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My Japan Tour! I will work hard to prepare fun and fascinating concerts, and I will also make them forget that time has passed! Let’s go!! 🍬 #japantour #Yesung

Ma Tournée Japonaise! Je vais travailler du pour préparer des concerts drôles et fascinants, et je vais aussi leur faire oublier que le temps est passé! C’est parti!! 🍬 #japantour #Yesung


Between war & murder.

Because Tumblr’s a shitter, here’s the full. res if you want to see it : x

breaking dog blog news


My favorite thing is when I know there will be an issue printing something so I specifically ask the printing facility to confirm, but then they reassure me and the sales staff and say it will be fine… Only to turn around and tell us there is an issue (the exact one I asked about a week ago!!) once the damn thing is in production. YEAH, NO SHIT.

And it’s for a major, big-ticket customer, of  course… And a rush.


Authoring a dvd at work for our conference. I recalled having difficulty with the dvd quality last year. When I went to set transcode settings, I found this preset I evidently saved a year ago.

hello everyone! i’m one of the new mods on magicusersresource.
my name is alex. i’m 14 and i’m a secular, eclectic witch. my favorite aspect of witchcraft is divination, especially by tarot and lenormand! as well as making my own spells for any purpose, but of course i try to stay educated and try other kinds of magic too. (if you’re actually interested in getting to know me, my main blog is @dead-yarrow)
i’m excited to start helping out by answering questions and making helpful lists of links to resources. thanks for reading!

- alex

So this is a repost from @megamanfour‘s post, I just didn’t want to take over his post with this, if you want this taken down or something then it’s cool

Now I’d like to start off with how absolutely happy I am that Scathach is finally getting a figure made, and it is absolutely beautiful, but man, I am unhappy about this pose.

It’s pretty obvious that it is an exact copy of this pose, which, in the drawing is really good! The set viewing angle and colour composition makes this a wonderful picture. Your eyes are drawn from her thighs to her stomach then to her face. It doesn’t work to sexualise her and you still get the feeling of mystery that Scathach carries.

It is using the same pose for the statue with a few, in my opinion, distasteful additions, that I have a gripe with. 

1. The desaturated colours. This is probably the biggest one. Now I’m not sure if it’s the bright lighting, but even the darkest parts of the darker patches of her outfit isn’t as dark as the light part of her clothes in that picture.

The effect of this? It makes it her outfit look more like skin.
I’m hoping this will be changed in a future revision because that would dramatically improve how the colours on this model would look with more contrast = more visually interesting. The colours would pop a lot more, Gae Bolg will be highlighted due to everything else being dark (which is a huge deal)

Having red cut through these dark colours makes Scathach look really good. That’s why the red eyes fit her so well.

But at this rate, it wouldn’t surprise me if sexualising her is what they are going for.

2. The nipples (lol), self explanitory. Further sexualises her. I’m not saying nipples are evil, but like.. really? They’re trying to get away with a model that mas as well be naked with the excuse that ‘she has clothes on’

3. And finally, the pose itself, and for this I have a visual aid

Literally every vector in this pose points towards her breasts, for which they have made the changes I mentioned beforehand.

Now this is far from a bad pose from a pure animation/art standpoint, it has one of the most incredible silhouettes and the pose itself is dynamic and has some great movement. But with such an incredible pose, they should have capitalised on that instead of subtracting value from everything else to make her breasts stand out.

My problem with this is that with the additions, it is pushed out of character. Sexuality isn’t part of Scathach’s character. She’s a woman who is so powerful her lance slew Gods and she couldn’t be counted as a human.

One of her lines in her introduction event goes like this

Either way, this partial spirit is still a divine spirit!
Fufuhahahaha! It’s been a long time since I’ve killed a god!
Now this is something that gets my blood boiling!
Prepare to die, Artemis!

If I had to pick a line that described her, that would be it.
She’s fiery and fierce, and not one section in F/GO delves into her sexuality. Yet why do they focus so much on it here?

Still though, I’m tempted beyond belief to buy this :’D


So we had to take new photos for our badges at work yesterday. Only apparently we had to wear a collared shirt and no one told me so I showed up in t-shirt as that’s what we usually wear here.

No biggie. I just wore a collared shirt today. But as that was the only dress code requirement aaaand it was my department in charge of taking the photos, I brought a few “extras”. Here’s a few of the best shots. We’re gonna try and get at least one of these through HR. Hehehe.

My personal favorite:
Almost time for today's Sherlockiversary Party watchalong!
BBC Sherlock is 6 years old, and you're invited to celebrate with us.

We’re watching A Study in Pink on Monday, July 25 at 9:00 pm UK time / 4:00 pm US Eastern time (convert to your date & time).

Be sure to arrive early in The Giant Chat of Sumatra and have your copy of the episode ready to go.

When this countdown hits 0:00, we’ll all press play and watch the episode exactly 6 years after it was originally aired! (If you arrive late, the counter will be going up instead of down. Just fast-forward your episode to match it.)

For more info on upcoming Sherlockiversary Party Series 1 watchalongs, go here.

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