Washington On Your Side
  • Washington On Your Side
  • Workshop Cast
  • Hamilton Presentation - May 2014

Alright, so I just recently listened to this and holy shit, I cannot believe that this was not posted anywhere else??? God this is a work of art and here’s why:

  • “This bitch is askin’ for someone to bring him to task, Somebody gimme some dirt on this asshole so we can at last unmask him”  Damn TJeffs!!!! I just love how angry this dude gets!!!!
  • “He likes taxes so much, can we enact an asshole tax?” Okay, straight up, JMads whole verse is incredible. He starts of talking about how A.Ham and him started off as colleagues and worked together for the same issues, however, after working with him for a while, he realizes that A.Ham is wildly dangerous and seems to get his way most of the time, hence the title of the song. This is why I low-key always thought that JMads hates A.Ham slightly more than TJeffs.
  • “Let’s lower his stack in the eyes of the nation. With misinformation, first we diminish him, then we finish him!”  Honestly, one of the great parts of the song. The rumors they spread! WHAT A DAMN MESS!!!!!
  • “I HEAR HE’S GEORGE WASHINGTON’S ILLEGITIMATE SON!” My damn senior quote!!!!!!!!! I literally shouted the first time I heard this, OMG!!! HOW WAS THIS NOT PART OF THE PLAY HOLY SHIT
  • “He wants to abolish slavery.” “That one’s actually true.”  “NO”
  • I especially love how it is mostly a TJeffs and JMads song. Like no one else is it, but our favorite Southern Mother-Fucking Democratic-Republicans!  This such a great song and I seriously think this is one of the greatest songs ever produced in the entire musical.
Your Obedient Servant
  • Your Obedient Servant
  • Workshop Cast
  • Hamilton Presentation - May 2014

OKAY I just listened to the workshop version and HOLY SHIT OKAY CAN WE JUST DISCUSS THIS A LITTLE BIT:

  • The amount of words in this version of this song like HOLY SHIT
  • “ Obviously such an accusation must be met with either an immediate acknowledgement or disavowal. Now! Are you capable of such a thing?” SHIT BURR GET REKT HAMILTON
  • ‘"Dangerous with the reigns of government", wow, Surely I said something less banal, Be realistic now” wow hamilton very humble 
  • “Or prepare to bleed, young man” “YOU KNOW WHAT? I DONT LIKE YOUR TONE!”
  • “Sorry if your life is difficult without your wife” ALEXANDER ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS THAT IS A LOW BLOW
  • His “YOURE ON!” is so much quicker than in the OBC album likE HAMMY PLS

[Full lyrics here]


No Filter: A Mexican Juvenile Prison Seen Through The Lens Of Its Young Inhabitants

Alonso Castillo is a Mexican freelance photographer. In 2013, Castillo and a writer led a photography workshop in Instituto de Tratamiento y de Aplicación de Medidas para Adolescentes (ITAMA), a prison for juvenile in the city of Hermosillo, Sonora in northwestern México.

ITAMA houses approximately 450 boys and men. All the prisoners were convicted as juveniles but currently 70% of the prisoners are adults as they’ve turned 18 during their incarceration.

10 boys aged between 15 and 21 took part in the workshop. Castillo and his colleague made only technical recommendations in order for the boys to take advantage of available light and framing.

“The boys decided how to work and what to photograph,” says Castillo.

At the end of the summer workshop, they mounted an exhibit Desde Adentro within the prison.

I interviewed Castillo about the experience and the function of these photographs. Read: No Filter: A Mexican Juvenile Prison Seen Through The Lens Of Its Young Inhabitants


Yesterday was my first time animating live for a school in the Philippines. I animated Puss in Boots, since this is a character I have spent almost a year working with at Dreamworks Animation (both feature and TV).

I decided to animate a take for them. I showed them how I figure out the acting, my thumbnails, first pass, breakdowns, tie downs and then in betweening. I could only finish the first part for them - and tying down the rest on my own time. It was challenging to talk about every step of my process, what I’m thinking about - and hopefully some useful notes I gave for further animation. I decided to summarize every important note I gave during that lecture. I’ll let you guys know if I could get a public version of that footage sometime.

Action Adventure Cinematic Storyboard Online Workshop is now available in the AUDIT VERSION! 

This online workshop audit version provides 8 lecture videos (over 18 hrs 30 min) that I share basic principles and fundamentals of cinematic storyboarding and demonstrate how to apply them into an actual storyboard execution. From story beat breakdown to composition to laying out camera lenses to character acting and more, from basic technical skills to the creative process, I share the important key knowledge of cinematic storyboarding. And I demonstrate to you, step-by-step, how I storyboard.

This workshop is for those of you who are pursuing a storyboard career in the animation industry. Those who want to strengthen basic storyboarding techniques. Those who are art students. Those who want to work in action-adventure shows. Especially those who live far away from the Hollywood animation industry and have struggled to find an opportunity to learn.

Sign up now! and unlock one more additional FREE lecture of ‘Perspective and Techniques’ instructed by William Niu (BG Designer from The Legend of Korra & Voltron : Legendary Defender) 

Let’s make some action-adventure storyboards!

Action Adventure Cinematic Storyboard Workshop Page

I have been planning this photoset from the moment I saw this illustration on the internet. I was really lucky and found this huge and beautiful workshop (with not so bad lighting too!).

I will never thank mptery enough for all the help she gave me. She asked her father to use the place and then took all the photos for me (I just photoshopped them).

I am quite happy with the result, I must say. I simply love how Asami’s makeup and wig look on me, I feel so comfortable and sexy in this outfit. Plus, this set gave me the chance to learn a lot of photoshop tricks I didn’t know.

I still have a long way to go as a model and cosplayer, but I am optimistic because the more I cosplay, the more I see myself growing.

(the hacksaw is in that position on purpose xD)

- September 2015

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