Title: Live a Little

Character: Jude Fisher

Movie: Peace, Love and Misunderstanding

Warnings: Good ol’ slow lovin’ from our loveable hippie! SMUT!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

•You’re new in town and very high strung. You meet Jude and he’s determined to show you how to relax. He takes you to the lake at night and convinces you to skinny dip. Smut; slow, very sensual, very sweet. Jude shows you just how good letting go can feel.

Who would have thought that I’d be living in Woodstock, NY, standing on a dock, watching one of the most handsome man I’d ever met, strip down to his birthday suit.

“Oh, um, Jude,” I covered my eyes, but not before I got a peek of his delicious behind.

“C'mon Y/N!” Jude shouted, as he jumped off of the dock.

He made a spash, coming up from under the water, “Live a little.”

Jude Fisher wasn’t a complicated guy. I met him a few weeks ago when I had first moved to Woodstock.

I needed a change of pace and scenery, the city becoming too much for my nerves.

I took one of the biggest steps ever in my life. I left my stressful job and horrid boyfriend. Saying goodbye to the negativity that was bringing me down in life.

I thought that I had conquered the worst of my anxiety, but when Jude and I started to hang out, I was always second guessing myself; over analyzing every detail, making me high strung.

Jude had had enough. He put his foot down and made me come out for a midnight stroll with him.

Over in the grass, he had started a fire in the pit so we’d have some source of light. Then he got a wild hair and decided to jump into the lake.

I admit that his carefree spirit made me want to break the chains of anxiety, but here I stood, over analyzing.

“Y/N,” Jude called out softly.

I jumped slightly, startled by his tone.

“C'mon Sweetheart,” he waded in the water, smiling at me.

Slowly, I removed my clothes, leaving me in my bra and panties. I twirled my finger, “Turn around, please.”


Gah, him just saying that one word did things to me!

Quickly, I took off my underwear and jumped in.

I sank to the bottom, pushing off the lake floor with the balls of my feet. My head broke the surface as I gasped for air, “So cold!”

Jude giggled, swimming over to me, “Look at you living a little,”

“Oh hush!” I said, my teeth chattering.

“Do you want to get out, Y/N?” He asked, concerned at how I was shaking.

I didn’t know if it was from the water or if my adrenaline had suddenly coursed through my veins.

I nodded, swimming to the shallow end of the lake.

Jude lifted himself onto the dock, the fire and moonlight reflecting off of the water that covered his naked body.

Jesus Christ, what a handsome man!

He slipped on his jeans, not fastening  them, mind you, and leaving off his shirt, socks and shoes, “I’ll be by the fire; give you some privacy.”

I watched and waited until I felt comfortable enough to get out of the water. It irked me to no end that I let myself get this way!

I was a grown ass woman, damnit! All Jude wanted to do was show me a great time. He’d already told me that he was attracted to me; so why was I being such a stuck up bitch about the whole thing?

I sighed, knowing what and who I wanted. Feeling a certain calmness, I picked up his plaid button down and put it on, leaving off my bra and panties.

I walked over to where he sat, his legs spread out wide as he lounged on the homemade bench.

His pants were still undone, the thick hair that trailed all the way down to his groin on full display.

I had left his shirt unbuttoned. As I neared him and he looked up to watch me walk towards him; I could see him begin to twitch in his jeans.

His arms were spread out on the back of the bench, his hands gripping it until his knuckles turned white.

I stood before him, letting him get a good look of my breasts that peeked out from the shirt and my mound, which I found him licking his lips as he stared before his eyes met mine again.

“Y/N, we don’t-”

“I know,” I interupted, “but I want to live a little.” I smiled.

Jude smiled softly, holding out a hand.

I took it, using it for balance as I straddled his lap.

His soft hands held my waist as he looked up at me, “Let me show you how good I can make you feel.”

I felt the heat in my cheeks, knowing it wasn’t from the fire, “I trust you,”

Taking his hand, he ran a finger down my heated cheek; his fingers gently gripped my neck where he then let his hand slide down the middle of my breasts, tummy and to my mound.

I breathed heavily, closing my eyes as I enjoyed the sensation of his hard working hand.

He cupped my sex, his middle finger easily slipping between my lower lips.

“Open your eyes, baby,” he demanded softly.

I blinked, licking my lips as he worked his hand against me.

My eyes widened as I felt his middle finger slip into my entrance, curling just enough to send a quick spark through me.

