The ‘Wonder Woman’ sequel will reportedly take place during the Cold War ‘80s

  • In a few short weeks, Wonder Woman will likely pass Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 as the top-grossing film of the summer domestically — truly a remarkable feat for a standalone film set during World War I. 
  • According to Screen Rant, the not yet dated, but inevitable, Wonder Woman sequel is set to take place during the 1980s, pitting the hero against the Soviet Union during the height of the Cold War. 
  • This is an enticing plot that could make for another spectacular superhero film with a spy-thriller feel — not unlike Captain America: The Winter Solider. The report also suggests that Chris Pine could be returning, after he and Gadot displayed wonderful on-screen chemistry in the first film. Read more (7/11/17)

Acorn moon candles

• Harvested acorn shells
• Wax bits from old candles
• Old incense stick bottoms
• Lavander flower (optional)

》 Melt the wax (wax burner or old tin can and an old pot full of water on the stove works well for this), pour into shells, stick the wicks in and blow softly for a few seconds… wax will harden and the candle is done! Repeat for as many as you’d like to make!

☆ These candles are wonderful for small or short spells AND they float on water which makes them extra fun! Enjoy! ☆

If you don’t think McGonagall was invited to James and Lily’s wedding you’re wrong
  • She was in her office working late one night when she heard tapping on the window; it was an owl, carrying a letter labelled « Minnie »
  • So of course she knew who it was from
  • ngl she teared up a little at the thought that Lily and James were getting married, in spite of the war, and that they’d invited her to the wedding
  • She wondered for a (very short) while if it would be appropriate for her to attend her former students’ wedding, but oh who was she kidding - this was James Potter and Lily Evans, of course she was going
  • She showed up in a long bottle green silk dress, and a high bun with green feathers sprouting from it
  • Of course Sirius was the first to spot her when she arrived
  • He offered her his arm (« you look ravishing tonight, Minnie ») and escorted her to her seat
  • She didn’t even try to conceal her tears during the ceremony
  • she was so proud
  • later Marlene dares Sirius to ask McGonagall for a dance
  • Sirius looks offended
  • « I don’t need to be dared to ask Minnie for a dance! I was going to anyway! »
  • « Minnie, would you care to dance with me? »
  • « Mr Black, I hardly think this would be appropriate! And may I ask again that you stop using that name! »
  • « Come on Minnie, you know you love it. One dance? »
  • *deep sigh from McGonagall*
  • « Alright, Black. One dance »
  • Sirius winks at James as he dances with McGonagall
  • James is dancing nearby with Lily
  • He looks so betrayed it’s comical
  • « Excuse me Lily I must go dance with Minnie right now »
  • Lily rolls her eyes
  • « sometimes I wonder if you don’t love her more than you love me » she groans
  • but she smiles and goes off to dance with Alice
  • James approaches Sirius and McGonagall and clears his throat
  • « excuse me, Minnie, do you think I could have this dance? »
  • Sirius looks bewildered (« uh, mate, can’t you see I’m dancing with Minnie?? »)
  • « Ah, yes, Padfoot, but this is my weeding. I do what I want »
  • To their surprise, McGonagall nods, « you know, Black, Mr Potter’s got a point.. »
  • James smirks at Sirius, who stares at them for a second then stomps away mumbling to himself like the drama queen that he is
  • McGonagall may tell James how proud she is of him while they dance
  • James may find his eyes to be a wee bit watery for a second
  • After a while, Sirius reappears
  • James starts to make a speech about how Sirius should quit trying already (« I am the groom, Padfoot, therefore I am the one who gets to dance with Minnie » *severe eye-rolling from McGonagall*)
  • but Sirius cuts him off by saying « Prongs, I didn’t come here to ask Minnie to dance with me. I came to ask you. »
  • « Oh. Well in that case » — he turns to McGonagall — « Minnie, if you’ll excuse us »
  • James takes Sirius by the waist and they start dancing
  • Almost half an hour later, Lily sits down next to a grinning McGonagall and sighs « you know, sometimes I wonder if he doesn’t love him more than he loves either or us »

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Imagine if the boys accidentally got caught under some alien thingy that basically acts like a love potion that makes them act on their feelings that they were hiding for their s/o

I think I got angsty at the end, oops. 

