Sims Woohoo

The creators of the Sims were so careful with how they approached sex.

I’m talking about more than just the - let’s not show kids sex (a virtue Tumblr could learn from) but the way a sim goes about initiating Woohoo.

Both Sims have to agree. There is no guarantee that the other Sim will say yes.

The interested sim approaches their partner and asks a question. Now I don’t speak Simlish so I can’t verify this but I’m sure they’re saying something like “do you wanna Woohoo?” A very simple yes or no question. If they’re being adventurous it might be a"do you wanna Woohoo in the rocket/hot tub?“

If the other sim rejects the request usually you know not to bother making the request again anytime soon. No means no. Even Sims understand that fact.

If your Sim is rejected for Woohoo they don’t get angry. They might get sad or embarrassed but they’re not angry. No one deserves sex from someone else - even from a partner or spouse.

They put so much thought into this and that makes me happy. People like me -who grew up playing this game the way some people played with their Nintendogs or GameBoys - subtly learn that sex isn’t a taboo topic. Sex isn’t about one party’s pleasure over the other’s. And it should always be consensual.