“Jude,” I whispered, rocking my hips.

Jude thread his fingers in my hair, bringing my face down and kissed me.

His kiss was slow as he took turns sucking on my top, then bottom lip.

He moaned as I rolled my tounge into his mouth when he deepened the kiss. When our tounges connected for a second time, we were slow to let them caress against each other.

He dragged his lips from mine with a wet smack, his nips and sucks wet as well as he made a pathway to my ear.

“You are so wet, Y/N,” he said, his voice husky with want.

“Jude,” I panted, “please.”

He tounged my earlobe, nibbling on it, “You do what you want to, baby. I’m all yours.”

At that, I could feel the anxiety rear it’s ugly head. Over thinking made my brain go haywire. I wanted to touch him, ride him, take him in mouth; but my head got in the way.

Jude grabbed my chin, tilting my face down to look him in the eyes, “Hey now,”

My hand was on the waistband of his jeans, my breathing erratic, “I- I,”

“You trust me, remember?” He was being patient and kind.

I took a deep breath, letting both my hands pull his jeans down his hips. I nodded, earning a warm smile from him.

He brought my mouth back to his, the kiss just as slow, as before.

I ran a finger over his hard length and around the sensitive head, then wrapped my hand around him completely, pumping him with long strokes.

He broke the kiss, resting our foreheads together.

“Mmmm, God, yes,” he moaned, as he continued to tease me, “just like that, baby.”

Nice and slow was the way to go with Jude.

My palm rubbed over the leaking tip of his hardness, spreading down the length of him.

Jude’s breath fanned my face. I watched as he bit his bottom lip, a loud moan escaping him as I pumped him again.

“Jude, can I-” I paused, my mouth dry.

He opened his eyes as his finger slipped from me, only to dip back in and tickle my clit.

“Can you what, Y/N?" 

"Ride you?”

Jesus Christ I felt like a goddamn virgin around him.

“What ever you want, baby.”

Rising to my knees, Jude placed his hands on my ribs, right underneath my breasts to hold me steady.

I held his hardness as I postioned him at my entrance and slowly sank down onto him.

Once fully inside me, Jude slid his shirt from my shoulders exposing my breasts. He put a hand on my ass, the other going to a breast to lift it slightly.

As I slowly moved up and down his thick shaft, he began to leave wet kisses on my breast, gently taking some skin between his teeth to leave sharp nips.

He kissed away the sting, looking up at me as his hands slid up and down my sides, finally resting on my hips as I rolled them.

He licked his lips, sighing as I rode him at a painstakingly slow pace.

I could feel the heat from the fire on my naked back and despite the contrast of that and the cool air, I was breaking out in a sweat, trying my damnedest to prolong our coupling.

With my thighs begining to shake, Jude easily scooped me up, laying us down on the cool grass.

Without missing a beat, he moved over me, gripping my thigh as he held it up on his hip. His thrusts were speeding up as he began to twitch deep within me.

He grunted as I bowed my back on a deep thrust.

I placed my hands on his ass, holding on as his strokes became shorter and harder.

“Don’t… stop,” I panted.

Jude’s hips slapped against my thighs as we came hard. He buried his head in my shoulder, groaning as he filled me.

I gasped for air as soon as my peak began to subside, my chest heaving .

“Holy shit,”

“Yeah… holy shit,” Jude chuckled.

He made a move to roll over, but I held him to me, “No, stay.”

“Don’t wanna crush you, Sweetheart.” He said, still out of breath.

I shook my head, “You’re not, I promise.”

We laid there for a bit, enjoying the sounds of the night and the fire crackling. We were about to doze off when Jude lifted himself from me.

“Want to stay the night with me?” He asked.

I leaned up on my elbows, “I’d love to.”

Jude smiled, giving me a sleepy kiss.

We dressed, put out the fire and walked hand in hand to his truck where he drove us to his home.



Since I can find happiness only in AUs I imagine Erwin and Mike being hopeless hippies in the very late 60’s and visiting the Woodstock Festival in Bethel, NY, where they meet the harsh, annoyed and feisty waiter at a local diner, Levi, who hates the Festival’s guts, because of his increasing workload and the “fucking filthy, disgusting and dirty tree huggers”, but seems to not hate Erwin’s weird, embarrassing and stoned pick up lines as much as he pretends to do and ends up dating Erwin, who loves to knit them matching flower crowns in the evenings, while listening to the music…