Wonder what got into him

I spent ten minutes in his rooms. If you think I fucked him in that time you underrate me.
—  Damianos “I can go all night” of Akielos - Kings Rising by C. S. Pacat

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Cookies (M)

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Wonho x Reader

Warnings: SMUT. Face riding, slight spanking, dirty talk,

Word Count: 3,035

Summary:  You’re new in the neighbourhood, and decide to be a good person and go introduce yourself to your neighbours. Turns out that was a bad idea.

A/N: This is my fic. I’m re-posting onto my sideblog.

Being the new girl was tough. It was tough in high school, it was tough at a new job, and it’s still tough on moving day. You had just moved downtown into a cute apartment on the 10th floor of a pretty nice building. You loved being so close to everything, and the view you had made the hassle of moving up here worth it. You were still unfamiliar with your neighbours and neighbourhood, having only moved in a week ago. You took the opportunity a rare day off gave you to walk around and explore, as well as introduce yourself (finally). Baking wasn’t your strongest skill, but you tried, and made some cookies to take to your neighbours. You were glad you had taken this chance to introduce yourself, as everyone you met seemed friendly and kind.

Until you met 10A.

10A was the guy that resided in the apartment next to yours; he was relatively quiet, so you didn’t know what to expect. You knocked on the door and waited for the owner to open it, and when he did, you regretted doing this ‘introducing-yourself-to-your-neighbours-to-be-nice’ bullshit in the first place.

He was beautiful, and he was in nothing but a towel. His milky white skin still glistening with water even in the harsh lighting of the hallway, his damp bleach blond hair that begged to be touched, wide brown eyes that made him look both cute and sexy, and plump, pouty pink lips that made you want to bite them until they bruised, his toned chest and stomach that made you want a peek under that towel, he was too much at once and you were quickly becoming a flustered mess. Your eyes travelled back up only to see him staring back at you, eyebrow raised, head cocked to the side, and a smirk plastered on his face.

“You gonna tell me what you’re here for or are you gonna just keep staring, baby?” he smirked. You rolled your eyes, your earlier lust filled thoughts were shattered by the conceited remark.

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So I’ve been doing some thinking…

Mostly I blame fan fiction for even putting the idea in my head but let’s take a walk in the Esper!Reigen Au for a brief moment.

I’ve been think about what his aura might look like, and what his “unique ability” might be.

Ability wise I think it would probably have something to do with his voice. After all that’s his greatest weapon. So I feel like Reigen would probably have something like Demiurge from Overlord - where he can fuse hypnotic psychic energy into his word and anyone with a weak mind obeys them without question. Like a bard’s Suggestion or even Dominate Person. 

As for what his aura looks like - as far as the anime is concerned all the aura’s we’ve seen so far have been very fire like

example seen here

Reigen I think would be slightly different. More like smoke. Like cigarettes or incense. White and wispy and more translucent than others. It pours out of his mouth when he uses his powers since it’s all about words with him. Like it looks really pathetic and weak. Since it only shows when Reigen’s charm speaking - most people would assume he’s very weak - and they would be kinda right - he can’t use telekinesis or any of the other big flashy powers like the others can. 

But everyone knows how powerful words can be - look at episodes 11 and 12- and how dangerous smoke is. It settles in your lungs and destroys you from inside - messes with your head and makes you second guess everything and you can’t stop that with a barrier.

Words just like smoking - kill - far more easily and frequently than physical violence.

and Reigen’s all words

I Think I’m In Love With You

Author: ceruleanbucky

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2.1k

WARNINGS: SMUT, cursing, oral (male and female receiving), UNPROTECTED SEX, fingering, sexual tension, fluff, and overall sin.

A/N: guy’s I’ve updated twice in like a week and a half what is happening?!?! I mean, it’s not necessarily bad. Also, this fic is hella long, and I;m not going to lie, I’m really proud of it. Hope you guys like it! Part two of “Seven Minutes In Heaven” is coming next week.

