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I have seen that when troll Kiri is speaking she doesn't have troll accent like your other trolls. Is there a reason for that?

AAAAH! You smart pie! ;D 
Yes, there is a reason why she doesn’t have troll accent and to know why, we need to take a look of her family tree! 

-Also she has spent most of her life talking and listening common language and her mother didn’t speak Zandali weary much. 

- She can  speak,write and read Zandali really well! But she doesn’t have that troll accent when she is speaking common. 

As you can see there is no big difference on her face. But it makes sense when we are looking at her family tree and we see that she have more than a half of troll blood. 


SO! Now you all know her little secret! She can’t hide that fact anymore from you guys! 

Damyl Merriman, a Druid of the Claw. He tends to roll around in flower beds a lot and also enjoys the company of birds (To eat? Who knows), and it certainly shows with the mess in his fur. The rose was a gift from a friend, though if questioned about it he’ll just say he forgot it was there (He didn’t). Some of the markings were painted on his fur, others are tattoos that carry into his human form… not that he’s in that form often.