“Well, it essentially acts like a truth serum! Making him more susceptible to answering direct questions and acting on the most subtle of urges. Quite ingenious really, it harms no one except those with something to hide. It reminds me of the way Alkornizaks snuff out–”

“What do you mean essentially Coran? Is he going to be ok?” You glanced fearfully at the paladin sitting before you who was swaying gently back and forth while gazing at you with a glazed expression akin to some sort of wonder. 

“Well, in short answer, yes!”

“And in long answer??”

Coran twirled his mustache and smiled kindly, “The serum was meant for Allura but thankfully Alteans and Humans aren’t too terribly different in their metabolism. He’ll be fine in a few hours. Why don’t you take him to his room, eh? Let me know if anything happens.” You thanked Coran and he left the medical bay with a fatherly wave, leaving you alone with a drugged paladin you’ve been harboring feelings for what seems like ages.

A part of you wanted to ask him how he felt about you but the other, more moral side was screaming that that would be a violation of the trust you both had built. Taking advantage of their fragile state would be an unforgivable act no matter how you twisted it….or wanted it. Damn your good upbringing. “Alright, you”, your paladin perked up as you closed the gap between you, “Let’s get you to bed, huh? Would you like that?”


  • since he’s one of the biggest paladins, will probably be less influenced by the serum but will still be very much a happy limp noodle
  • hums happily when you grab his hand and tug him along and continues to hum a happy tune down the hall. he has a really nice voice.
  • then he notices your butt. Normally he likes to sneak looks and maybe daydream a bit about being able to just hold it while he kisses you. But that’s normally.
    • Totally uses your clasped hands to twirl you around, hold you to his chest, and gently kiss you while running a hand through your hair.
    • The moment is ruined when his other hand snakes down and gives that butt a good squeeze and a little smack
  • When you pull back in surprise Shiro just giggles and tells you he’s been wanting to do that for ages (his hand is still on your butt)
  • “Alright lover boy, get back to me when you’re sober.” “So, you’re not mad?” “Not at all, I just want you sober before any declarations of love or whatever.” 
    • he makes you stay with him in his room until the serum wears off completely. Realizes what he’s done but proceeds to quietly ask you if you want to date him.
    • You draw him in for a slow kiss as your answer. 
    • Then you smack. that. ass. 


  • Also less influenced by the serum but he’s an honest boy with no boundaries
  • proceeds to tell you his every thought. He is straight up narrating his mind rn
  • “You’re hands are really soft, how do you do that? Also they’re really warm and wow, I am holding a pretty girl’s hand right now. Oh my god, we’re holding hands! WOOOOOOW!!! This is great. You’re great. Have I ever told you how pretty you are? Because I thought you were an angel when I first met you and then you started cooking with me and I think maybe you were flirting with me a little? I dunno, but then I thought–no, I knew you were an angel. I literal space angel. In space. I don’t ever want to let go of your hand. Can we stay like this??? Because I’m having a great time–”
    • This continues all the way to his room and he’s just so earnest and sincere and so goddamn sweet you end up smiling the whole time because you’ve like him for a while and it’s very clear he likes you too
  • Totally understands why you aren’t talking to him too terribly much because he’s acutely aware that he’s spilling his guts and would normally be mortified if he were sober but he’s adamant about you staying with him for a bit because he just really wants to be in your presence.
    • “–Because I like you, like really like you and I kinda want to be with you every second of the day but I know that’s not really practical because like, you need to sleep and go to the bathroom, and so do I, but can we like date or something? Because I really want to call you my girlfriend, and babe, and darling, and honey bear, and–”
    • You cut him off with a finger to the lips and ask him to try again when he’s sober. He nods and continues talking your ear off about whatever topic you through at him until the serum wears off and he’s able to very sheepishly ask if you still like him.
    • Spoiler alert: you do.


