L: “Geez Natsu, you’re supposed to be scared.”

N: “Well, you’re not very convincing for halloween but…”

L: “But?”

N: *tugs at ribbon*

L: “!!!!11@!!11!11!11″

Goodbye, Lucy. Have a nice death hahaha jk

Happy Halloween, everyone!

(BTW, the natsu and lucy in this picture is from my reincarnation AU comic for fluff week hahaha which I will continue in the future) 

BTS Reaction to you jokingly saying “fight me”

Anonymous requested: “Can I request ? If , yes , can you do bts reacting to you jokingly saying “ fight me ”.”

A/N: literally me; enJOY


You and Jin were debating where to eat since he wanted to cook, but you wanted to go out and get pasta. “If we get pasta then I’m dragging you to that old cafe you hate so much.”

“No!” You yell, “Fight me.”

He looks at you in surprise, “When did you get that attitude?”

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Yoongi!” You call him for what feels like the hundredth time, “Can we go now?”

He didn’t bat an eye to you, instead he keeps working on his track.

“Let’s go!” You say while tugging on his wrist.

He shakes out of your grasp, “No. Go with Jin.”

“Jin wants to stay inside and cook!”

“Well that sucks.”

“Yoongi, fight me!”

He pauses what he’s doing and his gaze shifts to yours. He gives you the look of what-the-fuck-did-you-just-say-to-me and gets back to work, leaving you pouty.

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Hoseok and you are roaming around Yoongi’s house trying to play with Holly as you wait for Yoongi to finish his track. “Not fair, quit hogging Holly!” You exclaim to Hoseok.

He laughs at you and walks away with Holly in his arms, “She likes me more.”

“Hobi, come back here and fight me! Put that dog down.”

He gasps, “She isn’t just a dog,” he looks down at Holly, “it’s okay, she didn’t mean it.”

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Namjoon was taking forever at the book store once again and you were left sitting there in the front, waiting for him. Impatient, you walk to find him and you see him sitting at the coffee shop, drinking his latte and reading the new book he just bought.

“Really?” You say as you approach him, “I’ve been waiting and the least you can do is buy me a drink.”

“Um,” he sets his book down to look at you, “sorry?”

“Oh my gosh, fight me.”

He laughs as he takes a sip, trying his best to not spit it out. “Fight you? No thanks.”

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Jimin and you were in the practice room and you mess up once again on that same pesky move, stepping on his foot. “Jimin, fight me!”

He looks down at you with a confused look, “You’re the one who stepped on me!”

“Fight me!”


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Taehyung and you were playing a video game together, trying to beat each other in SSB, but he’s always winning.

“Taehyung,” you groan, “fight me. Now.”

He laughs, “Fight me in Smash.”

“You know I’ll lose! Again!”

“I know.”

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Jungkook and you were in the middle of watching anime, both arguing over who was best girl. “Okay, no. She is because she’s more confident and outspoken that her.” You say.

He shakes his head, “But they look better together.”

You laugh at his comment, “Jungkook, fight me right now.”

“You want to go?” He says while jokingly punching you softly.

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Have you been hurt by an ex-lover and don’t know how to get back into the dating scene?? Well then HAVE I GOT THE SPREAD FOR YOU. We all have those shit relationships in our life that leave lasting effects on us, and so this spread is here to help make the transition from single to ready to mingle ;).

Please feel free to use and share this, but seriously don’t make people pay for this reading and also don’t take my name off the wee corner there. 

Hopefully this is helpful for some people! This is my first published spread! If you want to show me how you used it, tag me!!!!!!!!!

PS yes I made this with paint. sue me.

BTS Reaction to their girlfriend coming home drunk

but she doesn’t drink often

Anonymous requested: “Hello , could you do bts gif reaction of their s/o comming home drunk ( she practicully never drinks & she doesn’t like alchochol ) thank you so much .

A/N: ay team lw amirite; enjoy ^^


You trudge inside Jin’s place, barely able to make it to the couch and you couldn’t even close the door all the way. “Jinnie!” You call for your boyfriend.

Though he’s right in front of you and you didn’t even notice, “Yes Jagiya?” He says in an upset tone. “Care to explain why you came home quite late?”


He briefly inhales and that’s all it took for him to realize the amount of alcohol you consumed. He sighs and goes to the other room to fetch you a glass of water. “I know this rarely happens, but we’re talking about this tomorrow morning.”

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Yoongi doesn’t typically wake up to external noises, but you on the other hand was extremely loud opening the door, entering, setting your bag down, and closing the door- slamming it. He woke up completely and made his way out of his bedroom to find you.

“Yoongi!” You yell out to him. Hic.

“Jagi?” He replies and you run straight into his arms, wanting a great hug.

He looks down at you and pats your head. You meet his gaze halfway, “Hi Jagiya~”

His confused expression fades into a blank face. You never called him Jagiya before. It’s always Yoongi-ah, yeobong, or “bae” if you feel like you want to annoy him. “You’re drunk.”

