Wonky Top Hat


Probably the most awesome hat I have ever made. :) 

Commissioned by my friend Arathin to match her new Viola Lahger corset. 

Three different shades of ocean-colored dupioni silks, glittery seashells, gold rivets, chain and netting, pearls of different shapes and sizes, and a little gold octopus.

Just the perfect hat for your average aristocratic mermaid. ;) 

I’m working on my Elder Scrolls and Nine Divines inspired hats and building a tower with them on my desk as I go along. ;)

At the very top is Akatosh in dark, dark blue and gold, which is not as near completion as the others. Then comes Dibella in gold, purple and pink. And at the bottom is Zenithar in browns on the left and Talos in frosty green, beige and purple on the right.

I made a thing!

Someone at the Steampunk convention came to my table and got me talking about hat-shaped christmas tree ornaments and since then I haven’t been able to get the idea out of my head so I made one! 
It’s not done yet, it still needs decorations, but I think it’s very cute already. I made this one in white because I usually decorate my tree with white and silver, but I might make more in more colors soon. 

What colors do you usually stick to when decorating your house and/or tree for Christmas?

If people are interested, I might also make some of these to sell. :)