You wake up with a start, breathing heavily and covered in a thin sheen of sweat. You tried to recall what it was you were dreaming about, but to no avail. You eventually give up, thinking that it was another nightmare.

You glance at your alarm clock, wondering about the time. Seeing that you have two more hours to sleep, you gladly roll over and go back to sleep.

When your alarm goes off, you feel even more tired than you were earlier. You still manage to drag yourself out of bed, and start your day. It’s then when you smell the bacon, and the coffee. Perking up at the idea of a good breakfast, you put on some more decent pyjamas, and head to the kitchen. Most people are still asleep, seeing as the sun is only just rising, so you wonder who is in the kitchen. You step in, and find Bucky cooking up a storm.

“Sad, or mad?” You ask as you walk in, knowing it’s one of the two. He looks at you with confusion, so you rephrase.

“Are you cooking because you’re sad, or because you’re pissed off? Because I know you, Bucky, and it’s only one of those two.” You smirk at your friend, earning a smirk back.

“Neither actually.” He side-eyes, adding to your curiosity.

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Heeey! Can you do a reaction about jealous BTS?

Sure thing! I’m gonna make it a “reaction to BTS’s girlfriends getting hit on” I’m so excited about these requests I’m getting from y’all  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I hope you like it!!

BTS: Reaction to their girlfriends getting hit on~Jealousy

♥ Jin: He thought today was the perfect day. No practice, no performing, just a beautiful day with his girlfriend whom he loved so much. You were all dressed up for him. He adored how beautiful you were, and he thought that he’d want to show you off to the world! That is, until people started looking. He heard the talking and he wasn’t gonna stand for that.

“(Y/n), let’s just go home. We’ll order to go.” Jin was clenching his fists and frowning. You looked in his eyes and giggled. 

“Jinnie, I didn’t get ready for nothing. Plus, I haven’t been on an actual date with you in forever.” You gave him a pout he couldn’t resist. He took in a deep breath and sighed heavily.

“Whatever you say, beautiful girlfriend of mine.” He said loudly, causing the whole crowd to look at you.

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♥ Yoongi: You needed to go shopping today, and your boyfriend who preferred sleep over shopping, decided to go with you. Why? Because he knew just how beautiful you were. He knew damn well other guys looked at you and tried to talk to you. He wouldn’t stand for it. 

 “Yoongi, I need underwear.” You stopped in front of Victoria’s Secret. 

“No way, I’m not going in there.” He said while crossing his arms. He loved to see what you buy and what you wear for him, but he felt embarrassed about going in such a place.

“Fine, wait here.” You were a little gloomy about him not coming in with you. You walked in, and Yoongi heard boys talking next to him.

“Wow what a hottie. Let’s go get her.” 

Yoongi quickly walked in after you. No wAy was he letting some other boy come close to you. He hugged you from behind, watching as your hands shifted through lingerie.

“Yoongi?” You tilted your head back to look at him. “You ok?”

“You’re never leaving the house again, that’s final.”

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♥ Namjoon: You recently posted a picture of yourself on Instagram. It was a picture that made you feel confident. Not revealing, but Namjoon saw the end of the world when he thought of the comments that you would receive for being so cute. And shit was he right. He stalked that picture of yours (screen shotting it and setting it as his lock screen, of course). Suddenly, a comment popped up, saying “DM me.” He got heated and yelled at you in the kitchen from the living room.

“(Y/N)!!” He set his phone down and huffed heavily. You ran in, thinking something was wrong. Spatula in hand, and cute frilly apron on. His eyes grew soft when he saw you, and his voice got gentle. “Don’t listen to him. Don’t listen to boys. Look at me and only me. Delete your Instagram!” He pouted the cutest pout in the world. You loved his jealousy, it made you feel secure.

“Who are you talking about Namjoon?” You wondered what got him all started up.

“That boy… He commented on your picture…” He mumbled.

