World in Time

Take a Breath Before We Change the World

The wonderful @panda-capuccino was reading my fic and decided to gift me with this beautiful piece of art inspired by it. It’s not from any scene that’s happened in the story (yet, perhaps!) but the feel is there. It’s just such a gorgeous piece. {Please do not repost or remove this caption. Credit goes to the artist alone.}

Hanging From a Cross of Iron [FF] or [AO3] has a female Tony Stark being thrown back in time to WWII where she finds her soulmates, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. But these two are already together, and have been for over a decade, so it creates… complications. And, holy hell, what does she do with the fact that she knows how they die? Stuck in the past, stuck in a world war, stuck with two soulmates who may or may not want her, Toni just doesn’t quite know what to do… but, well, she’s a Stark. She’ll figure it out, and she’ll do it with style.

Spirit times are the best times
  • ROMANA: Um...uh... uh, a bird flew into the window, Hallan.
  • LEELA: And took the chair away in its beak!
  • Okay two things, 1st) THIS IS SUCH A KINDERGARTEN EXCUSE WHAT /WHAT/, and 2nd) there MUST be a Gallifreyan law against being this adorable. Gallifrey has MOUNTAINS of laws, that MUST be one. Thank Rassilon they were off-world at the time or this would be a much shorter series.

happy birthday to our sweet namjoon!
thank you for being our galaxy 


happy birthday to our dearest jungkook!
thank you for being you 

I am almost 18 years old and I STILL love cartoons 

I like Adventure Time

I like Regular Show

I like Steven Universe

I like MLP

I like Rick and Morty 

I like Gumball 

I like Star Vs. the Forces Of Evil

I like Wander Over Yonder 

I like the original Teen Titans 

I like classic Spongebob episodes 

Some good old Simpsons episodes amused me 

I like the old Powerpuff Girls 

I like Over the Garden Wall 

And i ESPECIALLY love Gravity Falls <3

Like I said before, am I almost 18 and I still love cartoons 

My grandma still makes fun of me for liking cartoons but i don’t think there’s really an age to liking cartoons. 

Reblog if you’re old and a cartoon lover like me. :)