American photographer John Stanmeyer won the World Press Photo of the Year award for 2013  with a moonlit shot of African migrants in Djibouti holding their cellphones to the sky, seeking a better reception signal.

Stanmeyer, of the VII photo agency, was working for National Geographic. The photo has a mysterious, eerie quality as the phones held by the men in the picture glow the same color as the moon. The signal from neighboring Somalia is cheaper, and they are hoping to send and receive messages from relatives abroad.

Djibouti, in the Horn of Africa, is a common stopping point for migrants attempting to reach Europe or the Middle East.

World Press Photo Award 2012: 3rd prize goes to Greenpeace photographer Paul Hilton.

It’s great news for Greenpeace too - this powerful picture of a shark being pulled onto a Taiwanese longliner, in the Central Pacific Ocean, was taken by Paul while he was on board our ship, the Esperanza in September 2011.

Paul is originally from the UK, immigrating with his family to Australia at an early age. Later in life he moved to Hong Kong where he became a successful photographer ‘stringer’ with EPA (European Press Agency). We first commissioned Paul to document Greenpeace Hong Kong activities. Later, because of his extraordinary skills both under and above water, he joined our long ship tours, such as those in the Pacific Ocean, to ‘save the tuna’ and ‘protect marine reserves’.

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World Press Photo Award 2013

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The Pink Choice

22 June 2012 

Da Nang, Vietnam 

Phan Thi Thuy Vy and Dang Thi Bich Bay, who have been together for one year, watch television to relax after studying at school. 

Vietnam has historically been unwelcoming to same-sex relationships. But its Communist government is considering recognizing same-sex marriage, a move that would make it the first Asian country to do so, despite past human rights issues and a long-standing stigma. In August 2012, the country’s first public gay pride parade took place in Hanoi.