17.1 is officially in the books. I unfortunately did not finish. Out of the 225 reps for the WOD, I capped off at 212 at the 20min mark. Which means I was 13 short of finishing. And let me tell you, IT. WAS. TERRIBLE!!!!! Lol. I did the Rx weight which is the 50lb dumbbell snatch. That part was easy to me. It was the Burpee box jump overs that got me.

Most of you guys don’t know this, but I have really bad chronic asthma. (Seriously I’ve gone to a specialist my entire life). During the WOD, I had to use my inhaler twice to avoid completely passing out. One for after the 3rd set of burpee box jumps overs and another for after the 4th set. By the end I basically felt like I was breathing in glass shards and literally could not breathe. My lungs were so inflamed lol. For the last 50 reps of dumbbell snatches, a good 20 of them were done with my eyes closed because it was the only way I could focus. Anyways I’m still proud of myself for what I’ve done today. I hope everyone else did well too. If anyone else would like to discuss how they did. I would love to hear from you guys.

Btw, that’s my box owner judging me and his wife took that photo. Thank god she didn’t take one of me literally dying afterwards lol.

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One of the workouts I’ve been doing for my midsection. Try it out!


Donut pump 🍩(real donuts not included lol) ~ Jessica McKenzie


Top: before workout 

Bottom 2: after workout

I can barely type and I LOVE IT

Currently rocking out to Meghan Trainor because she’s been hyping me up a lot lately

Gonna try and watch a movie or two and talk to this guy I think I have a date with on Sunday 

We go to the same gym – wouldn’t it be cute if we met there

It would but we met on Tinder which is just as cute because he’s cute 

“But Bren, didn’t you say you were gonna stop dating!?”

Yeah but he’s cute and it has been like two weeks and he hasn’t asked me for nudes so he’s a good guy and worth giving a chance

Also he’s looked at my Tumblr before/ has my url, so if you’re reading this:

Hey there cutie!

Okay I’m done rambling now

Love you guys have a kickass *insert time of day where you are* <3

Transcript: (Hey there, everyone! I mentioned a few days ago that on my next leg day workout, I would like to challenge myself to leg press the amount of weight I’ve lost, which is 170 lbs. The reason I wanted to do this is because, with every step in my day to day life, I used to carry 170 lbs on my body. You can imagine how difficult and taxing that would be over the course of a day. And, I’m here to report to you that it was actually surprisingly easy. Not in a smug, “Meh, that was so simple!” But, I was genuinely surprised that I was able to lift more than I thought I could. I’m not repping at that much; I’ve been repping at 130. What I really do think is this means I can do more on my leg days from now on, and maybe it won’t be too taxing. At least not as taxing on my body now as it was back then. Anyway, that’s what I came to tell you here today. Have a great day, have a great weekend. Just have fun, guys! Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re doing great. I promise you. Bye!)

My voice gets so high and squeaky when I’m nervous. Ahh! 

I had a video of the leg press, but the piece of crap video editor I was using online wanted $30 for me just to paste another 4 seconds onto my video length. By this point I just kind of needed to get on with my day! Sorry!

Also, just so it’s clear. I’m a novice at weight lifting. I know that leg pressing like crazy is totally doable, but a few months ago this probably would have been murder for me!

Anyway, these are more or less my thoughts.

  • I can lift more than I thought, even though I’ve yet to do sets this high.
  • It was empowering to learn that what used to cause me daily aggravating pain and turmoil is almost no challenge at all for the body I’ve been creating all these years.
  • Rather, it filled me with strength and energy.
  • I will only become stronger than this.