BTS - Dropping/Breaking Something in Public
  • J-Hope:Ah, it's so nice to be out shopping
  • Rapmon:yeah
  • Jungkook:Hey Rapmon could you hold V's and I stuff while we go check out that playgroun- I mean hardcore mAn shop
  • Rapmon:yeah sure, don't get too wild kids *grabs their stuff*
  • Jin:Here, hold my purse while I go look in Victoria's Secre- I mean um
  • Rapmon:sure sure *grabs purse*
  • Jimin:ah that gym looks hella fine, hey Rapmon could you hold my glasses for a sec?
  • Rapmon:Of course bro *grabs glasses*
  • Suga:Mattress Firm seems like a fun place, imma go check it out, here grab my headphones off of me
  • Rapmon:Alright *grabs headphones*
  • J-Hope:Do you need any help carrying all of that stuff
  • Rapmon:nah I'm fine
  • J-Hope:...
  • Rapmon:...
  • Rapmon:oh lord I have to sneeze
  • J-Hope:quickly! Hand me the stuff!
  • Rapmon:Wait! Before I do I have to make a dramatic monologue, and then a soliloquy to address the audience!
  • J-Hope:Just hand me the stuff
  • Rapmon:I had a dream, and that dre-
  • Rapmon:*whispers* oh god
  • Rapmon:*whispers* it's too late
  • Rapmon:*sneezes*
  • Rapmon:*drops everything*
  • J-Hope:the fourth time this week
  • Rapmon:*single tear falls from the broken man*

mapleofrph’s fc suggestions: korean actors [part 2/5]

outside of the krp community, a lot of rpgs don’t accept kpop idols as fcs because their gifs “aren’t good enough”. SO. here are some korean actors that have ~**~roleplayable*~ gifs. these six fcs are 94 and 93 liners and i’ve linked their resources below.

  • Lee Hyun-woo [x]
  • Jin Se-yeon [x]
  • Lee Ji-eun [x]
  • Kim Ji-won [x]
  • Kim Ji-soo [x]
  • Jung Eun-ji [x]
'The Beauty Inside' (뷰티인사이드) Teaser Trailer