  • “Let’s get you to bed, huh? Would you like that?” There’s a small moment where you realize just how fucked up the serum has made Keith because he looks so lost and confused and his eyes are a bit glassy as the rake up your form. He looks like he’s trying to process each individual syllable you’ve just said and by the way he’s tugging at his bottom lip, he’s having a rough time. Maybe the serum works differently on Galra?
    • Then he snaps back to reality for a second long enough to say, “Only if you join me.”
    • “Well, I am technically taking you to your room-” “NO!!!”
  • Keith stands up and wobbles a bit after his extremely loud exclamation so you reach out to hold his arms and he just kinda collapses into you. Seriously, what was in that stuff?
    • He takes an extra second before raising his head and kinda knocking you in the forehead with his own. It hurts but Keith is really close and you can make out every light freckle on his nose and his eyes are just so impossibly purple and pretty you just kind of freeze while he takes the time to gather his syrupy thoughts
  • He gets huffy and pouty but finally he he’s able to talk.
    • “I want you to stay with me. All the time. I don’t like it when you leave me. I get jealous when Lance makes you laugh. Or Hunk lets you try new food. Or when Shiro ruffles your hair. Or when you and Pidge and Allura have those girl nights? What are those??? I want to do all those things with you. I want you. I like you.”
    • Keith got quieter at the end of his little speech and is now a blushy mess but he’s still wobbly and leaning onto you for support. He’s got a hand in your hair and is playing with it mostly so he can avoid looking at your face because he’s scared. Scared he’ll get rejected like how his parents rejected him, like the garrison reject him.
  • You smile and nuzzle his nose with yours to get him to look back at you and the tears in his eyes break your heart. You leave a small kiss on his nose and reassure him you’re not going anywhere and will sit in bed with him if that’s what he wants.
  • The serum wears off some time after you’ve accidentally fallen asleep in his bed so Keith ends up spooning you and whispering how much he likes you into your hair. When you eventually wake up the first thing he does is try to give you a kiss. 
    • I say try because he came at you a little too fast and ended up knocking your faces together. You got it right the second time.


  • “You’re the prettiest lady I’ve ever seen.” You hate how much your heart races hearing those words out of Lance’s mouth because if he wasn’t such a flirt they might actually mean something. You gently tug on his hand and try to lead him away but Lance digs his heels into the ground and brings you to a stop.
    • “You don’t believe me.” The uncharacteristically serious tone in Lance’s voice makes you turn around. You want to tell him no, of course not, but such harsh words aren’t in your nature. You also want to tell him how much you want to believe him because the butterflies you get every time he smiles at you won’t go away 
  • Lance drops your hand and takes a deep breath, like he’s readying himself for something big.
    • “You heard Coran. Truth serum. I can’t lie right now. I. Like. You. I like the way you laugh at my jokes and that way you tuck your hair behind your ear when you’re nervous. I like that I can spill my guts to you and know that you won’t make fun of me for it. I like how you always make sure to praise me after practice, and the way you stick your tongue out when you’re concentrating, and the way your face lights up when you hit your targets…” 
    • Lance grabs both of your hands this time and brings them up to his mouth to place a gentle kiss on each. “I like how you make me feel like I’m not alone,” he whispers.
  • You’re shook. You don’t know what to say and Lance is just standing there, waiting, still holding your hands to his mouth. He likes you. He actually likes you!
    • Eventually you end up smiling and asking him to try again when he’s back to himself because you feel a little iffy about coerced confessions. He agrees and tries to nuzzle into your hair but the serum has made him forget how to move those limbs and he kind of ends up toppling over onto you but it’s hilarious and your guys’ laughter ends up dissipating the serious vibe that was going on
  • After he’s serum free Lance does his best to make a bouquet out of whatever he can find including paper, some really cool plants from the kitchen, what you’re sure is a sock, some metal pieces from Pidge’s shop, and one of the mice and proceeds to knock on your door to officially ask you out.
    • He gets down on one knee and everything. When you say yes and take the “bouquet” he proceeds to scream “SHE SAID YES” as loud as possible while running around in circles. Keith yells at him to shut up but you think he’s absolutely adorable.
Imagine Enoch picking on you for being short

“Hm, wonder where Y/N is.”

“Enoch look down.”

“Like I can hear but I don’t see her?? Y/N where are you?”

“Enoch I swear to God I’ll kick your ass.”

