Tfw Bill clinton tried to save the democrats but everyone in the room ignored him.

The Smart People in the room believed going after trumps temperament and appealing to suburban voters easily incensed by his bigotry would suffice.

They all collectively then ignored appeals by Bill and physically avoided traditional places of working class and grass roots power like unions and campuses, believing it to be loyal no matter what. Clinton didn’t even visit the “blue wall” state of Wisconsin. It flipped republican for the first time since 1984 on tuesday.

This is the next most tragic thing to come of this election.

And again, another show of the tremendous arrogance of the left that sank them.

It’s as I’ve been saying. The left lost the narrative and didn’t realize it until it was too late

Practically every form of popular music you can name - from the blues and rock and roll to hiphop and dubstep - was the music of black struggle in working-class communities, before it was stripped of social content for the mass market and commodified by wealthy, white record executives.

Apart from EDM, that was apparently the result of a laboratory accident.


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“How would we stop Leitch in Canada? I’m terrified at the American…”

One important way to guard against the spread of hate is to support access and funding of public education at all levels. Even in Canada, illiteracy rates among older people are still quite high, which makes them more vulnerable to agreeing with whatever politicians tell them


college-educated white people voted for trump. non-college educated poc did not. the rise of fasicsm is about white supremacy and authoritarianism finding a renewed audience because of economic stagnancy and decline. it’s not about education, and painting trump supporters/fascists as “uneducated” isn’t just wrong it’s elitist and classist. liberals were saying this nonsense all election and it didn’t do a damn thing and won’t.

the only way to beat back the rise of fasicsm is organizing new forms of intersection working-class solidarity and power. if our strategy becomes “the right is ignorant and we need more education” we are all doomed.


#ThePeopleUnitedWillNeverBeDefeated: In an attempt to disband and bust the unionized workers of Brod Kitchen in midtown Manhattan, the owners suddenly announced that they would shut down the unionized restaurant permanently. This highly politicized move was made the day before Union negotiations for the worker’s second contract began. The Hot & Crusty Workers Association (HCWA) represents primarily immigrant and African American workers, and the owners’ actions can only be interpreted as being racist, classist and heartless. Many workers are out of a job within 30 days. 


#VerizonStrike #StandUpToVerizon: Thousands of Verizon workers have gone on strike after failing to reach a new labor agreement with the CWA Union. The union members argue that Verizon has outsourced thousands of jobs and continue to cut costs, while executives reward themselves with big bonuses and payouts. Strikes are happening all over the City of New York – these photos were taken in Financial District outside 100 Wall Street. 


#StandUpToVerizon #VerizonStrike: Thousands of Verizon workers on strike marched on Wall Street and demanded better pay and fair labor practices. Executives have continued to cut costs and ship jobs overseas, which has hurt working families and destroyed middle class jobs. More than 400 protests were held nationwide, at Verizon Wireless stores and other locations in dozens of cities. This is the third continuous week of the Verizon strike. 


Working class power