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♥ Hoseok: His girlfriend was a model. (Y/n) was stunning, and she was the most beautiful girl in his eyes. He never thought he’d have an issue with jealousy, until he saw other male models and singers go after her. He kept quiet about it for a while, because he trusted you. And he did the right thing to trust you. You turned down any man that tried to talk to you because you were loyal to Hobi, and he was grateful for that.

But when you got the lead part of a drama, and you were told you had a kiss scene, he lost his shit. He stood in front of the guy you’d be kissing, giving all the attitude he contained.

“That’s my princess. If your filthy lips touch hers I’ll make sure you’re never able to kiss anyone again.” He said with no hesitation. 

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♥ Jimin: He angrily watched as his best friends hands touched all over his girls body. Why was this happening? It was all for show. For the MV they were working on. The producers thought it would be fun if (Y/n) ended up with someone that wasn’t her actual boyfriend, and oh boy did Jimin hate it. He’s never wanted to strangle Taehyung so badly. He knew it wasn’t his fault but he couldn’t help the way he felt. 

When the scene was over, you walked over to Jimin with a smile. “Are you ok? You look really mad…” You couldn’t stop smiling because you knew he was jealous, and it was super cute to you.

“Ok? Ok?!” He spoke in his accent, a turn on for you. “I don’t like this. (Y/n), you’re not gonna be in the MV anymore. We’ll get another girl to play the part.” He watched for your reaction with intense, dangerous eyes that wouldn’t allow you to reject.

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♥ Taehyung: He knew it was just work. Taehyung has been dealing with this crap for over 2 years now and he reached his peek. He came to meetings with you even if he was busy, because he knew there was a man with hungry eyes, watching your every move. 

Taehyung was very calm when it came to his jealousy. He was very afraid to lose you though. As he sat with you in your meeting, he eyed the man shamelessly, embarrassing you a little. You asked him to stop but he’d just brush you off. When the meeting was over, you grabbed Tae’s cheeks and kissed him gently. 

“Do you think I’d go for a jerk like that. Look at me, I love YOU TaeTae.” You smiled gently. He licked his lips nervously and looked down, biting his lip gently after. 

“I hope so…”

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♥ Jungkook: Jungkook knew his jealousy was getting the best of him, but he couldn’t help but take it out on you. Your ex from many years back decided to text you to ask you out on a coffee date to catch up. “How does he have your number?”

“Jungkookie, I haven’t changed my number since I was 14, of course he still has it.” You whined softly. You were on the brink of tears. “He texted me Kookie, don’t be mad at me. I didn’t even text him back…”

Jungkook heavily sighed and clenched his fists. He held his hand out. “Phone.” He demanded, and you gave it to him. He started furiously typing away, telling that boy off. He handed it back to you and tried to stay calm. “If he replies, block him.”

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Just because I don’t see a whole lot of gifs of this reaction shot of Dean AFTER the massive scroll out to show him standing beside his grave. This is him realising and understanding the huge impact of the acting of resurrecting him. Later he says that it was like a bomb hit the site… I like to think this is him wondering how/what got him out of hell and therefore the realisation for the first time that some huge great unknowably large power did it… His first time he even begins to grapple with the idea of Cas. Even just as a concept of something so much greater and more powerful than him.

perry falls in love with heinz as he learns more about him; it’d be impossible not to, listening to all his stories and hopes and dreams and gradually starting to understand what drives him, what he fears, what he needs

but heinz just sort of sees perry and thinks, this is all i need to know

Honestly what would have happened if Aigami hadn’t interfered with Kaiba’s plans? Would Kaiba have just reassembled the Puzzle and then spent hours shouting for Atem to come out? Then when Atem made no appearance, would he go kidnap Yuugi, force the Puzzle over his head, then continue shouting at it and an incredibly bemused Yuugi?

