World Health Day


October 10 is World Mental Health Day, so let’s talk about how we can end the stigma surrounding mental health 🌱


Start a dialogue about your own experiences
💖 Mental Health is still stigmatized and that can make it difficult to talk about openly, but the more we talk, the more we help to normalize the discussion. But it’s not just about helping the world see Mental Health differently, but about your perception too; talking about your problems can help you work through them, and see them in a more realistic light, and it helps the people around you understand your needs.

Challenge incorrect information
💖 If you see someone spreading incorrect information about mental health, be brave and step in. Remind people that mental illnesses are disorders of the brain, and are usually due to chemical imbalances, in the same way that disorders of other organs might be due to a vitamin deficiency, or the body not being able to produce the right amount of hormones.

Ask others about their experiences
💖 Encourage others to talk about their own mental health issues, if they feel comfortable doing so.  


Provide a judgement-free environment
💖 Sometimes people just need to vent, rather than have a discussion, and as well-meaning as you might be you need to respect that. Ask if they’d like to discuss their issues or if they’d just like to vent and be given a sympathetic shoulder to lean on. Mental Illness can make us hyper sensitive to perceived criticism, and feel unable to open up. Create a judgement-free environment by giving them your full attention, and by allowing people to talk at their own pace, without interruption.

Ask what they need, don’t assume
💖 What we need and what someone else needs might be two different things, so ask and listen to what someone says when they talk about their needs. It might be tempting to think “they’re just being lazy” or “if I give them a push they’ll get there eventually”, but respecting their wishes is not just about whether or not they know best. Ask them if they need their boundaries pushed, or if today is a good day to try. There will be days where they are more open to pushing their boundaries. If you force them too early you may deter them from trying again, and it may hurt their trust in you.  


Check in
💖 Now’s a good time to check up on the people around you. Don’t just say hello, ask how they are feeling; specifically how they feel mental-health wise. It becomes a habit to say “I’m fine”, even when you’re not, and mental illness makes it harder to be forthcoming with how we feel. Give them the option to say “well, now that you mention it…” instead of the usual small talk.

Check up
💖 Have you been ignoring your own mental health needs? Procrastinating on getting proper professional help? Now’s a good time to make an appointment with your GP for a check up!

Check yourself
💖 Even the most open-minded of us need to keep our own privilege and bias in-check. If you hear someone talk about an issue or symptom they face that you think might be exaggerated, made-up, or their own fault, consider that your own bias, privilege, or lack of understanding may be clouding your judgement. Everyone’s experiences are different, so try to remember not to compare. Have a judgement-free discussion, give advice or offer alternatives, but in the end: trust THEIR judgement of THEIR situation.

World Mental Health Day

Here’s a list of things to do for world mental health day:

  • Take a bath
  • Read some poetry
  • Take a walk
  • Do some yoga
  • Draw a picture
  • Talk to a good friend (no negativity today!!!)
  • Watch some Bob Ross
  • Do some face masks
  • Meditate
  • Organize something (this always calms me down)
  • Compliment somebody
  • Do a puzzle
  • Eat three full meals! (Healthy!!!)
  • Drink lots of water
  • Write a letter or diary/journal entry
  • Do what makes you feel happy!

“So to anyone who was like, you know, ideal fanfiction scenario was for Dan and Phil to paint their nails: That’s actually a horror movie.” (X)

I just had to visualise this!

In all seriousness tho, thank you so much @danielhowell and @amazingphil for raising awareness for mental health issues, it’s such an important thing to do and needs to stop being a taboo topic! Also thank you Dan for talking about your depression, i feel like i understand that illness a lot better now.

Please don’t repost without permission, reblogging is fine of course ❤

So we all know today is world mental health day and I love that I’ve seen so many people posting about it and I don’t want to run on about how low I’ve been lately, instead I want to share something I found!

This book is called ‘Basic Witches’ and It’s got a section on banishment and how to avoid things that bring you down.