“No I’m not!”

But he then smells the alcohol lingering in your breath.

He sighs and pushes you away, walking back into his bedroom already knowing that you’re going to follow- and you did as expected. You have far too much energy, and he’s going to have to think of a way to keep you occupied. Possibly with TV or by late drunk talks; except, you’re the only one drunk here and Yoongi’s just getting entertainment

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Hoseok paced the living room in anticipation of when you’re going to come home. It’s your birthday night and he prepared drinks since you never drank before, and who else would be better to experience the very moment with none other than your boyfriend? Or so he thought.

You come in and Hoseok immediately greets you. You look up at him with a great smile, “Hi Hobi~ My sunshine, my ray of light, my everything!”

You twirl into his arms and laugh. He grabs onto you and walks you over to the couch, “Jagi! You drank without me?”

“We can still drink!” You comment.

“No,” he lays you down, “we won’t!”

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Namjoon was in the middle of reading a new book he started as he waited for time to pass by for you to come home. You swing open the door and yell, “Joonie! I’m back~”

“Welcome back Jag-” He looks up and sees you struggling to walk, looking drunk out of your mind. “I think I see why you don’t typically drink.

You laugh, “What are you talking about?”

He sets his book down and walks over to help you into the room, “No more drinking for you.”

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Jimin was startled when he heard you call out to him as he took a shower. You kept knocking on the door until he answered and Jimin grabbed his towel that was hanging on the rack to wrap it around his waist.

He opens the door and you go into his arms, digging your face into his chest. “You smell nice,” you tell him as you sniffle, “so good. I love you.”

Jimin’s arms are up, unsure of what to do and has no clue why you’re acting like this. He hears you sniffle again and feels something wet drip down his chest. “J- jagiya? Are you crying?”

His arms wrap around you and he pulls you in an embrace. No response. Jimin calls out to you again, “Jagi?”

Your arms fall to your side and now you’re just leaning against Jimin unconsciously.

“…Jagiya?” He pushes you back and you fall in his arms, knocked out cold and drool dripping from your mouth. He looks back down on his chest and realizes what that liquid was, “Agh, Jagi! I just took a shower! Wait, did you drink for once?”

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You interrupt Taehyung and his anime time by jumping right in front of him, blocking the view of his laptop. “Taehyungie!” You laugh, “Talk to me!”

“W- what? Jagi, when did you come home?” He asks, surprised.

“I said talk to me!” You try to gently hit his face, but miss.

He leans down to smell your breath- alcohol.

“Aish, Y/N you know how I feel about you drinking.”

“I’m sorry.” You pout.

He remains silent and pauses his anime, moving you to the side of the bed so he can properly take care of you.

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Jungkook is in the middle of a game while you spam the doorbell. Angry, he left the game server and swings open the door with force. You fall into his arms and he starts to worry, “Babe?”

No reply. You’re knocked out cold. “Baby, are you okay?” He tries to pull you up, but fails. Instead he carries you bridal style on the couch. He sets you down and moves the hair out of your face. “I guess good night.” He kisses your forehead and smells something. The strong scent of lingering alcohol. “Babe?!”

He pulls himself up and stares down at you, this is the last time you’re drinking without me with you.

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Inspired by Zen route in Xmas DLC

I threw hourglass that I saved
Don’t ask me I am really obsessed
I looked at you as I played
And now the beast is here
I’d trade my soul for your abs
Pennies and dimes for a fuck
I was hungry for this beast
And now you’re in my way

Your stare was holding
Ripped jeans, skin was showin’
Hot night, wind was blowin’

Baby can we do it right here?

Hey I just met you and this is crazy

But here’s my body, so fuck me maybe

Hey I just met your and this is crazy

But here’s my body, so fuck me maybe

And all my friends said I’m crazy

But here’s my hourglass, just do it baby

You took no time with the flirt
I took no time with the fuck
You gave me nothing at all
But still your abs is mine
I beg for hourglass and you
Throwing it right at my face
I didn’t know I would feel
So horny in X-mas

Your stare was holding
Ripped jeans, skin was showin’
Hot night, wind was blowin’

Baby lets fuck its Christmas?

Hey I just met you and this is crazy

But here’s my body, so fuck me maybe

Hey I just met your and this is crazy

But here’s my body, so fuck me maybe

And all my friends said I’m crazy

But here’s my hourglass, just do it baby

Before you came into my life
I wanted you so bad
I wanted you so bad
I wanted you so so bad
Before Cheritz came into my life
I thanked Cheritz so bad
And you should know that
I wanted you so so bad

It’s hard to look right at you baby
But here’s my body, so fuck me maybe

Someone’s better take this game out of my hand I’m being crazily creative for no reason and do nothing better for my life at all. And this is so dirty say bye bye to my chasity.

Oh but I have already drawn sins everywhere so wohooooooooooo

O L I C I T Y | A r r o w  5 x 16

“You just have to trust me, on this one.  Okay?” - Felicity Smoak

“Okay.” - Oliver Queen