Finally got it glued together! I’m going to wait till tomorrow to put grout on as it’s getting rather late here, but so far so good! Unfortunately I forgot to account for the width of the styrofoam when I cut the top, so it looks a little funky. Oh well, I’m sure apep won’t care. @wheremyscalesslither, I’m tagging you in case you’re curious as to how this is going. (Also if you’re interested in cool snake things you should check out her snake resources page, that’s where I got the idea to make this!)

Get yourself a spicy man
Get yourself a man who’s cute when he’s sad
Get yourself a man who needs attention and love
Get yourself a man who loves animals
Get yourself a man who has big puffy jackets
Get yourself a man who has problems but has the potential to be quite possibly the best man you could ever lay eyes on

Get yourself a Shane.
(But not mine go get another the bean is mine)

Suddenly I remember why I enjoy being the sober hermit and why work friends are just work friends. Bars are gross, and people are loud and have terrible taste in music. Virgin drinks are sad and tasteless. I need a sober bar with beautiful books, open all night, that serves tea, coffee, and smoothies. And is full of the gays. All the gays. Does any know the punchline to two bisexuals were alone in a bar? Cause I could’ve totally used it tonight.

It wasn’t completely awful, but I am so so so glad I am home now, bet you @bloody-bee-tea is too. My one good work friend made the evening bearable, but man @marvelingjules did we miss you tonight. I have a feeling you’d make even me feel comfortable in a bar.

My first taste of the night life and I could use a mint. Or seven. However I did manage to walk away with a few good jokes, seeing a couple of the local bats out for bug buffet and some story lines that I’ll have fun messing with.

So all and all never again. Goodnight my lovely followers many sweet dreams.


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The battle that won my heart. Thank you Team Chrom and Team Ephraim for that amazing Round 2!!

Harry Styles’ parents have instilled the best qualities in him. He is such a hard worker, never complains, and always gets the job done. He takes challenges head on (competing in x factor, acting, doing a solo album). And he does it all without stepping on anyone on the way up. He’s always kind and gracious, and I know this because everyone he has worked with has spoken on that fact. I am so proud to be his fan. So, so proud. 


quicker than lightning, whiter than bone
if you can erase it then I can atone
oh these days, oh these days get heavy
I get older and life fades but you remain

so now that Iron Fist is out, I just realized how closely the Defenders shows’ release order parallels phase 1 of the MCU:

1. Iron Man/Daredevil S1
Features a hero in a bright red suit, received with enormous immediate success

2. The Incredible Hulk/Jessica Jones S1
Hero whose normal appearance really hides the power they possess. Just wants to be left alone tbh. No costume or armour, they’re just themselves.

3. Iron Man 2/Daredevil S2
Bright red suit hero man is back again, to less critical acclaim, but still pretty good.

4. Thor/Luke Cage S1
Hero whose normal appearance clearly shows the enormous physical power he possesses. Serious brother issues because of paternal favouritism.

5. Captain America/Iron Fist S1
Young guy from New York gets in a plane crash in the snow, presumed dead, returns many years later to everyone’s amazement. Training primarily focused on defeating ancient evil cult (since that’s technically what Hydra was originally, inhuman-wise, in the MCU).

6. Avengers/Defenders
Big song and dance number brings our unlikely team of misfits together in New York where they align under a group name that describes what they do for the innocent/general public.

rewatched part of sdc today with a friend and doodled some highschool boys

amami’s real talent is actually the shsl tearista