We have to refrain from being just as unwise as the media, their frivolous reporting of Woolwich has caused fear in the UK, now if we as Muslims begin to report causes of abuse on hearsay, left, right and center - then we’re playing the same game. 

Alhamdulillah the wider public in the UK are not affected by the media, they just need the Muslim community to be proactive and clear their misconceptions - through work, by being good neighbors who actively speak about such issues, at University and through campaigns. 

Stay safe, be protected - but be balanced, it’s not as bad as people paint - fear is a mechanism to control others, be better than this. And Allah (swt) knows best. 

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I’m confused. So these guys beheaded some people on the street. Then they just hung around to chat with those in the area? This person just pulled out their camera and started recording him whilst standing THIS close to a guy who has a machete in hand? You see another woman walking by casually lugging a cart behind her. Am I missing something? Shouldn’t people be running!? 


I went to Woolwich today for the first time since a soldier was hacked to death there by two terrorists in the name of Allah. it’s not far from me, only over a few hills but still a world away. a lot of police about, expecting fascists, anti-fascists and other racial tension, but it was quiet and there was a bouncy castle in the town square.

the sea of flowers and hundreds of personal notes, especially from children are overwhelming. the little boy who left his toy soldier touched me the most.


Sigh. Today I feel it’s a field day for Islamaphobes who will once again judge Islam by the actions of a few sick individuals. I recently took part in a meeting with a few key figures of the police and we discussed the counter terrorism strategy, one thing we discussed was, the background of vulnerable young individuals is the main cause of their actions. Their educational background, or lack of, their family situation, financial situation, as well the political state, rather than their religious nature. It’s just a means and used as an excuse. Removing Islam or attacking it doesn’t solve anything, the main issue is what lead them to it?

Did they disengage with mainstream scholars? Did they have a vision in life?

The final point being, issues do exist, but the correct understanding of Islam is the solution, as well as a deep look into the role politics play in the disengagement of such individuals with wider society.

I hope the world will become a better place for us all, inshaAllah.

Man Killed In Horrible London Machete Attack, Racist Brits Would Like To Kill A Few Billion More

What do you do when a man is killed in the streets where you live? According to some wonderful humans, you call for the mass slaughter of all those who practice the same religion that the killers may practice!

There was a horrific attack today in Woolwich in southeast London. Two men attacked another man, who is believed to be a soldier, and then beheaded him with a machete. Literally, what the fuck.

It is being called a terrorist attack and it is said that they are Islamic extremists because someone told some guy who told his brother’s uncle who works for the BBC that they heard them shout “Allahu Akbar.” Well, ok. If you insist. Saying these things certainly won’t fan the flames in jolly old England…

Now, if you can take your attention away from the very alarming #BeliebersWantToBeYourSmileJustin hashtag trend, you will see “Allahu Akbar,” “EDL,” “Muslims,” etc. trending. Shit. This can’t be good…

Ah, the English Defense League! I knew they’d show up here. They’d like you all to take to the streets (and take to the streets to look for whom I wonder?). But I mean, who listens to those crazy EDL folks anyway?

Make a stand? Make a stand against WHO?

Hint: They would like you all to take to the streets and attack random people who you think are Muslim.

Hint #2: If you don’t know who is a Muslim, they would like you to assume it’s anyone with skin darker than your own.

Now, usually, I do a good job of picking out the majority of the absolute worst crap I find. But there was just SO MUCH, I had to be a little more picky this time…

I would like to pause for a second here and note that there seems to be a strong hatred for people from Pakistan, whom they call “pakis.” I can’t tell if they are just making the assumption this man is from Pakistan or they seem to think “paki” is a religion or if they think “paki” automatically equals “Muslim” or…wait….WHY AM I EVEN TRYING TO MAKE SENSE OF THEIR LOGIC.

These are some pretty terrible tweets, but if you want to see the REALLY HORRIBLE shit, you’re not going to find it on Twitter. Nope. Because you see, these heroic race crusaders who want to take to the streets and fuck shit up…were frightened of the blowback they were receiving from their racists words and deleted their tweets. But, sadly for them, you can’t run from something once it’s been posted on the internet…

No mass genocide of an entire population because of the actions of few men? WHAT’S WRONG WITH US!

“See I’m not racist! I just want to kick out the terrorists! How do we tell who is a terrorist? Why, that’s easy! We just kick out anyone who doesn’t look like me!”

And, hands down, my absolute favorite tweet of the bunch:


TUMBLR SIGNAL BOOST NEEDED - London murder leads to anxiety about reaction of fringe groups

Today London has been rocked by the horrific murder of a man believed to be a soldier in a “Help For Heroes” t-shirt (an organisation which helps UK soldiers upon their return from war). He was brutally murdered by individuals claiming to be on a jihad. The whole of the UK has been rocked by these actions and extends its deepest sympathies to the family of the innocent man.