“Well it looks like she left.”

“Enoch look the fuck down.”

“My precious baby girl is gone, boohoo.”


#thankyoubones week: day 6 → 7 camille saroyan ‘i’m the boss’ moments

Cam, Cam, Cam…. really what would we (and the entire Jeffersonian team) do without her? Since the moment she first graced our screens, Cam has been nothing short of wonderful (and snarky, and witty, and the true MomTM of the team). She’s the type of boss I’d want to have myself - assertive when the situation calls for it, and relaxed at other, less crucial times at work (to the point of letting Hodgins get away with most of his experiments). She’s grown so much over the years as well, and really opened herself up to everyone on the team over the past 11-12 years of being their boss…. ‘you are all my true friends, and I won’t forget it. But let there be no mistake because I am the boss and I am in charge’. And in addition to all that (out of all things) she is about to get married today! So really, this day is a perfect day to dedicate to her, and she truly deserves all the happiness and love in the world ❤️

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I think dan is upset that people don't get that he's joking in his video. he made a new comment under his video "in these comments: people not understanding humour". I think he's referring to the people who are asking if he is depressed and wants to kill himself.

edit, adding in a screenshot of his comment for posterity lol: 

my feelings are pretty aptly summed up by this response: 

this is something that irks me about dan. i understand humor is his coping mechanism with his own mental health issues and i appreciate and acknowledge that. it is 100% his right to have that, use it, put it in videos, whatever he wants, if it’s really helping him work through things for himself. but if that humor is not received 100% graciously by people who are particularly sensitive to these themes (and esp bc those ppl might not watch his live shows so they dont even hear him ever rambling about his mental health struggles; they only have these ‘jokes’ that dan himself says are ‘jokes’ to go off of) OR people who just care about him and are worried about him,,,, then he can’t be surprised or take issue. it’s also just self-contradiction after a point bc on the one hand he says (in live shows) that his dark humor is a coping mechanism for real internal struggle, but in venues like this he very much cops out and says it’s just a joke and that ppl dont get his edgy humor and theres no need to worry about him. i mean theyre probably related in a sense bc he doesnt want the wider internet to be worried about him and so he trivializes these jokes to deflect attention, but overall i feel like he can’t just cling to both explanations when it suits him and depending on which audience he’s talking to. im giving him enough benefit of the doubt to think that its a bit more than just ‘edgy humor’ for the sake of it, but if this is all that people are hearing and all that ppl have to go off of … no wonder they’re upset?  

in short: as much as it’s his right to make jokes like this, it’s his audience’s right to dislike them. he has to know there are people out there who are actually struggling with these problems, so idk how it’s shocking that some people might be hurt or a little put off to hear it referenced so so so much and for the purposes of comedy by someone they’re trying to watch for entertainment. i myself find suicidal ideation and even general references to ‘wanting death’ to be pretty hard to stomach at the best of times and thats why even tho i wanted to uninhibitedly love this vid and also the recent anthony collab, both of them made me feel slightly unsettled at the same time. doesnt mean i dont understand dan’s ‘humor’ or why he resorts to it. i do, but i dont always like it. simple as that. 

RFA+V+Saeran Proposes to MC

A/N: This wasn’t requested but the ideas have been in my mind for a while so hey why not


  • The lil bean was a nervous wreck omg
  • He’s going to ask you to be married to him for the rest of your lives that’s a lot of pressure
  • “Zen, I need help I’ve never proposed before”
  • Of course you haven’t, idiot”
  • He’s trying so hard to come up with a really cute way to propose
  • But all the ideas he comes up with aren’t good enough
  • He asks literally everyone in the RFA and almost spills to you in the process oops
  • Jaehee knocks some sense into him saying that no matter how he does it, you would say yes
  • Yoosung gains a lot more confidence after that and immediately knows what to do
  • He decides to go for the traditional proposal at dinner instead of going all out
  • You go out to a really nice restaurant for dinner and you can tell something’s off with him
  • When you’re both chilling in his house, you ask him what’s wrong
  • Immediately starts stuttering like crazy
  • Eventually, he takes a deep breath and just goes for it
  • “MC… Ever since you came into my life, you’ve been nothing but kind and understanding towards me even if we were strangers. I found myself falling for you fast and I knew I wanted to protect you and make you happy. I still feel that way. These past couple years have been nothing short of wonderful and I hope you think so, too. And I hope that we could have a lot more years like them in the future. So…”
  • At this point you’re both tearing up but he gets down on one knee and pulls out the ring with a shaky hand
  • “Will you marry me, MC?


