Good Girl

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Y/N watched as the birds outside her window danced around the blue, early-morning sky, trying to find food to eat. She watched them as they connected together in pairs. She turned to glance at the alarm clock on her bedside table. Two minutes until eight. Swinging her legs out the side of her bed, she stood up and grabbed her underwear from the wooden floor beside her bed. She pulled it on then a t-shirt and a pair of loose jeans. She walked over to bedroom door with grace. Before the door opened, she turned to look at the beautiful sleeping boy in her bed. She analysed his messy, blonde hair and the dark tattoos that were inked into his fair skin. She smiled to herself before leaving her room. She walked downstairs to where her parents were eating their breakfast. They looked up when she walked in.
“Good morning, Y/N,” her mother greeted. “Your father made us scrambled eggs.”
“That’s nice.”
Y/N smiled and walked over to the stove to collect a piece of toast and pepper the scramble eggs over the toast and place them on a plate. She grabbed a knife and fork then sat down at the table with her parents. She talked and started polite conversation with them before they both kissed her on her cheek then made their way out of the house to work. Y/N smirked when they both left. She knew Luke wouldn’t be awake yet so she finished her breakfast then made some more for him. She made them both a drink and gathered them together on a tray and started up the stairs to her sleeping boyfriend. After struggling to open the door to her bedroom whilst holding a tray in her arms, she then placed the tray down on her desk and climbed into bed next to him. She cuddled up to his warm body and noticed a slight bump in the mattress around Luke’s waist. She reached down to smoothen it out. Her hand stopped in realisation as she touched a hard item. Smirking to herself, she pulled her hand away and glanced up at him. She knew what they were going to be doing this morning.
She let her eyes wander to the outside world again until she heard his mature, morning voice.
“Hey, baby.”
Y/N smiled at the sound of his voice and watched as he stirred underneath her. She lifted her lips up to kiss a short kiss to his chapped lips.
“Morning. My parents have already gone, by the way.”
“Oh, good. I wished they would be such posh knobs and just accept me,” Luke laughed and kissed her forehead. He stretched himself up and attempted to sit up straight. Y/N lifted herself off him and instead sat in front of him.
“Hey, that’s my parents you just called ‘posh knobs’,” she weakly tried to defend even though she knew it was true. Luke laughed. He leaned forward and captured Y/N’s lips in a soft kiss.
Y/N pulled away and smiled at him, mentioning the breakfast she’d made for him. He smiled, pulling her onto her lap and over his morning wood. He smirked at her and brushed his lips teasingly over hers.
“I have a better idea.”
He cupped Y/N’s body up in his strong arms and climbed out of bed. He walked out of the bedroom and across the hallway to the beckoning bathroom. Y/N’s arms wrapped around his tattooed neck as he carried her and she prayed she wouldn’t fall but Luke was strong enough to hold her up with one arm. He propped her up on the ground when they reached the bathroom. Y/N walked over and turned on the water to let it warm up. She shrieked with laughter when she felt Luke’s arms wrap around her waist and pull her back then his lips attach to her mouth. She held back her laughter and kissed him back, her fingers playing with the elastic material of his boxers. Luke’s fingers were faster. He unbuttoned her jeans, forcing them down her legs and pulled her t-shirt off her sexy body. His hands unclasped her bra when she nodded and flung it to the floor. Slowly, he started to kiss down her kiss to her stomach. He pulled down her panties her legs as he kissed her lower body and worshipped her legs and stomach. He kissed up her body again and she smirked at him, clasping his cheeks in her hands. She pulled away and kicked the bathroom door shut. She walked over to the shower and hopped in, turning to Luke with his boxers around his ankles and his phone in his hands.
“Hey, babe. What you doing?” Y/N questioned.
