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midnight thoughts (cliché, i know)

standing outside,
looking at the world.
i think to myself all the (bad) things we do
as humans.
speak in our anger.

imagine all the things that could have been prevented if none of those things happened.
that’s just imaginary, though.

i want to become a person that doesn’t lie.
but saying that i’ll never lie is a lie in itself.
speak truth, only sparingly.

don’t steal, ask for it. and if it’s too pricey, save up for it. sometimes you gotta work for these things.
you work for money but also you work for trust.
and that takes time,
time takes time.
it’ll unfold soon enough.

speaking in anger?
something always of my struggle.
the short-tempered being i am.
you can’t blame me.
most of my childhood was wasted through adulthood.
responsibilities that weren’t even mine.

adolescence, snatched away. but doesn’t mean i can’t try.

but if you look right now, at the sequence of events and the line of how things turned out. things are okay, really.
and that dread i feel for the future, natural but also in my control (to a certain extent).

i always wonder what those people do in cars passing by so late at night. then i remember i’m outside watching too. maybe it’s the same reason, i don’t know. and if i am, surely there must be others. the world is big. people forget that.

like those cars, the line ahead, my life,
unknown and unwinding. blissful really.
sometimes it’s good to revisit familiar lines.
corroding new paths is more exciting.
break the seams of the earth.
make a footprint (literally).

Meet AURA BEATRIX LEVINS, an EIGHTEEN year old LIBRA who is biologically FEMALE but identifies as __ and is __. He/She/They is/are currently a MODEL and is set to be with GABRIELLA BUCK. He/She/They is/are __ as well as __. He/She/They has/have been know to look a lot like __. Aura is OPEN.


Aura has always been a bright and beautiful girl. She was brought up in a kind and loving home and that made the girl always feel loved how she was supposed to. Her parents were great people who gave Aura the world, especially because she was their only daughter and they couldn’t have anymore children.

The girl always knew she was beautiful, everyone knew it. As soon as she entered the room all eyes were on her no matter their sexuality or preference; you just couldn’t deny her classic and Victorian beauty. It was no denying that she would be destined to become a movie star or a model, which she did.

After taking the annual standardized test given at the end of the school year, they told her that he best bet would be to become a model — not to anyone’s surprise and now she’s one of the best known models in the world and is constantly travelling around, even for someone at her age.


I really want a seven book series just detailing the marauders’ time at hogwarts, all their adventures, how they became animagus, all their practical jokes and pranks, them growing up in during a period of war, jily slowly falling in love, them all joining the Order, all of it. & I want another seven book series all about the future generation’s time at hogwarts with albus as the protagonist, but I want it to be nothing like the cursed child. I want it to show harry as a good parent and I still want albus to go to slytherin just to normalize it and I still want him to be best friends with scorpius and eventually I want them to fall in love. there doesn’t even need to be an extravagant plot, I just want to hear about the daily going ons at hogwarts. just please, I want the magical world back, I want to know it all and live the magic once again.

It’s been too long

Too long to wait

I guess you don’t see us anymore

Your goodbye is done

You go back to your other space

You find another girl to marry

And all our magic moments erased

I can’t make you fight

I can’t make you strong

I can’t give you courage

In a world I don’t belong

I don’t belong

You hold me tender while

I tear and carry the weight

For us both to bare

For the universe to contemplate

From a woman of faith

You turned me desolate

My dreams are haunted by your friends

I run to you, but meet you dumb and arrogant

I am shaking to wake up to truth

You are not mine 

Nation affairs-North Korea, poverty justice 12-2-16

By phil Robertson, Deputy,Director.Asia Division .Www.hrw.org/org/asia/north-korea 

Originally posted by imp-ossible

North -Korea : Under the rule of KIm Jong-Un.North korea remain among the world’s most repressive countries. All basic freedoms have been severely restricted under the kim’s family’s political dynasty .A 2014 UN Communission of Inquiry found that abuses in North korea were without parallel in the contemporary world.they include extermination,murder,enslavement,torture ,imprisonment,rape,forced abortions,and other sexual violence,North korea operates secretive prison camps where perceived opponents of the government are send to face torture and abuse ,starvation rations, and forced labor.fear of collective punishment is used to silence dissent. There is no independent media,functioning civil society,or religious freedom,

