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what's your opinion on aliens, josh? 馃懡

I’m gonna hack the universe if it’s the last thing I do, and they’ve got the technology to do it… (insp.)

Plague Doctor Felli had alot of fun with this XDhope you like him!wanna know a bit of backstory behind this? i stems from a dream i had~

you can find it here

at work today there was a woman paying for a coffee with a man at her side and he tried to get a couple sandwiches with it and she looked at me, said “just the coffee please” and then said to him “i’m not your mother. i’m barely even your friend” and i was like BITCH YES

This is Matisse

In the history of twentieth century modernism, Henri Matisse is a calm and unstoppable revolution of creative genius.

Trained originally in the French classical manner, he was inspired by the Impressionists and Cézanne to create in a style that brought out the beauty of colour, form and line by reducing them to their essentials. While considered a leader of the Fauves and an inspiration to most of the great figures in modern art, he wasn’t particularly interested in being associated with any particular school or trend. A family man who worked ‘office hours’ in his studio he defies the image of the artist as enfant terrible or tortured soul.

In a career spanning six decades, he produced masterpiece after masterpiece that constantly challenge how we perceive color and form.

This title is appropriate for ages 14 and up

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Fat Soul Music

An ode to really, really big women and fat men in 11 tracks.

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october 18th, 2016.