Wedding in Hawaii || Part 2

hi. well i must say that part 1 went down pretty well, you all seemed to love it which makes me extremely happy! currently i’m working on part 3 and considering that harry styles just rocked up to the airport in a pair of glasses and a shirt that says “women are smarter” i am going to have to write about that too so get seated loves! i hope you’s will enjoy part 2, it’s really really fluffy and you will cry if you are sensitive. even if you aren’t you will shed a tear or two bc harry’s amazing. ok i shall stop rambling. hope you’s enjoy, don’t forget to like and follow and i think there’s an option to turn on my post notifications as well so if you don’t wanna miss out on cute harry stuff i suggest you turn it on 😘 lotta love, xoxo -b

Part 1 •  Part 3

It was around 12 pm when Harry and I finished our time in the gym that Harry desperately wanted to visit. He said it tends to help with his hangover and I knew about that because he’s done it before, I just didn’t think it helps. For me at least.

Once we got back from our work out session we both showered then got into something comfy to go and hang out in with the others.

Harry was wearing blue shorts with a grey shirt that had an eagle on the front, white sunglasses and a yellow snapback.

I think it was safe to say that he looked stunning. Gorgeous. Absolutely breath-taking. Beautiful.

You get the gist.

While he was literally shining I was looking like trash next to him but I didn’t mind because his beauty was enough for me too.

“I lost count on how many times I’ve caught you staring at me just since we got back from the gym,” Harry told me as he laughed.

We were sitting on the grass because we liked to make a show of ourselves in front of other people. It was chill as we were both having a glass of champagne, not minding one bit that we just got over our hangovers.

That’s how you roll when you’re a wedding guest, right?

“Can you blame me?” I asked him as I brought my glass up to my mouth and took a sip of my cold and bubbly drink. It felt good as it slid down my throat into my stomach, the coolness of it giving me a refreshing feeling for a little while. “You’re quite possibly the prettiest human being here.”

“You compliment me too much. It should be the other way round,” he shook his head which I saw from the corner of my eye. “Sometimes I feel like our roles are reversed.”


“Don’t know,” he shrugged. Wow, thanks for helping me. “I just do. But I don’t mind. It feels good to have someone like you beside me. Giving me compliments when I feel down and stuff, always making sure I’m grounded. I’m glad to have you.”

“You’re gonna make me cry, stop,” I laughed. As the words left his lips I just suck all of them in which totally messed with my emotions. He just had his own way of making me feel all these things and I will never be able to explain just what he does to me. “You deserve it all, honestly.”

“How much do you wanna bet that you’ll be the one to get down on one knee?”

“I’ll be getting down on two tonight,” I blurted out which caused him to just look at me with a smirk on his lovely features.

“Y’know what I meant you cheeky girl,” he squeezed my thigh, his hand eventually going more and more up. “I swear you got more confident ever since we got together.”

“Ever Since New York.”


“Your song, silly boy.”

“Still don’t know what you’re saying.”

“You said I got more confident ever since we got together. But those are not the lyrics to your song.”

“Oh,” he said. “Oh my godness, baby, really?”

“I’m a proud girlfriend. Did you know that by the way? I’m proud of you. Like, super-duper proud.”

“Thank you,” he smiled and leaned closer, his lips touching mine in a sweet, champagne flavoured kiss.

A small moan escaped from me as he massaged his soft and tender lips against mine, his tongue slightly tracing over my upper lip causing me to open my mouth. Soon enough our tongues were slapping together and tasting each other, the familiar taste of the champagne rolling off of his sweet lips and tongue made my head spin and body shake. 

Our kiss started off totally innocent then ended up quite heated. But I loved it. Every time Harry and I kissed I just fell in love with him more and more.

The heated moment was interrupted when a ball was thrown our way, our lips parting ways quickly with a smacking noise. My cheeks were turning slightly pink as I licked my lips and turned my head where Harry was looking.

“Harry, play with me!” the little girl asked him, well, more like demanded then soon enough she ran away.

She was basically in love with Harry. Her name was Lily one of the men’s daughters, only 5 years old if I remember correctly. She was the cutest little girl I have seen in a long time; her neediness for Harry’s attention reminded me a bit of myself.

