World's Tallest Dog


Meet ‘Rocko’, the 167-pound Great Dane who stands 7 feet tall on his hind legs, eats 8 cups of food a night and is vying for the title of the world’s tallest living dog

  • Rocko is a two-year-old Great Dane who measures 40 inches from paw to shoulder.
  • Owners Nick Helms and Jessica Williams of Reno, Nevada got him when he was just 8 weeks old and he was already about the size of six-month-old Labrador.
  • 'People are crossing the road to avoid us, they’re grabbing their kids - like he’s going to eat them or something,’ says Jessica.
  • The 'gentle giant’ can open doors by himself, drinks water straight from the kitchen sink and enjoys jerky for a snack.
  • 'He’s a big softie, he’ll cry at the TV if another animal is getting hurt, I think he’s more emotionally connected than most dogs,’ Jessica reveals.