Curls For Short Black Hair: Nur Hellmann - Black Women With Short Hair Cuts

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hammy-man-nuggets asked:

I saw the other ask about the mei and the kittenbus, and I saw you mention other shorts. I was wondering what the other shorts are?

Hi, the Studio Ghibli shorts are -

1995: On Your Mark (Chage & Aska music video)
2000: Ghiblies (TV short)
2001: The Whale Hunt (Studio Ghibli Museum exclusive)
2002: Ghiblies Episode 2 (accompanies The Cat Returns)
2002: Koro’s Big Day Out (Studio Ghibli Museum exclusive)
2002: Imaginary Flying Machines (Studio Ghibli Museum exclusive)
2002: Mei and the Kittenbus (Studio Ghibli Museum exclusive)
2005: Looking for a Home (Studio Ghibli Museum exclusive)
2005: The Day I Harvested a Planet (Studio Ghibli Museum exclusive)
2005: Water Spider Monmon (Studio Ghibli Museum exclusive)
2006: The Night of Taneyamagahara
2007: Iblard Jikan
2010: Chu Zumo (Studio Ghibli Museum exclusive)
2010: Mr. Dough and the Egg Princess (Studio Ghibli Museum exclusive)
2011: The Treasure Hunt (Studio Ghibli Museum exclusive)

pyro-troy asked:

Something to add about the last ask about vendan a brother he considers his replacement vendan has his reasons the choices he made for them where wrong but not completely for no reason I'm not saying what he did was right just that I'm not going to completely hate vendan I would just wonder how short his fuse was

Vendetta does have a lot of pent up anger from how Jay and Scarlet never bothered to even send letters and it was worse when he found out abt Vangel

cant blame the parents either tho bc Ven is so quiet and basically acts like a cardboard so they dont know if they should message him or nah

half of me is grieving the loss of blonde yoona, this short-lived wonderful majestic hairstyle will never be forgotten and half of my soul is vERY UPSET but the other half of me is like yOONA DYED HER FUCKIGN HAIR THIS MEANS WE’RE SO CLOSE TO YOU THINK !WE’RE SO CLOSE! I CAN FEEL THE PINK FLAMES SOARING THROUGH MY SONE TRASH THROAT I’M SO READY FOR SNSD TO STEP ON MY FACE IN 488484944948 INCH HEELS AND SHOVE 78829900 PINK LIGHTSTICKS DOWN MY THROAT

This sweet shirt and a pair of glorious 3" inseam split shorts just arrived ☺️

“Seokjin hyung, you really need to stop confessing your love for Namjoon hyung on television,” Jungkook complains from the back seat.
Seokjin scoffs. It’s not like Jungkook hasn’t been spending every second hanging all over Jimin in front of the cameras. In fact, he’s doing it right now, letting Jimin’s small fingers brush his fringe off his forehead.
“It’s fine,” Namjoon cuts in. “It’s not like they take it seriously.” He frowns. “Which kinda sucks. But it’s better for us.”
“Exactly,” Seokjin says. He links his fingers easily with Namjoon’s, tilting his head up for the kiss he had accidentally tried to go for during the interview.

Black Short Styles: Nur Hellmann - Black Women With Short Hairstyles

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Kcon is now over and I’m sitting here in the dark getting teary, because the truth is getting to see SJ live is more magical than I could have imagined. I saw them 3 years ago, but I was half way up the auditorium and couldn’t see a thing, and they just danced to a couple songs and did a quick intro. And this time… They seemed to really enjoy themselves. They were joking around (“club?” “No club”) and smiling and laughing, and then doing their silly impersonation of NBA and just… It was so wonderful. It was a short 30 minutes, but so sweet and so worth it. I got to see Kyuhyun’s constant bright smile. I got to see just how much of a dancing machine Hyukjae really is. I experienced Leeteuk’s overwhelming love, Siwon’s goofiness, Yesung and Ryeowook’s powerful voices, Kangin’s adorable personality, Donghae’s clingy personality, Heechul’s wonderful insanity.

And I got to meet ELF. Some who I knew already and some who I didn’t, and all of them were wonderful people. I got to hang out with awesome and sweet people. I couldn’t be happier

superherospandexx asked:

this is such a silly question but i can't help but wonder how you're supposed to pronounce wada (is it wahdah? or wayday? or waydah? or something else entirely? i have no idea) anyway, i love your work and was just wondering

It’s WahDah.  Short A.  It’s Japanese, so similar vowel pronunciation to Spanish.  Hope that clears it up for the whole class.  ;)

I wonder if people know that that one “most reblogged post on tumblr” with the I think nearly 16 million notes is actually like 100+ different posts that different people have changed and re-written over the years [yes literally years] into whatever they felt like?