After a nice, warm start to Fall, the temperature here in Williamsburg is dipping into the 40s, right on cue with Daylight Savings Time. The sun went down at 4:45 yesterday, and we can really feel the cold, dark months ahead. 

There’s no better time to introduce Woolpower, a Swedish brand that has been making cozy knitwear using their own specialized merino blend yarn since 1972. Based in Ostersund, Sweden, a city named “Vinterstad” or “Winter City,” Woolpower knows a thing or two about cold days and early sunsets. 

Woolpower’s custom fabric, “Ullfrotté Original,” is knit from a blend of two thirds fine merino wool — a naturally insulating fiber — and one third synthetic fibers, which increase the fabric’s durability. It’s knit on tubular knitting machines that uses a loop-back technique, creating lofty fabric that keeps heat close to the body.

Their garments are technical, comfortable, and extremely well constructed from start to finish in Östersund. We’ve got a full zip jacket, crew neck thermal shirts, long johns, mittens, and socks - all essential pieces for layering up as the temperature goes down.

Mad Men Knitting

Actress Christina Hendricks, who plays Joan in the hit series Mad Men on the world of New York’s Madison Avenue Advertising Agencies in the 1960’s is another celebrity knitter! She’s known to knit while on set and once told Marie Claire in an interview about down time on set stating -  "I usually bring a book or my knitting - I made my husband a steel-gray fisherman’s sweater for a wedding gift". How lovely!


Via Marie Claire

civilhands-blog1  asked:

So I know cotton is a death sentence in a bug out bag, but as a woman, I'm having trouble finding 100% wool clothing that is in womens sizes. I'm really short, so I doubt packing a man's sized wool sweater in my bag will be totally effective. Am I just not looking in the right places? I mean I know you're a guy, so if you don't have any ideas for me it's cool. Thanks though!

i’d really like to get some wool from WoolPower because its the sister company of the company that made my axe, and i trust those swede’s craftsmanship. they have fits for men and women but i cant seem to find a good dealer in the states and its pretty pricey.

good wool is usually pretty expensive so i usually go with military surplus because its in bulk and its cheap. its normally old enough to have been shrunk a few times so a large sweater is very tight on me.

i have some leg warmers in my bag that dont fit over my calves but i keep em in there anyway. maybe ill put em on my arms or somethin. all wool can be effective, u just gotta macguyver around with it

wool alone wont keep you warm if you’re in a cold climate, you’re also probably gonna want to invest in base layers and remember to grab a coat on your way out the door.

sportsmansguide’s sizes run pretty small and the prices are great, i think its mostly male or unisex but fashion doesnt really matter

cabela’s, dick’s, LLBean, even JCPenney probably have good wool but its gonna be overpriced