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@azureshadowmoon wrote a very good follow up to my comic (Khadgar and Peregrïn’s separation [1][2][3] ) and it’s so lovely and nicely written, it gave me a lot of feels, I loved it soooo much. It sounds very right and faithful to my story so I wanted to share it here~ !

Thank you again for writing this ! And for being okay with me sharing it here ! 💜

blizz: [shoehorning khadgar is every possible quest in legion, despite players getting tired of it or wanting other characters to get some spotlight] what do you mean “too much khadgar”? you can never have too much khadgar! he’s too important!
also blizz: [shoving khadgar in the basement the moment turalyon and alleria return, depriving players of the reunion they’ve waited years for] what the fuck is a khadgar