I looked back to Harry who was laughing as he was already staring at me with his eyes, licking his lips which caught my attention straight away.

His lips were pink, shiny and kissable. Whenever he would talk I’d sometimes just zone out and admire his mouth, the way he forms each word is just absolutely mesmerising to me.

Well, everything he does is mesmerising to me.

“Guess I better go and play,” he laughed before pecking my lips softly. I put my hand on the side of his neck, biting into my lower lip as I scanned over his face not missing one bit before seeing his little side smirk appear alongside his dimples. “You’re literally obsessed with me, aren’t you, pretty girl?”

“I just love you. I’m in love with you. Badly,” I told him what he probably already knew. Wow I loved him so much I would jump off a cliff for him if it meant he’ll be happy for the rest of his life and nothing bad will happen to him.

“I love you so much,” he said as he pressed a kiss to my forehead then got up to play with Lily.

And if I wasn’t an emotional mess before than I sure as hell turned into one the moment they started to play.

Harry had his phone in one hand while his champagne glass was in the other one and Lily was just chasing after him as he jogged in front of her. Their laughter added to the vibe of the people who were already talking and it made the atmosphere livelier and more welcoming to those who only just got to where we were.

Moments later Harry gave me his phone as he continued to play with the little girl. When he bopped her nose and she laughed then he joined in as well my whole heart melted like a big block of butter in the hot weather and I couldn’t stop the semi-loud “aw” rushing out of my mouth.

That was honestly the cutest fucking thing ever.

Lily was so small and Harry was so tall and gorgeous and the way he just messed around with the little girl was so adorable and all I wanted to do was get pregnant and give him a baby. I know I sound crazy but honestly.

He was so damn adorable I wanted to cry in happiness. He was just the man of my dreams. No, wait, scratch that.

Harry was better than any man in any of my dreams ever. Harry was something else.

He was better than anyone I have ever met, he raised my expectations and standards to an unhealthily high bar and I almost felt stuck up for it.

I loved him so much it was quite pathetic and indescribable; he made me so happy I sometimes wondered what my life was like before I got to know him.

“What are you thinking, pretty girl?” his voice was so close to me I almost jumped out of my skin. I wasn’t expecting him to be next to me but I guess my thoughts totally drowned me.

“Nothing much,” I answered finally as I looked up to him.

“Alright, if you say so,” he sat back down next to me, pushing his sunglasses up so that they were resting on his head on top of his snapback. “We have a dinner to attend tonight. Would you do me the honours of being my date for it?”

“I would absolutely love that,” I told him smiling which he returned. “You get tanned so easily I’ll have to get my game on.”

“You’re so fucking competitive,” he shook his head laughing.

“I am. Do you have a problem with that?” I asked back sassily.

“No just know that I will not let you win. I will be tanner than you are by the time we are going home.”

“Is that what you think?” I raised one of my eyebrows, challenging him. “Fifty quid when we get home?” I put my hand out, knowing full well he’s gonna have to pay.

We’ve done this before when we were in LA and I was twenty quid richer when we got back home. I had to raise the bar by thirty to make some profit.

“Alrighty, miss,” he took my hand and shook it. “Fifty quid right as we land at Heathrow.”

I winked at him, lifting up my new glass of champagne and taking a sip. I can’t wait to spend that fifty quid on shit that I don’t even need.

“At first glance, he probably looks that way, but when he needs to he can be stronger than anyone. He always thinks of his friends and never gives up. Even if it means ignoring his own needs. That’s what makes me worry about him, but… that’s why I believe in him. “

-Kyoko Kirigiri, Danganronpa: The End of Hope’s Peak High School, Future Arc Episode 9: You Are My Reason To Die

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may I request a fluffy hc in which RFA interacts with a random child (like that they meet at the park or something) and they act so sweet that MC's heart simply MELTS?? I need fluff in my life ♥ (and sorry for my bad english)

This was such a cute request but it was hard thinking of ways they would meet the children. Your English is great by the way. I hope you enjoy it~!