“Wait a second.”
He clicked through his phone then put his phone down on the radiator when The Hills by The Weeknd. He turned round with a smug smirk on his face then walked over to the shower, letting himself in. He looked down at her and admired her beauty for a moment before connecting their lips together. He pressed Y/N’s body against the tiled wall of the shower as hot water showered over their heated bodies. His hands examined every inch of her waist and torso, slowly moving downwards. He let his fingers fumble around her thighs and moved closer to her core. His fingers started to pattern circles into the wetness of her clit. Y/N pulled away from the kiss to catch her breath, only to feel to taken away again when his cold lip ring was dragged across her neck when he planted sloppy kisses to her neck. His fingers slowly slid into her tight hole as she gasped. Her eyes were closed and her fingers were in his arm.
“Tell me how much you like that, baby girl,” he whispered in her ear, nipping at her earlobe as he pumped his finger in and out of her entrance at an agonizingly slow speed.
“I love it so fucking much,” Y/N moaned into his shoulder. “Please go faster.”
“As you wish.”
Luke kissed her neck harshly as his middle finger rushed in and out of Y/N. She moaned loudly and gripped onto his powerful biceps. She continued to feel weak until his actions for a while until she felt her breathing increase and she was ready to release. She moaned into his ear, warning him of what he caused. She let out a moan that beckoned the nearing orgasm. She bit into Luke’s skin and felt herself discharge at his strong touch. She breathed deeply into his neck and sighed, contently. Luke smirked and kissed her neck.
“Such a good girl.”
He kissed her forehead before slipping out of the shower to grab a condom from his bag. He rolled it and walked back into the shower. Y/N grasped Luke’s manhood and started to tease him with slow movement. Luke groaned and leaned into Y/N ear as he gripped her hips.
“Baby girl, if you keep teasing me like this, you’re going to get a punishment,” he growled in her ear “do you understand?”
Y/N smirked and pulled her hand away. “I understand.”
Luke licked his lips and gripped Y/N’s hips. He lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He pushed her back into the wall and held her body up.
He stared into her eyes intensely, waiting for her honest answer. She smiled and nodded. She looked back into his eyes and waited for the moment she felt his tip against her core. She moaned aloud when he was fully in and couldn’t stop herself from clenching her muscles around him. Luke cursed into her knees and gripped harder onto her thighs until there were red marks appearing. He moved quickly inside her and mumbled against her neck about how tight she was and how much of a good girl she was being for him. Every word he murmured would have an effect on Y/N. She moaned and gasped into his hair and pulled his face into her neck.
After Luke had worked his skills around Y/N, he left himself close to releasing his salty load onto the condom. He cursed and moved himself faster until he moaned. Y/N clenched around him, she knew he was close and he would always love that, which sent him over the edge. A sudden groaning noise released from his mouth as his discharge filled the protection. He pulled out and immediately lowered himself onto his knees. He lifted Y/N’s leg up over his shoulder and pulled her clit to his inviting mouth. He let his tongue twirl round her opening and suck on her clit. Y/N’s mouth hung open as she moaned at the intoxicating feeling. She pulled on Luke’s hair which made him groan against her heat. He didn’t stop his tongue until she was screaming out his name and orgasming. She closed her eyes and tried to catch her breath. She slumped against the wall and sighed. Luke chuckled. He threw away the condom in the bin next to the shower then enveloped Y/N in an embrace. His lips pressed kisses against her bare shoulder and he held her close for a long time as the water covered their bodies.
“I love you. No matter what my parents think of you.”
“I know. I love you too,” Luke whispered and planted a secure kiss to her forehead and continued to shower her with kisses as he helped wash her body and her hair.

