McDonald’s facts
  • The special sauce used in Big Macs still remains a secret even to this day. While dataminers have found a number of data involving the ingredients, the optimization algorithm remains unknown.
  • McNuggets were once thought to be procedurally generated via metaball physics but this has been disproven since. What we do know about McNuggets is that a normal texture is applied to the surface to give the illusion of bumps, when in fact the model is made up of very few polygons to reduce costs.
  • All items in the drive thru are not rendered until they are actually taken out of the bag. Physics do apply to them however, so watch out
  • The reason why hamburgers, etc look “better” in promotional content is because the low detail models and textures are used in the restaurant instead. If they did use their high detail models at all times, McDonald’s would have to start dedicating more costs to their worker processes.
  • “All day breakfast” was not possible for a long time due to a glitch where any breakfast data would get corrupted when served at an irregular time. This was fixed in an update that took advantage of faster GPU clock speeds. There have been a few successful attempts to get corrupted breakfasts since, with hash browns producing the most interesting results.
  • The McFlurry machine was intended to be released in an update years down the road, but it was rushed due to time constraints and now we have the infamous buggy and unoptimized mess.
  • I would like to give a fact on the new “Grand Mac” but even the bun’s data is encrypted so it’s currently impossible to even view any of it. 

Enjoy a 360º view from the 78th floor with Watson.  

But you don’t need to take the stairs. KONE and Watson are working together to fix elevator breakdowns, before they even happen. For 300 million office workers a day, that means a smoother ride, with fewer unplanned ‘stops’ along the way.

See how they do it -> 


So I’m watching this voice acting documentary on Netflix, “I Know That Voice,” and it’s really good anyway and y'all should watch it.

But they have Kevin Conroy on and they’re into a section about being recognized out in public and Conroy tells this story.

He lives in NYC apparently, and after the 9/11 attacks he helped out making meals for people (in a soup kitchen type thing, I’m gathering).

So one day one guy comes up to him and says, “You know I’m a construction worker in my day job.  What do you do?”

And Conroy tells him that he does voice acting.

And the guy gets all excited, like, “I knew it!  You're that Kevin Conroy, you’re Batman!”

And the guy went out into the dining area and just announced to all of the people there, “You know who’s been cooking your dinner?  Batman.”

The room went completely quiet and eventually some guy at the far end of the room called out, “Bullshit!  Make him prove it!”

So Kevin fucking Conroy just stood in the fucking kitchen and did the, “I am vengeance.  I am the night!  I am Batman!” line.

And the guy was like, “Holy shit it IS Batman!” and everyone cheered.

And the guy who originally approached Conroy came back to him to tell him, “How does it feel to be Santa Claus?  'Cause that’s what you just did.”

And that’s one of the best Batman stories I’ve ever heard.

The reason why people think anarchists only want to break shit and hurt people is because all anarchist movements outside of insurrectionary tactics have been sterilized of mentions of anarchism, or are completely ignored. Some of these include:

  • Anarchists had a huge part in the labor movement and continue to fight for workers rights to this day. 
  • Anarchists have been heavily involved in anti-war movements. 
  • Anarchists have been heavily involved in movements against racism. 
  • Anarchists have been heavily involved in the fight for the liberation of women and LGBT people. 
  • Anarchists do a fuckload of community service in associations like Food Not Bombs, where we use perfectly good produce and other food that would otherwise be wasted by supermarkets to make meals and feed the community for free. 
  • Anarchists put on music and film festivals.
  • Anarchists run animal shelters and take part in animal liberation movements.
  • Anarchists run healthcare, daycare, and other workers collectives. 
  • Anarchists have legal support and fundraising organizations which reach out to people who have been incarcerated by the state, providing means of contact and for people to write letters to prisoners. 

But y’all don’t hear about that, because maybe people would actually agree with us if they knew what we were actually about.

Funny how that is. 

I’ve seen a couple posts talking about how Trump just declared May 1st (known around the world as International Worker’s Day, or May Day) “Loyalty Day”, and how that is super dystopian, but just remember - every single U.S. President since 1958 has declared May 1st “Loyalty Day” in the United States.  This isn’t a new thing. That’s how scared the empire is of workers self-organizing and grassroots movements based on mutual aid.

Int the “company towns” of old days, workers bought the tools and goods they needed on credit, then were trapped indefinitely working to pay off their debts. Today this story outrages people-but what if the same scam were perpetrated by a class rather than a single corporation? Student loans ensnare young workers more effectively than any general store could have. Likewise, the only difference between debt and old fashioned indentured servitude is that now the servitude is owed to the economy in general rather than a particular individual or institution.

If we look at debt as a form of obligation, it  starts to sound suspiciously familiar. Some are born with little, and can only get what they need on the condition that they pledge themselves to service; others start out with plenty and are so generous as to loan some of it out to the needy in return for this pledge. This is simply a new incarnation of the duty the poor have owed the rich since feudal times, updated to appear voluntary.

—  Crimethinc, Work