Kristen Stewart speaks out about girlfriend for first time
Kristen Stewart has opened up about her relationship with Alicia Cargile, admitting for the first time that her former PA is her girlfriend. The actress, 26, has always remained quiet about her sexuality and her partner, who she first started dating last year. They broke up in October and Stewart formed a brief relationship with French singer Soko, before getting back together with Cargile. Although the couple have been photographed together, Stewart has never before confirmed the relationship publicly.

“I think … right now I’m just really in love with my girlfriend,”

Spark is the best 3rd wheel

Edited from Ep. 20 of Siren’s Lament, a 25/10 webtoon that you should definitely check out! Great art, amazing soundtrack, hot guys :D :D



“Don’t view all that you experience in life through lenses darkened by the scars of abuse. There is so much in life that is beautiful.[…] Your depression will be converted to peace and assurance. You will close an ugly chapter and open volumes of happiness.”
–Richard G. Scott

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.”
–Norman Vincent Peale



proto!kage actually not that much different than usual kageyama bcs of some people’s headcanons laughs
actual kageyama wouldn’t be able to yell that at Hinata tho, he is too awkward, too pure for this world

though rather than proto!kage meeting hinata, i’m more concerned about proto!kage meeting tsukki—

seriously tho

To Sherlollies out there (and I am purposefully not misspelling because I am actually wondering), I know most of you don’t expect Sherlolly to be canon. But, my question is, if Molly were in John’s place, would you? I was thinking last night about what if John and Molly switched roles. John is the pathologist in the lab and Molly is Sherlock’s partner. The stuff that has happened between Sherlock and John in the show instead happens with Sherlock and Molly. What if Sherlock restarted his heart bc she was in danger after Tom shot him? What if Sherlock googled Molly’s ex “friend”? What if Sherlock had a two inch thick file on Molly with a page where her head is pasted to the Birth of Venus? What if Sherlock looked up Molly’s birth certificate in order to find out her middle name? What if Molly planned her and Tom’s wedding but the whole time acting “terrified”? What if CAM threw Molly in a fire and Sherlock rescued her? What if CAM said “look how you care about Molly Hooper, your damsel in distress”? What if Sherlock left Molly’s wedding early looking super sad? What if Sherlock relapsed after she got married, like…would you all not read those things as romantic? And furthermore would you still not think sherlolly would end up being canon?

I guess my point is whether or not you think Johnlock will happen, we aren’t pulling these things out of our asses, they all canonically happened between these two men. All we are doing is not allowing the fact that they share the same gender keep us from reading typically romantic tropes as romantic.

Anyway I do often wonder about that, I mean you guys see Sherlock congratulating Molly on her engagement as romantic so like if he planned her wedding and then left it early looking devastated I wonder what you would think?

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[noire] blaming your loss on your “noob team” in the match chat does not redeem your reputation, it just makes you look stupid and petty. no one likes a sore loser.

I’m just here to play a game, not to win every fucking match.



The ideal way to experience Collage Diaries would be via visual novel style. Where you play as Iceland. And romance the girls. And do weird things with the clubs, teachers, and alumni. Family, friend, and romantic drama would ensue. Romancing Hong Kong would be a hidden route. Rated T for language. 

No one asked for it, so no one’s getting it. Don’t take this seriously, it’s just a pitch. But in all seriousness, I do have a bunch of sprites and backgrounds I made myself. 

Dating Sirius Black Would Include...

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  • PDA (and lots of it)
  • “babe”
  • him being crazy jealous
  • “you’re mine and everyone should know”
  • literally, so so protective
  • constantly needing to touch you, someway, somehow
  • “Stop leaving hickies, Sirius!”
  • The marauders welcoming you and teasing you
  • “Sirius did some work on your neck didn’t he?”
  • double dates with James & Lily
  • playing with his hair
  • “stop touching my hair”
  • becoming a badass, not letting anyone mess with you
  • him watching proudly
  • “that’s my girl” 
  • him dragging you into pranks
  • snogging, snogging, snogging
  • SEX (always on his mind)
  • “so.. what to do..”
  • “sirius!”
  • him being dominant 
  • rough, but passionate. 
  • him being the biggest cuddler
  • being there for him with family issues
  • talking to regulus
  • him getting mad at you for it
  • but eventually being the reason they make up
  • taking care of him when he gets drunk
  • you calling him “pet” when he turns into animagus form 
  • him licking your face endlessy for that
  • his constant need for attention
  • “babbbyyyyy…”
  • constant teasing
  • his bloody sarcasm rubbing off on you
  • getting into dumb arguments, and him teasing you to calm you down
  • “no, I am, you’re Y/N, silly.”
  • getting mad when he flirts with other girls
  • “i’m sorry.”
  • him being smooth as fuck
  • “that’s how I floored you, babe.”
  • being his best friend before his girlfriend
  • him coming to your place when he runs away
  • him being secretly obsessed with you, like low-key just loves watching you do things, like turn a book page, or laugh, or even sitting and listening to you
  • him always taking your face into his hands
  • him freaking the hell out when the first war comes around and your even a minute late to meet up with him
  • “i went to the bathroom, sirius.”
  • overall him just being super tough and cute and ugh, being the best bad boy boyfriend around

グリーン・グリーン・グラス・オブ・ホーム ….



bobafvtt  asked:

I don't understand the whole "harley deserves better" thing. Why exactly? She's a villain... she's killed people.

Well, yes. She is a brutal villain that has killed quite a lot of people BUT Harley chose to become Harley Quinn and join Joker in his criminal lifestyle. He didn’t force her.

Harley chose to do this and also chose to stick by him. She loves him and she knows that he loves her too, but can’t show it properly. She’s not a victim. She’s aware of her situation, but chooses to work with Joker’s mental issues as best she can.

Harley thinks Joker is the best she could get. She loves him dearly and isn’t being forced to stay with him. She chooses to. 

Not to mention that she wouldn’t want a normal healthy lovey-dovey relationship anyway, as seen clearly in the comic “My Boyfriends Back”
callout for @earthdad

so, it’s no surprise that yet another one of your favorite Tumblr Funnymen is a jackass…! with some help from a couple people i’ve been gathering screenshots/receipts and those will be below the cut! anyone can feel 100% free to add to this with their personal experiences with earthdad.

 i’ve censored out the slurs that i can’t reclaim, but if you want to see the posts then you can just /search the keywords on his blog and i’m sure you’ll find a fair few. i don’t have the spoons to source everything but none of these posts are hard to find! :)

honestly, there is so much shit on his blog and i am SURE i didn’t catch all of it. so again, if you want to add anything i missed, feel free. keep in mind, some of these posts are pretty old, so i do take that into account… but judging by the fact that a lot of these posts with the same content are recent within the year, the only thing that seems to have changed is how careful he is with what he posts.

tw racism, n slur, ableism, sexism, transphobia, sex mention, f slur, incest mention below. proceed with caution!! lots of tw

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“if i let you know i’m here for you
maybe you’ll love yourself like i love you”