  • You two were taking a little stroll through the park when a boy who looked around the age of 13 or so walked up to your boyfriend, Yoosung
  • Both of you stopped in your tracks wondering what the boy wanted
  • He pointed to Yoosung’s LOLOL hoodie that you got for him recently and started talking about that game that he plays all the time
  • You could tell that the boy was as passionate about the game as Yoosung because they were eyes-wide and talking fast about the game
  • Just seeing how sweet your boyfriend was with the teenage boy was enough to make your heart melt
  • Bright smiles were exchanged by the both of them when the boy started to walk off in the other direction
  • “You know, you would make an excellent father someday”, you winked at him
  • Poor boy was so flustered when you said that
  • Of course you would have to wait a little bit since you guys aren’t even married yet
  • But hey, Yoosung is going to be the cutest father ever


  • There was a little girl staring at Zen with awe the whole entire time at the play
  • You were sitting right next to her and you could see how much she just idolized Zen
  • Once the play was over you went up to her parents and her and asked them if it would be okay for her to see Zen
  • They agreed and the girl, which looked to be around the age of 9 was staring at your brightly with tears in her eyes
  • You two finally made it to Zen’s dressing room and you knocked on the door saying it was you and you had a special visitor
  • The door swung open and the little girl’s jaw dropped
  • You introduced your boyfriend to the girl and he was being absolutely adorable with her
  • They were taking pictures, exchanging many hugs, and were talking about his acting and the whole time Zen’s smile never faded
  • The girl was boosting his ego but seeing him interact with the child made you feel all fluffy inside
  • Once she left with her parents you gave him a small peck on the lips and showered him with how he talked with the girl


  • The café was pretty busy today both you and Jaehee were rushing around trying to take care of everything
  • When you were dealing with someone you didn’t notice Jaehee conversing with two little children
  • She wasn’t too skilled with children and didn’t really know how to take care of them but once they both said they were walking around and lost their parents MOMMA JAEHEE MODE IS ON
  • You finished taking the person’s order and was starting to work on it when you noticed the lack of your companion next to you
  • You looked all over the café and finally you saw Jaehee with two kids calming them down and giving them two hot chocolates
  • Seeing your girlfriend being so sweet with children was enough for you to find peace in this busy day
  • When you went back to making the drinks the parents of the kid’s walked in and rushed to their children and thanking Jaehee tons
  • After they left she walked over to you and started talking about the kids with stars in her eyes
  • You never saw Jaehee like this and you realized that after that Jaehee was in love with the idea of kids


  • It was a lazy day today since Jumin took off work to spend it with you because you barely saw each other anymore
  • You two were laying on the couch with a Disney movie playing softly in the background when a security guard came up to you guys
  • They explained that there was a little boy around the age of 5 who couldn’t find his parents in the big building
  • Jumin told the guard to send him in to try and find his parents
  • The kid walked into the room with silent tears coming down his cheeks and you both immediately shot up from your spots on the couch
  • You went into the kitchen to go get the boy some hot chocolate or any little sweet you could find in the penthouse
  • When you walked back into the living room you saw Jumin and the little boy sitting on the couch watching the Disney movie while petting Elizabeth the 3rd
  • Oh, you could tell that Jumin really liked this kid because he was letting him pet Elizabeth
  • You looked more closely and saw that Jumin wasn’t looking at the TV but instead looking at the child with a small smile on his face
  • You walked forwards more and gave the kid the warm drink which he accepted through a smile
  • The guard came in again but with two different people which you would only guess to be the boy’s parents
  • Once they all left Jumin still had the smile on his face but it went bigger once he saw you
  • You kissed him gently and wrapped you arms around his neck while pressing your forehead to his
  • “You would be the sweetest husband ever”


  • Finally you both were outside getting some fresh air instead of the bunker
  • Today you were playing on the kids’ playground with a bunch of disapproving glares from parents
  • The hell was their problem? You two were minding your own goddamn business
  • You left for a second because you had to use the toilet and once you came back you saw Saeyoung and a set of twins playing with him
  • You started walking towards them and you could see that Seven was playing an evil dragon and the twins were trying to fight him off with sticks
  • When you got close to them you started laughing your ass off because of how dramatic Saeyoung was being when they finally defeated him
  • My god how much you loved this man
  • You decided to join in for round 2 and the little kids were all for it
  • The rest of the day was spent with you two being dragons while little children chased you around with sticks



Take Care

Summary: When the kitchen is the best place to confess your feelings.