a/n: I haven’t written smut in a while so this is probably really shit. enjoy xx

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Dancing Queen

Based on Anon Prompt: “Can you write one where the reader and Owen are a couple and he walks in on her singing and dancing along to the radio? Some fluff is all lol”


You stand in front of the stove, watching the pot of boiling water closely as music blares from your small portable speaker.

If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends

You shake your hips overdramatically and pick up the wooden spoon to stir the pasta.

Make it last forever friendship never ends

When you pull the spoon out of the water, you hold it towards your mouth and sing into it, as if it were a microphone.

If you wanna be my lover

You step backwards away from the stove, and two step to the music, feet sliding over the wooden floors in your fuzzy socks.

You have got to give

Your head continues to bob as you shimmy and dance to the music, still singing.

Taking is too easy, but that’s the way it is

You hold your arms out and begin to shuffle and slide your feet across the floor, doing an embarrassingly poor attempt at the running man when you hear the snicker behind you. You spin around quickly, before losing your balance and ending up on your butt on the floor.

Owen’s amusement changes to worry as he steps forward and bends down in front of you on the floor.

“You okay there, Dancing Queen?” He smirks at your obvious lack of injury as he pulls you to your feet.

“How long were you standing there?” You ask, crossing your arms defensively over yourself. “You could have said something.” You’re not so much mad as embarrassed. You’ve only been living with him a few weeks and he hasn’t seen all your quirks yet. He’s such an amazing guy that you’re just waiting for him to see something in you that he doesn’t like.

“And miss that performance?” His grin widens and he pulls you to him, trying to qualm your hurt feelings.

“It’s rude to spy on people.” You don’t respond to his arms around you, maintaining your defensive position and pouting out your lip slightly.

“Yeah.” He says, tilting his head to the side, “But that was just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Your eyes snap up to him, slightly widened by surprise. You couldn’t imagine him disliking something as trivial as dancing around in the kitchen, but you didn’t expect to get called cute for it.

“You don’t think I looked stupid?” You can already feel your spirits rising as a small smile tugs on the corner of your lips. He leans his head down and touches your noses together in the sweetest way.

“Not at all.” His sweet reaction makes giddiness rise up in you and you throw your arms around his neck, a full smile on your face now.

“Well in that case, you should see my moonwalk.” You say, giving him a wink and a quick peck on the lips, getting a laugh from him. “I love you.” You tell him sweetly.

His arms wrap around your waist and he pulls you close again, burying his face in your neck and peppering you with tickling kisses. You laugh and scream, trying to get him to stop and finally push him away from you long enough to get a breath.

“I have to check on the pasta.” You say breathlessly, hands in the air to keep him from attacking again. You turn back to the stove and stir the noodles. Owen comes up behind you and you tense up, not wanting to have to fight him off again, but his arms slip around your waist from the back, hands resting on your stomach. He lays his chin on your shoulder and watches you stir the pasta.

“I love you too, you know?” He says, gently and you can hear the smile in his voice. “I love everything about you.”

Your heart feels like it is going to jump out of your chest and you close your eyes, wishing you could hide the huge dorky smile on your face but knowing you can’t. You let out a small chuckle and he reaches up to take the spoon from your hand before laying it on the counter.

He turns you around to face him and he leans in for a slow kiss. His lips feel soft and perfect as they move against yours, but he pulls back much too soon.

“So what do I have to give you?” He asks, and the question confuses you

“What?” You ask, eyebrows drawing together in confusion.

“You know,” he says, unable to hide the mischievous smile from his face. “’If you wanna be my lover, you have got to give.’” He quotes the song and you can’t help but break out in laughter. He smiles down at you and moves his hands to your sides, attacking you once more with tickles. As you try to fight him off for just the chance to breathe, you can’t help but wonder if he really is going to love everything about you. Maybe you should stop focusing on waiting for him to leave, and start focusing on the more important things in life. Like, for example, the pot that’s now boiling over with water on the stove.

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myboydean said: 

My walls are completely white. And I have brown wooden floors. Adding one or two posters helps me not feel like I’m in prison lol

yeah haha I have one poster and some puzzles we did and stuff that are all ocean and nature (and one catws poster) so my walls aren’t empty but I mean some people manage to have like… walls filled and covered in characters and movie posters c:

anonymous asked:

What are some of your favorite tame impala lyrics, and how do they relate to u?