  • You know how he is
  • Obviously he’s going to want to make the most romantic proposal in the entire world
  • He’s got this super extravagant plan in his mind and it’s going to be perfect
  • Until it isn’t lol
  • He took you out to a romantic picnic at your favorite park
  • We’re talking candles-everywhere-as-the-sun-sets-while-feeding-each-other-chocolate-covered-strawberries kind of romantic
  • He cooked the food himself
  • Since you love to hear him sing, he serenades your favorite song to you
  • Everything is going just fine until the nerves start kicking in
  • The plan was to propose after the song but you’re giving him this really sweet and loving look and he loses all composure
  • He starts blushing and his breathing is uneven and his palms are sweaty
  • knees weak arms are heavy
  • You realize he’s struggling to say something you encourage him while waiting patiently
  • He takes your hands in his to calm himself down a little
  • “I want you to know how much I love you. I absolutely love everything about you. Like the way your nose crinkles when you laugh or how you nag me to take a break if I work too hard and how you sing to yourself whenever you cook or how you snore a little bit when you sleep haha… I love how supportive you are. No matter how tough the situation is, you’ve always defended me and stayed by my side. But most importantly, I would love it if you would continue to stay by my side.”
  • You watch as he gets down on one knee, a shy smile on his face as he pulls out the ring
  • “How about it, MC? Will you marry me and stay by my side for the rest of our lives?”


  • Cool and calculated on the outside, a Hot Mess™ on the inside
  • She does a really good job at keeping the proposal a secret from you but as they day looms closer, she becomes a nervous wreck
  • She starts messing up customer’s orders, drops a plate or two, ya know
  • You’re worried about her but when you ask about it, she quickly brushes it off
  • This isn’t normally like her so you know it’s something bad
  • At the end of the work day, you suggest that she relax a little bit before you two start closing
  • She agrees but goes to the back of the kitchen to get some food for you two
  • When she brings out a slice of cake for you to share, you ask her what’s wrong
  • She fidgets with her sleeve as her eyes fixate on the cake that you’re in the middle of eating, avoiding to look you in the eyes
  • “There’s nothing wrong, I promise. It’s just… I really love you, MC. More than you know. You’ve helped realize that I need to follow my own dreams and take more risks instead of taking it safe.” She looks around the shop. “I mean, you helped me open up my own coffee shop! But one thing you helped me most on is love. Because of you, I took a chance and fell in love. With you. You not only helped me achieve my dream of owning my own cafe but also my dream of finding someone who could love me.”
  • You watch as she looks back down at the cake you’ve forgotten about
  • As you look down, you can see a shining diamond hidden in the pastry
  • “Can you help me achieve one more dream and marry me?”


  • pretend the good ending of his route doesn’t exist lol
  • This man wanted the best and only the best for you
  • But he knew you preferred the simpler things in life
  • so he decided to cancel the raining rose petals and doves lol
  • Instead, he decided to take you out to your favorite restaurant for dinner
  • But obviously he made sure you had the entire restaurant to yourselves
  • He’s a little nervous but not so much because come on
  • He wouldn’t propose unless he knew for a fact that you would say yes
  • So dinner goes by without a problem and you two are just enjoying the quiet company of each other
  • But when the waiters bring out dessert, he gets a little fidgety
  • When you ask him if he’s okay, he takes a deep breath and starts the speech he prepared ahead of time
  • “I want you to know how grateful I am that you are in my life. You are so patient and understanding with me. I was so… isolated before I met you. But you’ve taught me to accept my own emotions and learn to love. I love you, MC, with all my heart.”
  • Jumin moves to stand up and kneel down next to you, pulling out a velvet box and revealing the ring inside
  • “All I want to do is to make you happy. You deserve the best life possible and I’ll do anything to ensure that. But will you give me the best life by becoming my wife?”


