Like if you want to work/study in here!

Tbh, when I looked at her room and then looked back at my room, ugh “I think I need to clean my room.”

I mean am I the only one?

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Like if you want to study/work in here!

Her workspace always kill me ;0;

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Bujo things 🌞🌾 I have been busy at work but I have also managed to get a lot of personal admin done ✔️ I have made steps toward joining a running club and I have tidied my whole house 🙌🏼 But after getting mugged a few weeks ago I am still dealing with the admin of replacing the contents in my bag which seems like it’s never ending 😓

Like if you want to study/work in here!


This is your year! Try hard, stay strong, stay positive, stay calm!

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Some photos of my lovely room at university. I don’t work at the desk here that much because really only the side of the room with the bed gets enough natural light. I still love it here, it’s very peaceful and today I’m going to try working at my desk!