonable that Nancy didn’t have to say it, and we’d just make it clear that Mew and Tippy got along fine.


In the first draft TT and SG had this “Galactus is coming” conversation in front of Nancy, but Nancy couldn’t understand Tippy’s parts and so just assumed SG was talking to her pet squirrel the way she talks to Mew.  That seemed to imply Nancy wasn’t as clever and good at seeing through people’s crap as she CLEARLY IS, so I rewrote it to what we have now: Tippy leaps onto SG’s face and stays there until SG excuses herself to go to the bathroom to talk out of earshot, which was way better.  

The last “Galactus is coming” cliffhanger ended up being a single panel, but we tried SO MANY THINGS before that, each with their own page.  First it was Galactus flying to Earth in space.  Then on his ship (where he was looking at different planets, including an lava one (too hot) and ice one (too cold) and Earth (just right).  Then he was on his ship talking to weird robots called “Punishers” that hadn’t been seen since the sixties.  Anyway they were all silly and undercut his threat, and the single panel works way better!  And I’m really glad we did it, because if we went with the “Galactus choosing Earth because of its temperature” than the big reveal about Galactus’s REAL motivations around coming to Earth in issue 4 wouldn’t work.

And that’s the issue!  Now you are familiar with the way worse version of this comic that could’ve been, if only we’d all stopped working on it part-way through.  I hope you enjoyed it!


Title: Cookies (because I'm unimaginative)

Pairing: Destiel

Based off of this prompt from otpprompts

Person A baked person B some cookies.

“They’re nothing special. Go on, try one!” A urged. B picked one up and took a bite.
“You’re wrong, these are really special! They taste like no cookie I’ve ever had before!” B said. “They’re absolutely terrible!”

*I’ve ignored the fact that Cas can’t taste food for the purpose of this prompt. 

**Also I’ve never posted any writing of mine before so it’d be nice to get some feedback on what you guys think. Hope you guys like it.


It was a quiet day in the bunker. With nothing to do, Dean sat in his room binge watching yet again another series. Licking the cheese powder that stained his fingers, he was practically catatonic as Netflix counted down the next episode. Season one of Gilmore Girls started and BANG! A loud thud from down the hallway and a strange smell caught his attention. “What the hell?” Dean said, now on full alert. Making sure to pause the episode, he grabbed his knife from underneath his pillow and went to check out what was going on. It wasn’t too difficult to find the source of the racket as the heavy smell easily led him straight to the kitchen.

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Who could the new Hyrule Warriors characters be?

As reported earlier today, Hyrule Warriors Legends is getting a four-pack season pass, which includes several new characters and weapons for both the 3DS and Wii U versions of the game. Now, we’re going to use the clues we have to try and guess who these fighters will be. Join us after the break to see our predictions for the future of Hyrule Warriors!

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madlymel  asked:

So, I'm sitting here looking at your most recent post and it occurs to me how incredible the YW series is. I started reading it when I was about Nita's age in SYWTBAW (found it in my local library, too). And it featured a strong, smart female protagonist, a hispanic MC, science, magic, dragons, sentient cars ... I can't think of a single other novel from my childhood like it (and I grew up in the 80's) and I know that books like that are still rare today. How did you manage to get it published?

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Victory - Bucky Barnes x Reader

• Request: Hey, I’d like to request a one shot, where reader is playing Call of Duty, and Bucky walks in and asks her what she’s doing and she explains, and invites him to play, (she’s undefeated against the team) he bets he can beat her even though he’s never played. And Sam walks in just as reader beats him, and she jumped up screaming “victory, suck it Barnes!” (Playfully) With lots of sass between Sam and Bucky and fluff between reader and Bucky, please and thanks :) - Submitted by @angelsdeadromance

• Words: 1,166 (wow didn’t expect that)

• Warnings: Sassiness, cuteness, fluff

• A/N: I’ve never played Call of Duty but once or twice, so bear with me here. XD

Originally posted by theworldofshipping801

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Bleach Favourite Moments: All I was going to do was give him the bread at the door and ask him a question. How was I supposed to say no? And then Kurosaki-kun tells me to take home what I want! He’s so sweet! So sweet! SWEET! S-W-E-E-T, S-W-E-E-T!

(If you don’t know what Airheart is, click HERE to view our project’s introductory video!)

[ Next Update -> ]

Hey everyone, Aaron here! As Airheart production begins to kick into high gear, there’s a lot to say on how this project will work and when you can expect episodes to start airing. Since there’s a lot I want to get through, I’ll just go through things one by one.

1. Production

To preface this, let me talk a little bit about how Attack on Space’s production worked. Attack on Space had two main producers — Reuben and myself — with Jonah and the sprite/CG artists as our only other non-VA production team members. Reuben did all the writing and most of the audio editing (Jonah helped with SFX and a few audio sequences throughout the series), and I did the video editing, and that was that. Several of the 104thvoicesquad members helped push the story in various directions, but only Reuben and I had any direct influence over where things would go.