  • this is gonna be chandler and monica style from friends get ready
  • It’s been a while since the whole Mint Eye thing and Seven had been thinking of proposing to you
  • But he’s Seven so he’s really scared that you won’t say yes since he believes he still isn’t good enough for you
  • You knew that he wanted to marry you and why he was so hesitant so you decided to break tradition
  • When Seven came home from running errands, he found you in the living room surrounded by candles and looking really nervous
  • He sat down next to you on the couch and noticed you were tearing up
  • Seven goes into PANIC MODE
  • He starts to ask questions and see if you’re hurt or if he did something or what but you shut him up
  • “I want you to know how much I love you. I know you’re afraid of this whole “love and relationship” thing but I want you to know that I love you more than anything else. To prove to you that I will never leave you…”
  • You start pulling out the ring you bought for him but at this point you’re full on sobbing and shaking you can’t speak 
  • This boi is tearing up but he gets the idea and helps you out a bit
  • “I knew I wanted to marry you since you stuck by my side even after going to the Mint Eye. You’ve made me become a better man in more ways than I can count. I’m sorry it took me so long and made you wait, but I love you, too.”
  • He looks you in the eyes as you both take a deep breath before saying at the same time:
  • “Will you marry me?”


  • V wanted to be creative with his proposal but nothing too extravagant
  • So he decided to make it a little sentimental instead by using his photography skills in the process
  • You were out with some friends so he asked Jumin for some help with the set up to which he gladly agreed
  • When you got home, you found a photo taped to the front of the door of you and all the other RFA members
  • Below it was a note saying “The first party and first time we met.”
  • You smiled as you took the photo down and saw more taped along the hallway
  • Each had notes underneath life “Our first date.” or “Taken after we said our first ‘I love you’s’” or “First time I ever saw you.” or “The day you moved in.” 
  • The photos led to the backyard and when you went outside, you saw V standing in the middle with a big smile on his face and you walk over to him
  • Before you can ask him what all the fuss was about, he kneels and begins speaking
  • “You are truly a blessing in life. In my life. You are so patient and kind and understanding and generous without asking for anything in return. I wanted to show you how much I love you and somehow give back for all the kindness you’ve given me. All the photos you have are from moments I hold close to my heart. I hope that we have more photos to take in the future.”
  • You watch him pull out the ring as you hear a snap and see Seven off to the side with a camera
  • “MC, will you marry me and make more memories with me?”


  • You had been together for years and it was a slow and steady relationship 
  • Sure you wanted to marry him but you didn’t mind waiting and giving him time considering everything that he’s been through
  • He wants you to be by his side since you’re the only one that really understands him
  • You’re both cuddling on the couch and watching a movie like any other day
  • It was your turn to pick the movie so you choose this romance movie Jaehee recommended
  • it’s not a zen movie *gasp*
  • At some point, the two main characters get married and you don’t think much of it
  • Saeran, however, has got that scene stuck in his mind
  • Once the movie ends, he asks you if you liked it
  • When you say yes, he just nods quietly and bites his lip
  • You know that’s a nervous tick of his but you don’t want to press him if he doesn’t want to share
  • You’re about to get up to get food when you hear him mutter something
  • It was so quiet so you ask him to repeat it
  • “Let’s get married.”
  • He’s looking at you straight in the eye and you know that he’s completely serious about this
  • You can’t help the grin on your face as you give him a kiss
  • “Okay. Let’s get married.”
give it time (trini/kim, pre-relationship)

So! Tomorrow is @plastic-pipes’ birthday and since I was never given a prompt, I figured I’d just base this birthday ficlet off of some awesome art that pipes drew instead. (And how could I resist adding a trope to it?) Hope you have a great b-day, pal! :D

“So, this isn’t exactly how I saw our night off going.”

Kim’s face is only illuminated by the light of their two phones, but it’s easy to see the frustration in the tiny pinch of her forehead and slight dip of the corners of her lips, despite the lightness of her tone.

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Life is too short for wondering what could have been. Look around and appreciate what is. Just look at you healing, you’re such a beautiful vulnerable thing.

