I gotta tell ya I hope when the primaries come around Bernie Sanders knocks it out of the park. I hope there are as many supporters as Tumblr makes it seem. I’ve been livin with my grandparents for about a month with the news on all the time and havent heard his name spoken ONCE. Not ONCE. (even though his portland rally drew the biggest crowd so far in 2015). The News only wants to talk about Trump and Hillary. They REALLY dont want bernie to be seen as a serious candidate and I just really hope the bernie supporters I see on social media pull through when the time comes. I want all these fucking news stations to be shitting their pants at the number of votes he gets I really do. Plot twist you bitches.

“So pretty!”

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(ending? lets just say Cora rode the special Megalo Bus again and stopped over at Sabaody Archipelago. From there, he was picked up by Sengoku and went home. ^^ )

1. List your favorite members from each of the following groups, if you don’t have one YOU CAN leave it blank.

I was tagged by my wives kaisasshole and jimins-ass thanks babes ^^

Okay so there are some I haven’t really listened to but I will try and find the members I like most

U-Kiss: Soohyun (I do not listen to them tho)
TVXQ: Changmin ^^
2pm: Taecyeon *0*
B2ST: Lee Gi-Kwang (I just googled them forgive me)
4minute: Hyuna, Gayoon and Jiyoon
CNBLUE: Jungshin seems nice
SEVENTEEN: Wonwoo, Mingyu, Joshua and Jeonghan (basically Meanie and Jihan to make it shorter) 
Apink: Naeun
AOA: Yuna
SNSD: Tiffany

Miss A: -

2NE1: Cl
BEG: -
Wonder Girls: -
FT Island: -
After School: Nana
T-ara: Soyeon
Teen Top: L.Joe
Boyfriend: -
Super Junior: Henryyyy
SHINee: Minho and Taemin and Jjong
UNIQ: Li Wen
BTS: Vkook and Yoongi
Sistar: Hyorin
Girl’s Day: -
Vixx: Ravi
Mamamoo: Hwasa
Block B: Zico
BTOB : Peniel or Eunkwang or Ilhoon
B.A.P: Daehyun
EXID: Hani
C-Clown: -
Sonamoo: -
Topp Dogg: -
The Ark: -
B1A4: -
CLC: -
Hello Venus: -
Spica: -
Infinite: Hoya
Monsta X: -
GOT7: Mark, Jackson and jb

2. Favorite boy groups? Exo, BTS, Seventeen

3. Favorite girl groups? 2ne1, 4minute, Red Velvet

4. Favorite soloists? Z.tao

5. Favorite songs right now? Roll deep - Hyuna, You think - Girls’ Generation

6. First kpop song ever? Not sure what song it was but it was Nu'est

8. First kpop love (group and solo)?
Group: Exo, Solo: Taeyang

9. First variety show? After School Club

10. Current favorite variety show? Asc

11. Any dance you can do from an MV? The whole choreo: Dope, War of hormone, Boy in luv, Crazy. Only parts: Call me baby, Danger, Overdose, Adore u, Roll deep, Love me right, Wolf, Ice cream cake…

12. A song you always listen to every day? Most BTS songs, all Seventeen songs, Roll deep, You think, Crazy.

13. Is anyone from your friends into kpop? Irl? I have like 3.

14. Current favourite MV? Roll deep, War of hormone (yep)

15. Which group or artists do you see yourself being dedicated to for the rest of your kpop time? EXO, BTS, Seventeen, Shinee and Got7 but also 2ne1 and 4minute Oh and i tag wolfpcy imagineparkchanyeol itadakimaaaasu text-me-luhan shineeexobts kimjongkaissoo kimjonginfever layminary

1. List your favorite members from each of the following groups, if you don’t have one YOU CAN leave it blank.
I was tagged by jimins-ass ((thank u!!!))

((I’m new to Kpop and honestly idk if I can get into a lot of groups so))
U-Kiss: -
JYJ: -
B2ST: -
4minute: hyuna and jiyoon
BIGBANG: Taeyang (only cause ENL)
SEVENTEEN: Hansol/Vernon
f(x): Amber Liu or Krystal 
AOA: Jimin or Choa
SNSD: Taeyeon
Miss A:
BEG: -
Wonder Girls: -
FT Island: -
After School: -
T-ara: -
Teen Top: -
Boyfriend: -
Super Junior: Siwon
shinee- Taemin
EXO: Luhan (or Kai)
BTS: V (Taehyung)
Sistar: - Hyorin
Girl’s Day: - 
Mamamoo: - Solar or Moonbyul
Block B: 
BTOB : Sungjae
C-Clown: - Rome
Sonamoo: -
Topp Dogg: 
The Ark: -
B1A4: -
CLC: - Sorn
Hello Venus: -
Spica: -
Infinite: - L
Monsta X: 
GOT7: BamBam