With Airheart, all of that changes. The biggest and perhaps most jarring of these changes is the introduction of an official Production Team, composed of the three smaller teams: the Writing Team, the Art Team, and the Music Team. Eventually, a fourth team, the VA Team, will be added to this list, but as is clear to everyone right now, casting has yet to be completed. More on that below.

The Writing Team is led by both Chad (Attack on Space’s Erwin Smith), who is a very talented writer, and myself. As should be expected, this team is responsible for writing out the entire story, from start to finish. Since it’s now a team working on the plot instead of a single person, there’s a lot of idea crafting and juggling to help push the plot forward in new and unexpected ways.

The Art Team is led by the wonderful Sierra, who on top of being a highly skilled artist, was also one of the artists who worked on Attack on Space. This team has what is most likely the most time-consuming job, which is to create each and every art asset that is used in the series. This is a stark contrast to Attack on Space’s art team, which only created sprites (and later, CGs), while I photoshopped images from Google for basically every background in the series. Now, everything you see will be completely original.

And that goes for what you hear, too! The Music Team is led by the ever-talented Nathanael, who, along with the rest of the team, will be producing a completely original soundtrack for the series. That means that everything about this series, from the sound effects, to the plot, to the art, to the music, will all be completely original. Wow.

As for the post-production side of things, Jonah will be doing the audio editing, while I will be doing the video editing. Both of us are striving to go a step higher than our work in Attack on Space, so you can be assured that each episode will be top-notch quality when it comes out.

(To see a more comprehensive list of the members of each team, please visit Airheart’s Cast and Crew page to find out more.)

Of course, there’s still the VA Team to worry about. When the time comes, Jonah will be the one pushing that team along. He’ll also be one of the people looking over your auditions…

2. New Character!

Speaking of auditions, why don’t we talk about the characters of this story? While I’m not going to reveal too much this time around, I’d like to introduce you to one of the more prominent characters you’ll be meeting in the story:

Emerson Seabrooke – The Captain of the Airheart. As a leader, his actions are naturally firm and deliberate. He cares about the well-being of every single one of his crew members, and those who know him well know that despite his serious exterior, he is compassionate to the people close to his heart.

As for the rest of the Airheart crew, you’ll be hearing more about them in time.

3. Voice Auditions

Now, I’m sure a lot of you have been wondering when voice auditions would begin and how they would work. Well, I’ll walk you guys through the gist of things, but let’s start with what I promised first, the date of auditions.

Voice auditions for Airheart will begin on November 22nd, at 7pm EST.

Woah, Aaron! That’s pretty far off! Yes it is, and for good reason. As has been previously stated, Airheart is still in its earliest stages of development, which means that there’s still a lot of preliminary work to be done before we can even assign anything to voice actors. Thus, we’ve set auditions a few weeks off so that by the time of casting, there will already be scripts for cast members to record.

Now, about the details of these auditions. First of all, these auditions are *not* for any one specific character. They will be general auditions – that is to say, everyone will be given the same generic lines that they’ll have to read off for the audition. There may be some other elements of the auditioning process, but that has yet to be decided.

The audition period will be 3 weeks long. At the end of that period, Jonah and I will select four individual (two female voices, two male voices) to be added to the voice pool for Airheart. Depending on the specific audition and the openings in the cast, some of those four people may end up playing a major character role, but keep in mind that we can not guarantee that you will get a major role by auditioning. Which roles which people get are dependent on a couple of factors, but because we have no way of knowing how auditions go, things will be pretty up in the air until the day auditions end.

Something else I’d like to add in here is in order to audition for Airheart, you need to keep these things in mind:

  • You must be available to record between the dates of 11/22 and 12/13, as that is the audition period.
  • In the case you are cast, you are expected to be able to record on a weekly basis starting the week following your casting (the usual deal being “one episode a week”). We can make exceptions for emergency situations, but obviously we don’t expect that to be the norm for anyone who’s cast.
  • In the case you are cast, you may be expected to sing. Sea shanties are a thing, and if you end up playing a character on the Airheart, that may be something you have to do.
  • In the case you are cast, you are not to speak about the details of the project to anyone outside of it. Since everyone on the cast will be aware of the story well in advance of the final product being completed, we need to ensure that nothing regarding the plot, art, or music is leaked to the public. You may only speak publicly about details that have already been released from this blog.

If you have any other questions regarding auditions, feel free to ask! However, I won’t be answering any questions about the actual audition materials. When 11/22 rolls around, all of that will be posted for you to see. For now, make sure to follow this blog or track the “airheart (audioplay)” tag so you don’t miss anything.

- - -

That’s all for now. Until 11/22, I won’t be posting any big production updates, but feel free to send us an ask or post about the project in the tracked tag! And, of course, artist auditions are still ongoing, so if you’re interested, go and check that out as well!

See you guys then!

-Aaron (Project Leader)