Mornings (Steve x reader)

Description: Cap and F/N waking up together PSA: filled with some wonderful fluff. sorta short, but that’s the way it ended up

The sun is beginning to peek through your sheer drapes in the early morning. it’s spring, and from your open window you can smell the cherry blossoms from Central Park. Your bed sheets are cold, just the way you like it. You’re wearing your boyfriend’s white t-shirt that’s huge on you along with your comfiest pair of pajama shorts. You and your boyfriend share the living space that you have in the avengers tower; finally convincing Tony to let you both share a room together after dating for a year and a half. Steve Rogers is your boyfriend. The world’s one and only Captain America and the only one in your heart. Your legs are entangled with his, it was one of those feelings of knowing he’s there that comforted you. Steve wraps his arm around you and pulls you into him, noticing that you’re getting cold by the way your stealing all of the sheets that are currently balled up in your fist.

“Cold, babe?” The way his voice sounded just as he was waking up turned you on, but you weren’t in the mood for any of that right now. He chuckled a little bit before closing his eyes again, holding you as close to his body as he can. You smile a bit as he’s spooning you, eyes still closed. You turn your body to face him, still in his arms and barely open your eyes. You admire the way his kissable lips are curving into a slight smile and the way his eyes flutter a bit as he’s trying to fall back asleep. You listen to his steady heart beat, the only thing that makes you feel grounded these days. You capture his warmth and kiss his collarbone tenderly. He opens one eye at you and smiles, kissing you on the forehead.

“Good morning,” you whisper, just loud enough for him to hear. “Good morning F/N. How’d did you sleep?” He strokes his fingers through your hair, making you smile.

“Good. You know I always sleep better when you’re here with me.” Ever since the whole thing with Ultron and Sokovia, you’ve been having terrible nightmares about everyone you care about, dying on that floating city at the hands of that robot.

"I’ll always be here. Always.” He plants kisses along your temple, trailing them to your lips. His hands are wrapped around your waist while yours are planted on his chest. You feel every movement of his muscles under his soft and warm skin. You release the kiss and look into his blue-green eyes before going back to his tender lips. He’s gentle as he holds you, not wanting anything more from you than this. He gets his hands under your shirt and traces up and down your spine, sending a shiver throughout your body. He kisses you softly at first, like it’s the first time he’s kissed you. As you progress, you can feel the passion and the love he has for you behind each kiss. His tongue swipes across your lips and you part them, giving him entrance into your mouth. You wrap your arms around his neck, brushing them up into his soft hair. After your little make out session, you pull away and you both have kiss swollen lips. You smile at him and he gives you that gorgeous smile that you’ve always loved. He lays on his back and you rest your head on his bare chest, legs entangled in his.

"What do you want for breakfast? I’ll make you anything you want.” He says with his hand rested on your waist, his sentence ending with a kiss on your forehead.

"Hmm, how about waffles?” Those were your favorite. And you loved the way Steve made them. “Don’t forget the strawberries on top. You know I love those.”

He laughs and slowly starts to get up. “How could I forget?” He sits on the edge of the bed, his hand resting on yours. “I love you F/N.”

He leans over and kisses you lovingly, dragging it out because he doesn’t want to leave your side. You cup his face as he kisses you, and when you both pull away, you look up into his eyes and smile. “And I love you.”

Without warning, he picks you up bridal style out of the bed and you yelp out of surprise. He laughs and places a kiss on his cheek. “How could you make me leave the warmth of your cozy bed? And where are you taking me?” You say in the middle of your fit of laughter that you’re having with your loving boyfriend.

“I never said that you didn’t have to accompany me. I wanna see your beautiful face and I don’t want to miss it for a second.” He has this look on his face that’s filled with so much love. When you first got together, every one of the avengers knew you two were meant for each other because Steve never looked at someone like this. Bucky was the first to say it to you. You were touched and gave him a big hug, knowing that your boyfriend’s best friend gave his approval. Still laughing, he carried you out the door and into the kitchen, setting you on the counter. His hips were in between your legs and he placed one last kiss before making a breakfast that was just a start to a wonderful day.

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