Pairing: Kwon Jiyong x Reader
Genre/warnings: lots of fluff
Words: 2.5K
Notes:  Just a little scenario because we all need some positivity now and then. Special thanks to @noonachronicles for being my muse (like always). 

Opening the door to his bedroom, Jiyong fell face first into the mattress. As soon as he had left the YG building his body was hit with exhaustion that felt like it had been piling up for weeks. Even though getting home was tough – he thought he was going to crash his car at one point - he made it there safely. He had you to thank really. Had it not been for your concerned call asking him when he would return home, he would still have been in the studio neglecting his needs.

Life as an artist was tough; comebacks, promotions, albums, photoshoots, scandals,… You honestly did not know how he handled everything. It had been easier for a while, Bigbang was doing great and Jiyong was able to relax more than before. Now that he was working on a new solo album and concerts, his life became hectic once again. While you did your best to care for his well-being, you didn’t have the power to force Jiyong to rest. Every day he would promise you to leave work early, only to arrive in the middle of the night and leaving before the sun was up again.

He is as perfectionistic as he is stubborn and you cursed him every day for that. His music and his fans are his number one priority and you were always okay with that. As long as he didn’t neglect himself. While you had tried to get him out of that studio by force, it had never worked. Having no options left, you decided on a new approach; pleading. Not being the type to wear your heart on your sleeve, calling him that day was quite unusual for you. You figured it must have had some effect on him as you saw his jacket by the door after walking inside his home. Figuring he was probably asleep, you carefully treaded your way into your kitchen. Now that he was home so early, you wanted to take care of him this evening.  

While dinner was simmering on the stove and you had run him a bath, you made your way around his apartment. Looking at the pictures on his wall, you reminisce on all the memories you made with him. What started as a drunk conversation in a club five years ago had somehow turned into this. Your relationship with Jiyong was hard to understand and most of his friends were confused about your status. While you acted like best friends most of the time - bickering like siblings but always having each other’s back – there was something there nobody could explain. When one of you was upset, the other one was the only person that could cheer you up. You understood each other on a level no one else could and you cared for each other more than you had cared for anyone else before. You had always been aware of this connection but past failed relationships made you reluctant to act on your feelings and risk losing the precious friendship you had. Deciding that remaining friends was the best option for you, you continued acting the way you had before content with your relationship as it was.

Until everything changed one night.

Jiyong’s drunken confession and his lips landing on yours led you to waking up in his bed the next day, stark naked. Initially wanting to deem it as a drunken mistake, you couldn’t keep saying that when it continued to happen. Having finally had a taste of each other you found it impossible to stay away. While in the beginning it was only about sex, the more you woke up in his arms, the more you wanted to stay in them. During this time your feelings for him had somehow grown stronger. Feelings you thought you had long buried inside, not wanting to risk losing him. Waking up next to him and seeing his sleep filled face made you fall harder every time. While it was apparent you couldn’t get enough of each other - chasing your release wherever you could - you were cautious to stay as detached as possible. Being completely positive Jiyong didn’t feel the same way, you did not want him to feel bad for your unanswered feelings.

Flash forward to a few months later, your love for him was undeniable.

The more you hook up, the harder it becomes to keep you feelings hidden. It’s been a while since it was no longer about the sex to you - even though you enjoy that part just as much - the need to take care of him and love him becomes more important. That is why you’re in his home now, cooking him dinner and being concerned for his health.