Rejoined artical : Dear : phil ..! Thank you very much,for your research and hard works for the North -korea , what is happening since two year ago, when Kim Jong- Un,the north korea take over rule from the his famaily. I feel so pain becauce it happen the since his grandfather , when the alliance from the Russian, since than continually someone unexposed going on more seriously poverty injustice issue. I hope your article thought all world,speacally Christion is more involved praying and strategic plane to reach out the North korea, One day,I want to see the north korea, became for a justice all of the nation and no more poverty no more abuse, no more collective punishment no more silence,media,function,civil society and believers. Thank you again,blessings 

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It’s these substandard motels
On the corner of 4th and Freemont Street
Appealing, only because they’re just that unappealing

Are we on the lonely side, say oh now the past long away
Are we so lost in the dark of our hearts that there’s no light of day

Karma police arrest this man he talks in maths he buzzes like a fridge
He’s like a detuned radio

`(I still don’t know what I’m doing). FUCK!

Sweet dreams are made of this who am I to disagree?
I travel the world and the seven seas, everybody’s looking for something.


Build God Then We’ll Talk - Panic! at the Disco

Into the Wild - LP

Karma Police - Radiohead


Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics

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does victoria's bro actually die?? :O also pls tell me more about the world ur ocs inhabit :)

1.aaaaaaAAAAAAAAAHAHAHHHAHHHHHHHHHHHHH (oh my god yknow that one bee movie face where the main bee’s mouth is rlly open and distorted? That me rn)

2. Yeah, her brother really does die. His death takes place in early 2000s St. Petersburg, where during that time Russia had a huge opiate/heroin problem go through (if my research has been prtty good). She and her brother, Arseny, were like partners in crime, inseprablely close. As they hit their late teens and mid twenties (Arseny is about 4 yrs older than Victoria), the unstable economy kinda made them lose hope in what dream jobs they may have had. Arseny got into a heroin problem and while trying to get clean, he relapsed and overdosed. Victoria found out months later as she was in the military and was stationed out of the country. Her parents sent a letter, but it didn’t find V before she got home; and it wouldn’t have told her about A’s death because her parents wanted to tell her in person. Victoria ended up wanting to surprise her family, so she didn’t mention her coming home for a little. Her first thing was to say hi to her brother, who she didn’t find in his room in the family’s dacha (I’m still figuring out housing lol). She ended up going to Arseny’s fiancee’s place to see if he was there and that’s how Victoria had the news broken to her. And that’s how we end up with Victoria screaming at Arseny’s grave about how he had so much in life (a great fiancee, a on the way baby, and a promising career as an up and coming architect which was his dream career). Victoria’s career has her used to death and the loss of people, but Arseny’s death really hurt her and so this is one of the few times she is having chest wracking sobs that just shake her whole core. She’s sad and angry and is completely expressing those emotions, rather than the distant blank reactions she tends to have. It hurts so good 😭 I love my baby but holy geez this is ouch

3. Victoria is supposed to be for the Netflix series Daredevil! She’s kind of a “side character” who finds herself working with the Russian brothers, Vladimir and Anatoly Ranskahov. Victoria’s story goes way before that though, which is where characters like Johann Schulz, Ludwig, Katarina, “Papa”, Valenteen “Valentine”, and a few other characters connect with her story. So she was supposed to be a side character for a small fanfic of the Daredevil series, but she has taken over her own story to the point that the Daredevil series is just a small chapter of her. It’s mainly set in modern day USA (like the series) with small mentions of superheroes and stuff (since all the Marvel universes connect or are technically the same universe).

Thank you so much for asking!!!!! 😭 seriously I saw your ask, ran into my room, and straight up screamed and flailed. I’m so happy !!!

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Worst episode of S1, S2, S3 of GMW?

S1- Demolition (technically the first season, right? If not- Fish)


S3- Uhm, yikes. Girl Meets The Real World, if i have to choose one. 

I’m not one to keep up w graphics cards but damn if Nvidia’s gtx 10 series doesn’t look fucking awesome. Those lighting effects are killing me. -A

no one ever asked to feel bad. why do people have to suffer for no reason. what kind of shitty world is this. everything feels bigger and pointless rn. I’m dissociating hardcore probably. but it’s not fucking fair that good people feel bad. i hate it. i want every good person to be happy. i want to save everyone but im useless. i want to fall apart but i cant. how can i support others if im broken. i want to support and be supported. i want to take care of and be taken care of. i want everything to be okay but thats not how this world works is it? even if im happy other people wont be. how can one attain true happiness while they know people are suffering. my thuoghts are racing i cant think right i just want everyone safe and happy. please be okay. even if everyone cant be happy you can take solace in the nice things. 

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