My altar is starting to look complete

A petrified deer hoof, deer skull, obsidian mirror w/selfmade stand, jars (graveyard dirt, snail shells, feathers, juniper berries, a hag stone, my new drum, mojo bag, and a personalized circle of manifestation with the sigil to the master inside and three runes on the outside.


30.1.16 This is what’s in my desk drawers! The drawers are from ikea and the trays are cutlery trays from ikea. The top is my most used stationary, especially markers. They have to be stored horizontally. There was space below for larger things like my 50cm ruler, calculator, and my favourite sketchbook! My second drawer is all of my notebooks and sketchbooks in size order! Down from that are thing I use a lot for projects like my mouse and camera and paints. And the bottom drawer is paper I pick up and could use, stencils and my glue gun!