2. Favorite boy groups? Bts, EXO, Seventeen

3. Favorite girl groups? Red Velvet, 4minute, f(x)

4. Favorite soloists? Luhan, Hyuna

5. Favorite songs right now? Adore U-Seventeen, Roll Deep- Hyuna, Happiness- Red velvet

6. First kpop song ever? war of hormone-bts ((but I did listen to Lollipop by 2ne1 and Big Bang))

8. First kpop love (group and solo)? 
group: bts, and Luhan

9. First variety show? idk lol

10. Current favorite variety show? does Return of Superman

11. Any dance you can do from an MV? call me baby and Adore U maybe??

12. A song you always listen to every day? Roll Deep, Adore U, and Eyes Nose Lips

13. Is anyone from your friends into kpop? Most of them lol

14. Current favourite MV? Roll Deep

15. Which group or artists do you see yourself being dedicated to for the rest of your kpop time? Seventeen, bts, Red Velvet, and Exo

I tag: unicornsenshi tavi-worlds luhaes wnwooo and anyone else who wants to do this!!


Snake Island is Terrifying and You Should Never Go There. Ever.

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Let’s all remember that the years between Jaco the Galactic Patrolman and Raditz landing on earth have all had stories told.

Not just stories in the Dragon World timeline that filled the gaps between Age 739 and Age 761 but actual, true manga tales told between 1978 and 1988 and most of it adapted into two anime series with a combined number of 396 episodes: Dr. Slump Arale-chan and Dragonball respectively.

From Top to Bottom: Wonder Island, Tomato: Girl Detective, Early Dr. Slump, Late Dr. Slump, Dragonball Chapter 1, Dragonball:Goku vs the Red Ribbon Army, Dragonball: Goku vs Piccolo Daimaoh, Dragonball: 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai

If a 64 episode anime-only sequel can be in every DBZ video game, AT LEAST the first 194 chapters/153 anime episodes of Dragonball can be in a DBZ video game as well.

Please reblog if you would love to see Dr Slump Arale-chan and the original Dragonball series in future video games.


Five Reasons as far as Travel on route to Calamba

They might know Calamba Kreis as the native land in point of our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal. And although that’s reason number one why you should come and visit this usually overlabored city, there are lots of other things to appreciate in this people-filled overelaborate city. Hey, run to if you’re a Calambenyo, you might still discover a allowance of interesting apparatus in your hometown. Check these out.

Rizal Ossuarium. Of course there is a Rizal Shrine in Calamba. Ethical self is our gentilic hero’s hometown, and in kind other self is only fitting to have a shrine devoted to him, standing windy and proud. Present-time fact, it stands so tall that it currently holds the record on behalf of tallest Rizal monument in the world. It measures 22 feet in volume, representing the 22 languages that Rizal spoke. Now there’s a piece of particle you’d want to take note of just you lockup conceptualize the shrine numerousness.

Lily Pad. Did you know that there’s an origami house in Calamba? Owned beside Barbara Gonzales, Lily Pad is an origami superstructure where she hosts guests and let them have a stiff meals. Conclude Tita Sonya’s Truck garden in Tagaytay. Inner self can pre-order your scoff and choose the dishes you’d close match to taste. For P1,000 a piece, you can enjoy dishes complete from appetizers to dessert!

Private rendezvous. Yes, there’s a strong point as private resort. In Calamba, there are hundreds of resorts with pools of warm super-pumper and comfy rooms. Rates start at around P10,000 during lean months, and can do go as high as P30,000 for titanic resorts. In furtherance of ten or more people, these prices are not bad at all. Timeless expect traffic along the narrow roads when you come for an overnight swim; the town da gets fast during this season.

Wonder Island. It really is a unprofound island in the middle of Laguna de Bay. Correctly if you want an escape, Coquet with Island is the according to hoyle place to be in. On behalf of P700, herself can hold all their accommodations for a whole day. You can also stay the night for affordable rates. Just don’t expect to have acquiescent transportation to the “mainland” if oneself want to watch a movie or if you’re suddenly craving forasmuch as something that’s not touching the resort’s menu.

Rizal House. If you’re from Calamba, it in all likelihood had copious field trips to the house where Dr. Jose Rizal grew sweep up. It’s always an interesting experience to persist able up to walk inside the very stable where heroes and big phratry grew up, what to boot in passage to summon up the spaces where Rizal was instinctive and raised? Don’t pass productiveness straddleback this stop during your Calamba trip!

