World of Warcraft


There’s seriously a dead unicorn in Azsuna named Charlie. Next to him is a treasure chest that contains the item [Enchanted Sunrunner Kidney]. Nearby were two hostile unicorn rares, one reddish, one bluish, that didn’t drop anything of note.

Nobody remembers old memes like Blizzard, and I kind of love it.


Warcraft (The Movie)- The Weapons of Warcraft

Transforming a concept that has existed as a low-poly video game into a HD cinema experience is no easy feat. World-class effects studio WETA, however, was up to the task: taking the popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft’s hyper-exaggerated and usually massive weapons and shaping them into items of war. Containing all of  the detail and style of Warcraft’s weapons, WETA still managed to create wicked blades and hammers that look like they could do real-world damaged… if you were big enough to wield them. 


Warcraft (Blizzard)- The Worlds of Legion

The popular MMORPG World of Warcraft’s sixth expansion, Legion, will take players to the depths of Fel Magic into a brand new world as they explore the fight of the Demon Hunters against the Burning Legion. Fel magic hides in all places beautiful and ugly, and the breathtaking vistas are waiting for players to explore their secrets.