World of Warcraft

Khadgar - Happy Holidays!
I wanted something sweet for my card design this year so … have a little Khadgar to put magic in your Holiday :D I loved Ben Schnetzer as young!khadgar. So this was a lot of fun to paint. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Oh, and hey! Still room in my ‘Holiday Card Exchange’ list, so sign up!

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The Frostwolf clan, named after their kinship with their frost wolves, was one of the original orc clans from the world of Draenor. They were one of the smaller clans, with only about eighty orcs. Their homeland was in Frostfire Ridge, though with the changing of the seasons they would move to Nagrand near the Mountain of Spirits, Oshu'gun. Every winter when the clefthoof herds would migrate, the clan would follow.  Unlike other clans they prided themselves on suppressing rage and avoided falling into bloodlust, for they knew that those that succumb to the beast within become their own greatest enemy. The last clan to accept the invitation of Gul'dan’s Horde, the Frostwolves (then led by Durotan, Son of Garad) had refused to partake in drinking The Blood of Mannoroth and later refused other fel influences.

Determined to break away from demonic influence and establish peace between themselves and humanity, the Frostwolves would be driven to the brink of extinction when The Horde turned upon them by order of Gul’dan. One of the few to survive this purge was the infant son of the Durotan and Draka, Go’el. In time Go’el would rally the clans of The Horde and restore their once honorable ways of life. 

Film adaptations of games

I think one of the biggest issues with film adaptations of video games is the fact that a lot of things in the story get left out for the sake of fitting it all into two hours. Stories in games tend to be much slower paced than movies because the player is experiencing everything the main character is going through at all times.

I think that a continuous series would work much better for a game adaptation. That way, various arcs and lore in the game aren’t left out, and are given as much time as they need to be developed.

There are some exceptions, though. I actually feel like the 2006 adaptation of Silent Hill is an alright adaptation. Unlike most video game adaptations, it feels like there was love and effort put into it and that the director actually gave a shit about the source material. I think the main problem with that movie is that it’s based off of the first Silent Hill game. It’s a good game, but I think my least favorite part about it was the story. I think that Silent Hill 2’s story would have made a much better movie.

In short, I think that games like Zelda or Warcraft would do better as a series, and games like Silent Hill would do better as a movie, if given the right director. Hollywood shouldn’t make an adaptation of a game unless they know it will fit into a two hour format and still be satisfying.

I think the main problem with film adaptations of games is the fact that people in Hollywood tend not to respect the source material of video games, and as a result, not put effort into it. It doesn’t matter how bad the movies turn out to them, because they know that fans of the games it’s based off of will pay to see it regardless. Video games have a lot of potential to tell great stories, and some games have really tapped into that, but it doesn’t seem like Hollywood understands that.