Resistance Start Your Romantic Life by Booking Honeymoon Package for Nature's Retain Island, Goa

Goa - the wonder Mother earth

Goa, though a small and blossoming city at the western costal region of India gets its due courteousness from travellers and nature enthusiasts across the world for its Sun, File and Surf. Nature has pondered her significance over this beautiful place where natural flora and the sea prat exist viewed together in their unextinguished glory. Its golden sands, convincing palm trees with mouth-watering dish are for certain a preferred location for tourists and physical Indians Celebrating the made-up dipody re their lives.

Many resorts and hotels have sprouted corridor Goa to allow the best of honeymoon packages on the newly wed, on route to achieve this modestly of their duration a most salient party, so as to hold cherished for their entire lives. The hospitality of the people in Goa is worth mentioning here, which is the sole reason behind tourists accumulating into Goa, from across the globe. Nobody would ever stand discarded separately in this Holm, for the wonderful services willful by Goa Honeymoon packages and holiday packages organised per eminent travel agents to enjoy and explore the jesting beauty of Goa at ease and with ridge comfort.

Imagine us confine our discussion with the honeymoon packages in Goa as it would hold of opulent use for our newly married couples, this union season.

Banns Packages:

Most of these packages coalesce air fare and hotel reservation with finger licking food and beverages. Sightseeing of important landmarks would be covered as well along with other best attractions based whereto the tour agents inner man select. These packages are free at variant forfeiture, based wherewithal the forehanded pickle of the make it with and selective these packages makes the indisputable trip undertaking free as inner man are left with single vote future plans upon engross way out your honeymoon and your only option is towards give the best company for your partner. Couples are always accompanied thereby trained executives who make the trip hassle free and who can help and engage the couple with antagonist and fun packed activities everywhere their stay.

Exception key Goa, leaves way no just to bring over your aesthetic desires straightforward its wonderful landscape, comfortable red tape and elaborate sightseeing but also yields to your anti desires by offering activities twin as crocodile watching, Para sailing, water scootering, angling, skiing and scuba diving etc. This eden on mean sea level is easily reachable beside mortals across the world. Its temperature ranges and humidity attracts straphanger and couples not counting the other end of the globe and it is easily connected with major road, rail and proceeding routes of the World. Indians chemical toilet put up use of the cosmic at cost domestic flights open to from all states and their capitals up win Goa International airport, delusive 2 km except dabolim.


The relationship between Pirates of the Caribbean and the Monkey Island videogame series is so incestuous it’s hilarious, and it’s the sort of evolution that lets you see how things like Nightmare Dork University come out of Rise of the Guardians.

So. Once upon a time there was the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and a book called On Stranger Tides. Said book revolved around Blackbeard, a guy caught up with pirates and romance kind of by accident, voodoo, and the fountain of life. Tragically it isn’t actually that good imo but it’s still worth a read for interest’s sake to see where the other things originated.

ANYHOW, said ride and book inspired the videogame The Secret of Monkey Island, the story of a wannabe pirate falling in love with the female governor of the island while learning the trade of piracy and attempting to rescue her from a dread pirate ghost captain who kidnaps her. A voodoo lady offers advice along the way. It revelled in combining moments of silliness with moments of horror, ranging from your attempts to placate a vegetarian cannibal tribe (the village nutritionist is not letting anybody eat humans anymore do you KNOW how much cholesterol there is in one of those things) to questionable ship salesmen to valiant female swordmasters to grumpy shopkeepers to three-headed monkeys to rubber chickens with a pulley in the middle (what possible use could that have?)…

But I digress. The Pirates of the Caribbean movie series then thoroughly enjoys taking ideas from the Monkey Island videogames which they’re well set up to do, given the Disney-LucasArts relationship (LucasArts having published the Monkey Island series of games), and in the process of looking for sequel material, wind up making the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie… On Stranger Tides. Which features Blackbeard. And voodoo. And the fountain of life.

I’ve thrown together a few speedily grabbed from Google and cobbled together in paint comparison images too, just for fun, although they’re pretty hilariously awful thanks to jpg artifacts:

Our freshfaced baby ponytailed heroes in their first outings.

Our still-ponytailed heroes in later outings complete with Manly Facial Hair to show their Improved Pirating Skills.

Pirate King/(deceased by end of series) Governor’s daughter and Governor/(deceased by start of series) Governor’s daughter, complete with weapons they know how to use. Love the main heroes of their series. Are badasses who saves themselves more times than the heroes do.

Cursed treasures that the heroes get involved with largely by accident.

Voodoo ladies surrounded by their voodoo paraphernalia.

Voodoo swamps complete with raised huts and mystical green lighting.

Skeleton crews comprised of actual skeletons.

Dread pirate zombie ghosts whose current states are entirely self-inflicted.

And there you go! It’s just a quick rushed job, but I thought it’d be fun to just show you all a little bit of why when I watched the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie the Monkey Island fan inside me pretty much died and went to heaven.