ahhhhhh i love this question…..it feels like an essay prompt………i really like the lyrics “i fell in love with the sound of my heels on the wooden floor, i don’t want my footsteps 2 be silent anymore” from the moment bc i feel like it’s about gaining confidence in yourself and realizing the things you say and do matter, and you deserve 2 be “heard,” etc., which is something i struggle with……pretty much all of the lyrics 2 music 2 walk home by (AKA my favorite song of all time) are my favorites but “in so many ways, i’m somebody else, i’m trying so hard to be myself” really Speaks 2 Me because i feel like all people who are introverted/have social anxiety get the phrase “just be yourself!!” thrown at them all the time but like. That’s such a difficult thing 2 do you know?? but yeah basically all the lyrics 2 that song. all of them. other than that i really like “every man is happy until happiness is suddenly a goal” (i was gonna make that my senior quote but i decided it was 2 much of a bummer LOL) and “i told myself i wouldn’t care, but when she said she’d come around i combed my hair, yes, i checked my hair” just bc i think it’s cute

Madrid-based firm Ábaton Arquitectura has meticulously revived a crumbling stone stable in the countryside of Cáceres, Spain, into a contemporary self-sufficient family home. As a direct result from severe weathering and abandoning, most of the structure was significantly deteriorated inside and and out. Inside the stable, almost all of the walls required removal and were replaced with metal columns and beams. This allowed for the opening up of a large double-height great room (pictured above) which runs along the entire length of the building. In efforts to reference the surrounding environment, as well as the barn’s history, the interiors have been doused with numerous modern, yet appropriate, finishes such as exposed concrete, well-worn stone walls, wooden ceilings, limestone flooring and weather-beaten timber furniture. #meandmybentley

Imagine Jongin craving knowing the feeling of owning his own Furby, he confesses these feelings to Lay one night. Lay gets a very serious expression on his face and says, “Only trouble will follow you the moment you touch it.” Jongin shrugs this off and buys one for cheap on eBay, not bothering to read the seller notes. Jongin waits 4-5 business days and then his package comes in, excitedly he runs to his room and rips open the package, but nothing is in the box. Jongin hears the light whirring of mechanical wheels on the wooden floors, he smiles, but when he hears a knocking on his door he remembers. He’s the only one in the dorms. 


Just one more chapter… (She says, already thinking of how to write the next one.) I’ll be returning to requests for a bit but after the next two I’ll be carrying on. College starts up again on the 14th so after that point, the updates will be few and far between - just a heads up. I wonder if anybody actually reads these bits in bold? Hm, interesting. Anyway, enjoy, my darlings!

Autumn Thorn: Part 8

Part 7

Bucky blinked. The lights were warm and soft, gentle clouds of cigar smoke wafting through the air. Everywhere he looked there were smiling faces and laughter and joy. A wooden floor paved the way to the centre of the hallway where many people joined together to dance to the music. Stepping forward, Bucky could hear his shoes clicking on the floor and he looked down. He was wearing an olive green uniform and could feel a hat on his head.

“Hey there, jerk.” Somebody said and Bucky whirled around. Steve stood behind him in a uniform that couldn’t have been more different from his own. Red, white, and blue with a star in the middle.
“You punk.” He said, walking forward with a chuckle. The two embraced and patted each other on the back.
“Where are we?” Bucky asked after the two parted.
“Where do you think? We did it Buck! The war’s over. We won.”

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She remained there for a time, standing between the two now silent beds. Tears did little to quell the warmth in her face.A boot moved, carefully taking that first step, and falling softly against the rich, wooden floor.  

Nenia came near the quiet man, whose unnaturally purple gaze remained vacantly staring at a bare ceiling corner.

“Thelmen…” Nenia murmured quietly, her vision clearing after a forced blink. The man only answered with quiet shallow breaths. A hand hovered over his rising and falling chest, and as if near touching a hot stove, she pulled it away. The man lying there seemed surreal, after all the struggles, the heartaches, and sacrifices. She couldn’t believe– nor grasp what lie there. The woman blinked away tears again, and rushed out of the medical wing to find support.

Despite the man still drawing breath, it looked… as if he was no longer there.