Alice in Wonderland Little Golden Books - Italian Edition

taska-daska  asked:

Could I please get the body part hcs for Senji, Gunta, and Yo from Deadman Wonderland? Arms, Eyes, Lips, and the Goodies. Please and thank you so much! Lol I was the excited anon from before :)

So sorry it took so long to do to make it up though, I made some gifs of Deadman Wonderland for you as well! (x) (x) (x)


  • How do they kiss?
    • Senji: He can be both polite and sensual. It’s normally a mixture of both. He can eventually get a bit aggressive in kissing, especially when he starts to get horny.
    • Ganta: he is always nervous at first, but follows the pace of his s/o. He tends to get a little sloppy, but its not too overwhelming.
    • Yo: What an amazing kisser! He doesn’t start off slow, he goes right into tongue kissing. He rarely pecks because he thinks kissing is delicate and shows someone’s love.
  • What sort of sweet nothings do they whisper?
    • Senji: He is a smooth talker that can get his s/o riled up within a few sentences. However, he is always polite and will never say anything too risque or vulgar because you are a woman. He says thing along the lines of your beauty and how he would handle your body with care.
    • Ganta: He always talks about how pretty you are and how much he loves you. He talks to you in a manner as if his s/o is his princess. He gushes over you often.
    • Yo: Surprisingly, he is a horny lover who always whisper things to only get you turned on. He starts off with compliments, and then tells you how he would make you feel good in bed. 
  • What do they like to talk about?
    • Senji: He likes to talk about his past and his comrades in the police force. He is a sports person, so you’ll hear it often. he isn’t into very girly things, so he prefer topics of masculinity, but he is always willing to listen to his s/o too.
    • Ganta: he talks about his friends in school, and in a domestic environment, his time in Deadman Wonderland. He likes to talk about comic book/manga related things.
    • Yo: He likes to talk about family, specifically his sister. He always manages to talk in a sense of paranoia, only because of what he went through. He doesn’t mind talking about girly things too, since he always did that with his sister.
  • Can they sing?
    • Senji: He used to sing a lot of karaoke when he went out with his friends. His voice can always lift people’s spirits.
    • Ganta: No. He tries, but no.
    • Yo: Beautiful voice, no sense of rhythm.


  • What do they look for in a s/o?
    • Senji: He likes women who are proper. He likes the calm, but aggressive type, and someone who isn’t always in distress. He likes someone who can spar with him and someone who can keep up with him.
    • Ganta: He likes an s/o is funny, who smiles often and is strong, but not too strong, because it’ll make him feel weak. He likes girls with long hair.
    • Yo: He prefers the younger type, someone who is outgoing, but looks innocent. He likes someone who is similar to his sister, but not in a crazy sense.
  • What do they like to see on their s/o?
    • Senji: Proper and professional, but not too manly. He is okay if they wear dresses or show skin, as long as it’s not too much.
    • Ganta: Dresses, pleaded skirts, just girly in general. He likes it when they wear jewelry as well, but not excessive amounts.
    • Yo: He likes a mixture of classy and provocative, although he would like to keep his s/o’s sexual side to himself. He has a thing for uniforms. He would prefer the dark and neutral colors, and nothing to bright.
  • What is their favorite part of their s/o?
    • Senji: He likes breast, shoulders and their lower back.
    • Ganta: Breasts, waist, smile and hands.
    • Yo: Butt, thighs, and their neck.


  • What kind of hugger are they?
    • Senji: He has a habit of doing a friendly and short hug, due to his military days, so it may seem a bit distant. Although when he realizes that he wants more, he can hug for a very long time. It always warm and gentle, and his muscles are very hard against his s/o’s chest, but it feels good.
    • Ganta: It can be awkward sometimes, but once he gets used to his s/o he hugs them with his arms usually on their lower back. he always closes his eyes when he hugs his s/o
    • Yo: Hands are always on the butt, but it really is a sweet hug. He gives off a mixture of a bear hug, and friendly hug and it last for a bit because he sort of lets the feeling soak in.
  • How do they carry their s/o to bed?
    • Senji: He is so strong that its like carry a teddy bear to bed. He is gentle with it, and tends to smile when he does. When you both are playing around beforehand he will carry you on his left shoulder
    • Ganta: He can struggle sometimes carrying his s/o, so he usually piggy backs to make it easier.
    • Yo: He looks weak, but he is pretty strong. He can easily carry you in front. Bedtime is his favorite time, so he is gentle and very loving.

The Goodies-

  • What turns them on?
    • Senji: He gets turned on easily, but he is always polite about it. Even showing a bit of cleavage will get him going, but if your in public he will ask for you to cover yourself, but later on, his s/o will get it.
    • Ganta: He gets turned on through bonds. If he is having a really good day with s/o he likes to end it with making love with them. 
    • Yo: He will get turned on by blunt and forward actions. He is a direct person, so he won’t really think of sex, unless it obvious that his s/o wants to.
  • What turns them off?
    • Senji: Hates overly sexual women. He used to like it back when, but he finds it a turn off now. He doesn’t like weak people and gets turned off by people who doesn’t try hard enough.
    • Ganta: He is pretty accepting so it hard to turn him off. The only thing that would ever bother him is if you talk bad about his friends or act crazy like Yo’s sister, Minatsuki.
    • Yo: bad mouthing is sister, people who make him feel inferior, and anyone who has no respect for themselves.
  • Kinks?
    • Senji: Daddy kink, face sitting, and foreplay.
    • Ganta: He likes to feel powerful, but nothing that includes your normal BDSM stuff. He does tip toe on the line of rough sex and dominatrix sorts, but he isn’t excessive about. he is into cum marking and making creampies.
    • Yo: Cum marking, anal, and daddy kink. he is very into role playing.
Do not look up to Peter pan
Do not run after Alice
Do not chase these fantasy ideals you have in your head
Because the lost boys were all dead and Peter Pan was an asshole who killed himself
And just because the world of wonderland is written in rhyme
Does not mean there wasn’t blood shed
That the roses weren’t painted red with the blood of innocence
And just because the world was nice didn’t mean that Alice wasn’t alone or that the white rabbit didn’t have anxiety
Do not forget that ever story has its horrors
Including the magical ones