The different types of personal demons, we’ve all got demons inside our heads telling us we’re this telling us we’re that, some of us more than others but that’s ok.

Today I did a personal exorcism spell,

“when a personal demon is living in your brain, you need an exorcism. This spell will help you weaken and eventually evict your unwelcome mental guest.”

I’ve been dealing with a lot of personal demons lately and I’m not saying this spell is going to cure mental illnesses but it’s just a lovely calming thing for you to try if you’re feeling down about yourself.

What you’ll need:

• A piece of paper
• A black pen
• A red pen
• Matches
• A small, fireproof bowl
• Your favourite perfume

Take a piece of paper and write down using the black pen all the negative things your demon tells you about yourself, now take the red pen and draw your demon over your words.

Fold the paper and light it with a match, watch it burn and say:

“You hold no power
You are not welcome
I am not what you say I am.”

Mix the ashes with a few drops of your favourite perfume and use it to draw one X on your forehead and one on your chest and recite the incantation again, shower and wash away the demons/curses.

If you are struggling with your mental health, please speak to someone, get help! You don’t need to be alone, you have people that care and want to be there for you.

Brightest blessings pumpkins 💫🍁


I’ve been watching some of Jessica McCabe’s videos from her own YouTube channel (How to ADHD) and I like the way that she approaches the subject. She’s someone with ADHD who is speaking to others with it and if you have ADHD, think you have it, or have someone important in your life that has it, I highly recommend giving her videos a watch.

Today is World Mental Health Day.

Peeps, there’s a reason I talk about my bad days. There’s a reason I talk about my struggles with the Brain Raccoons. Because when I was younger, people didn’t talk about mental health. If they did, it was in pitying or scared whispers. And if your brain didn’t work like “normal people’s”, you didn’t talk about it for fear of … a lot of things. Discrimination was the mildest of those things to fear.

You know what? Fuck all that. No one’s brains work like anyone else’s. If yours isn’t working the way you think it should be, if you’re dealing with emotions or thoughts that make you feel like you’re struggling, there’s help out there. You don’t have to be stuck in that horrible, dark place.

Please, please don’t feel like you’re alone, and don’t give up hope.

🌻 a few small + big things

  • have a glass of water it has so much benefits just do it!
  • eat something god damn it esp if you haven’t eaten yet!
  • get up and walk around a lil bit, it’s a little bit of exercise but it’s healthy!
  • take your medication that shit is important!
  • take a few deep breaths, just bc! it’s hella relaxing!
  • sit your ass down and do/watch/read/eat/fucking whatever something that makes you happy and makes you feel good!
  • call someone!
  • take a shower or a bath or at least clean yourself in some way!
  • someone cares about you!
  • rest for a lil bit your body needs sleep whether or not you feel tired!
  • don’t forget to feed your pet!
  • you are valid!
  • and if you have a pet go play with them!
  • go do what you’ve been putting off, i know it’s so easy to just not but you’ll actually feel great afterwards!
  • brush your hair i don’t know about you but i find that super calming!
  • if you need to cry that’s okay!
  • water your plants!
  • you are enough!
  • go hug someone!
  • if you’re religious go pray or do something else involving your religion!
  • listen to some soft music, even if you don’t usually listen to it!
  • go outside, you don’t have to even do anything just walk around for a bit!
  • brush your teeth!
  • cut that person out of your life! you know who!
  • stretch esp if you’ve been in the same position for a while and I know you you probably have stop lying to yourself and stretch!
  • compliment someone!
  • you are important!
Christians facing Mental health problems

Your belief in Jesus has nothing to do with it.
It has nothing to do with a lack of faith.
It has nothing to do with how often you read your Bible.
It will not go away just because you read it more.
No matter how hard you pray if you have meds you should still take them and see your doctor.
Having depression does not mean you are ungreatful for what God has done for you.
You are not possessed by Satan or demons.
This is not because of your sins.
Going to church more will probably not stop it.

You deserve to see a doctor, you deserve treatment, you deserve to be given medication if you need it.