Woodsy Owl

Woodsy Owl, the Forest Service’s anti-pollution mascot.

He was created in time for the first Earth Day in 1970, but wasn’t formally introduced until September 15, 1971. Congress passed legislation protecting Woodsy’s image and establishing his licensing requirements in 1974. Funds from licensing agreements went to promoting education about conservation and fighting pollution.

A dozen different lunatics think they invented Woodsy Owl

So Woodsy Owl’s Wikipedia talk page is pretty much entirely overrun by lunatics who claim that they created the character. Virtually all of them claim it was for a contest that they entered in elementary school in the 70s.

For a while, user Stbalbach replies with the hilariously abrupt “This is incorrect.” to shut them down.

Years into this guy’s marriage he brings up to his wife that he created Woodsy. Obviously this story is a lie, because in it the wife does not immediately file for divorce. Instead he draws her the owl from memory, then waits for a Woodsy PSA to come on, then holds it up next to it. There is no conceivable scenario where these events took place.

Stbalbach, still vigilant. Shockingly, he does not have his own story about how he invented Woodsy, he’s possibly the only one on the page that doesn’t.

“I would like to state that you are all a bunch of whackos…So here is my story which is identical to every one that has proceeded it, ps I am not a whacko”

An anonymous crazy guy claiming online that he has  "verifiable government documents"? Will wonders never cease? Also “Numerous witnesses”?! Please produce them! This needs to be a documentary.

“The fact that the winner was never given recognition and the accolades that they deserved makes the whole history of its creation a mystery. Also, the legion of fanatics is doing quite a bit of work in that department too.”

This one is spectacular. A guy tries to get to the bottom of this by asking an absurd hypothetical question, and SOMEONE ANSWERS HIM IN THE AFFIRMATIVE WITH THEIR OWN CLAIM!

“No fanfare, no hoopla. And no credit. I didn’t need credit – For one I didn’t create it…”  (three sentences later) “I was thrilled to see it but no one has ever given me credit for the poster or the idea”

Somehow, after all this, you just read the craziest entry yet. Illigal adoptions, inherritance’s denied (sic, sic)

At least ten different claims! There’s one thing we can all agree upon: all these nuts would probably be disgusted with the new costume Woodsy is sporting these days.

Moonlight blues , open rp

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Dhun sat atop the high outer walls of Ascaria, gazing out at the rising moon. He liked it out here, the air was clear and the stars shone brighter than in the city. By his side sat a small silver music box which was playing a delicate song which dhun barely remembered. It brought back the misty memories nearly a century and a half past due.

He sighs deeply as the noise of the world melted away to leave him with his thoughts. His personalities were attempting to come to an accord over how to deal with Alistair, the Feylock who had driven Dhun’s beloved into hiding. They all agreed that Alistair had made an unforgivable trespass. The innocent didn’t want to kill him, the cynical wished for his death, and the madness desired him to suffer. They would have to come to a decision soon, Dhun’s patience was growing thinner day by day.

Woodsy, Dhun’s faithful skeletal owl familiar, circled in the sky. She sent him the suspicion that he was no longer alone.

No matter how often you may use stolen Taco Bell napkins as toilet paper, even the biggest slob knows better than to throw trash all over the ground in public. Especially not in a restaurant or bar – you’re liable to get your face bashed in by the maitre d’. Try living that one down. It’s like getting curb-stomped by a mime.

Except for in Spain, where littering can actually be considered polite.

In the iconic tapas bars of Spain, throwing trash on the floor is very much welcome. And we’re not talking glorified fast-food joints here – even the finest establishments could depress the shit out of Woodsy Owl. In Spain, the unwritten rule is that the best tapas bars are usually the ones with the most trash on the floor. That’s right – not only is rampant littering completely acceptable but leaving your garbage is like leaving a positive review.

5 Foreign Rules of Etiquette That America Desperately Needs


etsyfindoftheday | gift blitz 2015: for the DIY lover | 12.11.15

featured: horned owl embroidery kit by kirikipress

in this fun crafting kit, your gift recipient will get a screen-printed owl that they get to sew, stuff, and embroider. kirikipress has all kinds of animals and objects to choose from, but i’m partial to this pretty woodsy owl. also … the raccoon!!