A far-right vigilante group Called the English Defence league is trying to stir up tensions in South East London. The EDL operate on easy victimisation of “non-British-natives” by inciting racial and religious hatred. for more please check out this page EDL WIKIPEDIA PAGE

The latest news reports are saying the the London Metropolitan Police are containing groups of EDL supporters who are trying to start a riot like the ones seen 2 years ago. 

If you have muslim or black friends and neighbours in SE London please call them to check they are OK, but don’t go out into the streets.

Beware of Facebook groups that say they want to remember the fallen soldier, as many have been set up by EDL sympathisers as a way of getting more people to ‘legitimise’ their actions. Always check the affiliations and likes of the group before you join it.

Don’t let London succumb to further mindless violence.

The murderers claimed to be acting in the name of Islam, but the majority of muslims in the UK are peaceful and valuable members of society who have been as shocked by this brutal murder as everyone else in the UK, and they should be protected from those who wish to harm them because of ignorance towards their faith, and who they are as human beings.

The murders were black, but they had british accents which implies that they have spent most, if not all, of their upbringing in the UK. Members of  communities from Afro-carribean descent and those who have immigrated to the UK do not deserve to attacked by groups who form their opinions on racist grounds and ignore the fact that British society had a part to play in the nurturing of the murderers’ perspectives for the worse.

The murders stayed at the crime scene and asked for eye witnesses to take photos, and to film them and put it on the internet. They waited for the police to arrive before approaching them aggressively until the police non-fatally shot them to disarm them. They are currently receiving treatment in hospital where they will be held under armed guard until they are ready to be questioned.  These men do not deserve to become martyrs for their actions. They will be brought to justice by the proper means, and vigilantes persecuting muslim and black british citizens will not help anyone.

Please look out for your community members, regardless of their race and religion. That is something that Tumblr users know how to do best!

Stay safe, London.

link to BBC article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-22630303, BBC Live updates page

Metropolitan Police Emergency Number: 999

Metropolitan Police Non-Emergency Number: 101

Moronic English Fascists Marched on Parliament in London

Since Lee Rigby’s murder in Woolwich last Wednesday, there has been a surge in Islamophobia in the UK. The English Defence League—long-time opponents of Islam, given that they’re basically Nazis—have attempted to capitalize on this by organizing a series of marches and demonstrations across the country. No matter that the bastards who butchered the soldier while screaming “Allahu Akbar!” (God is great) have been unanimously condemned by all sane Muslim groups and leaders—moronic people have still been posting grammatically awful status updates on Facebook, ten mosques have been attacked, and the number of anti-Muslim incidents has spiked since Rigby’s horrifying murder.

Before the events of last Wednesday, England’s street bigot patrols had been having a torrid time of it. They were used to having their asses handed to them wherever they went, which in turn led to infighting and disunity. Fortunately for the English Defence League (EDL) and unfortunately for anyone with a scintilla of decency or intelligence, a man’s tragic death at the hands of fanatics proved just the shot in the arm they needed to put their petty differences behind them and morph back into a cohesive Islamophobic machine, like the T-1000 reforming itself in Terminator 2, if the T-1000 was a drunk racist.

External image

After taking to the streets of Woolwich in the immediate aftermath of Rigby’s death and holding a demo inNewcastle on Saturday—where a speech that consisted of “send the black cunts home” was enthusiastically applauded—the EDL was on the march in London again on bank holiday Monday.

External image

We turned up at Leicester Square where the EDL were congregating. At this stage they were defending Western civilization from an Islamic fundamentalist landgrab by getting tanked up on Jacques fruit cider at a Yates’s wine bar. They passed the time by imploring children to get the last ever tickets for the Spice Girls musical to “stick your fucking Jihad up your ass.”

External image

Along with several screaming newspaper front pages, many members of the EDL were angry that David Cameron is currently holidaying in Ibiza in the middle of what the media are determined to label a “terror crisis,” chanting, “Where the fuck is Cameron?” I’m not sure how having Dave standing around trying to look important for the cameras would help the situation. Has nobody considered that he might have been orchestrating all ten arrests connected to the murder from the poolside, in between pints of San Miguel?

External image

After a while they set off towards Downing Street, joined as they went by more supporters. If you’ve been paying attention, you can probably tell from this picture that this was the biggest far-right street party for some time. I longed for the last time the EDL came to Westminster, not so very long ago, when they only managed to rouse about 85 people whose love for spending their weekends shouting stupid things at bored police officers was truly hardcore. Unfortunately, misplaced anger at a soldier’s death and the hot weather combined to bring out the dilettantes.

External image

As the march made its way down Whitehall, it was met with the jeers of some anti-fascists who didn’t want to let the march happen unmolested. For some reason, these guys didn’t buy the EDL’s line that they’re not racist.

External image

External image

I’m finding it hard to put my finger on exactly what it was, but something gave me the impression that the anti-fascists might have had a point. Having said that, it would be unfair to look at the maniacal behavior of one or two people and suppose that their actions represented the will of a whole community.