World Championships


Yuzu performing his free program at the 2017 World Championship

1rst place GOLD WINNER!

With a score of: 223.20 NEW RECORD!!!

Total score of 321.59

4Lo 4S 3F 4S3T 4T 3A2T 3A1Lo3S 3Lz


Yuzuru Hanyu at an interview after his FS:

“After the short programme, I was extremely disappointed. To the extent that I was almost unable to get back up to my feet. Despite that, the trust entrusted to me by my team and skating fans was everything that made my performance today.”

After the short programme, I too was really sad. Not because of the placing but more out of concern for Yuzuru.

Like how he would cry in his hotel room. Like how he would blame himself over and over again last year during WC – I simply couldn’t bear to visualise how painful he must have looked when all of us are not watching.

His face when his FS scores came out – the joy of the present and bitterness from the past – is simply heart-wrenching.

Just  a little reminder

Yuzuru Hanyu is:

- Junior world and GPF champion

-  2x Senior World champion, 2x world silver medalist and a world bronze medalist

-  Olympic champion  

- 4X consecutive GPF champion (the first man to do so), GPF silver medalist

- 4x National champion,

- 10x GP medalist

- 3x 4CC silver medalist

- in the Guinness book of world record ;-)

- the first skater in history to successfully land a Quad Loop (Ritberger) in  a competition

- asthmatic

- at the age of 22 already a living legend

Yuzuru Hanyu has broken  world records 10 times, he is the holder of the highest score in short program, long program and combined score, he is the first man to have broken the 100-point barrier in the short program, the 200-point  barrier in Long program and  the 300-point barrier in the combined total score.

Let’s see if the overhyped youngsters can come even close to these results LOL