Reasons Why Sims Society is Better than Ours

1. Sex is ALWAYS consensual. You can not WooHoo with anyone if they are not 100% into it too. 

2.You can love WHOEVER you want, same sex, opposite sex, aliens, robots, werewolves, ghosts, politicians with no judgement from your neighbors. 

3. Men and Women get paid the SAME amount for the same damn job. Equal fucking rights. 

4. Free health care.

5. It takes less than a minute for police and firefighters to reach any house once dispatched. 

6. If  child is being neglected or abused, a social worker automatically finds out and takes the child away from an unhealthy environment. 

7. Adopting a child is free, easy, and known abusers of children can’t adopt. 98% of Sim orphans find a loving home before they reach their teen years. 

8. Racism is just not a thing. 

9. Universities have free tuition; the only cost is how much it is to live on campus. 

10. The motherlode cheat. 

troye sivan. :)

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{ reference picture from a screencap of happy little pill by troyesivan }