Shaking your head to clear it from the thoughts about Jiyong, you turn around wanting to head back to the kitchen. When your eyes lock on Jiyong standing behind you, you freeze. How long had he been looking at you?

“Hi… How long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough to see you getting lost in thought again. What were you thinking about?”

Questions like this often made you think Jiyong secretly knew about your feelings for him. Being careful not to give anything away if he didn’t, you let your gaze fall on one of the pictures.

“I was thinking of the day this picture was taken, you remember it?”

Your question seems to have successfully avoided the topic, taking his mind off of his original question. He moves from his position against the wall, coming up behind you. His chest connects with your back the same time his hand lands on your hip, making your body unintentionally tense up. The hitch in your breath a clear indication how affected you are by even the lightest of his touches.

“Of course I do. I invited you to New York to accompany me on the tour. After the show I took you around Times Square and we ate the best Korean BBQ outside Seoul. That place is where we took the picture.”

Thinking he would have already forgotten about it, his comment takes you off guard. You look at him over your shoulder, meeting his eyes that had already been staring at you, gauging your reaction. Your lips only inches apart, you feel the urge to connect them rise inside of you. Before you can act on this urge, you decide to speak up.

“Talking about Korean BBQ, I’ve made some in the kitchen if you’re hungry.”

Now it’s his turn to be surprised by your words. The thought of you having cooked dinner for him fills his heart with an unfamiliar warmth. Looking in your eyes he knows this feeling isn’t really unfamiliar to him, having been feeling this around you for a while now. Not wanting to admit this thought to himself yet, he averts his eyes.

“Really? Thank you Y/N, I’m starving.”

His sudden excitement to get to the kitchen makes you smile, knowing him this is probably his first actual meal of the day. Calmly following behind him you think back to the moment you just had. Not wanting to go too much into it and get your hopes up, you shake off your thoughts and enter the kitchen.

Jiyong is conflicted.

He thought he had always been so sure about his feelings for you – or lack thereof – until now. The way you so casually announced you had also prepared him a bath after serving him the most delicious meal he’s had in a while, clouds his mind with different scenarios. The most prominent one is him coming home from work, seeing you in his kitchen trying to cook dinner while your toddler is resting on your hip. He greets you both with a kiss on the cheek, the smell off the home cooked meal invading his senses when he looks at the child. His eyes resembling his in the most uncanny of ways while his lips seem to be a direct copy of yours.

He had always been sure he wanted children, he had just never thought he wanted them with you. The fact that he finds himself liking the idea somehow terrifies him to the core. He had always been sure he loved you, he just never realised how much. These thoughts just confirm something he unconsciously had been feeling, yet was too blind to notice.

Being so lost in thought, he doesn’t realise you have stopped walking around and were now looking at him instead.

“Earth to Jiyong. What are you thinking about?”

Your voice brings him back from his daze, making him look up at you leaning against the counter. The words that escape his mouth have no time to be reconsidered in his mind.

“Do you want to have children someday?”

Looking at him weirdly, you wonder what he must have been thinking about that got him to ask you this question. Knowing that this is porbably just the way Jiyong’s brain works, you answer him.

“Well of course. You know I always dreamed of having a family and seeing as I’m not getting any younger, I do want children one day.”

“Would you want to have them with me one day?”


Silence is the only thing surrounding you after that question left his mouth. Being too taken aback to answer, you think you understood his question wrong. Knowing Jiyong, it was probably meant as a joke. However, looking into his eyes you are shocked to see absolutely no hesitation in them. Understanding the hidden implication behind the question you gather all your courage to answer him.

Jiyong officially wants to die.

How could he so carelessly throw such an important question at you? Not only was it completely random, it was laden with emotions he had never realised he felt nor had the courage to tell you about. Seeing the look of shock on your face makes him want to run away. How could he have been so stupid as to think you would actually answer him as if you felt the same way?

“That depends. How many do you want to have?”

If Jiyong thought he was shocked before, your answer managed to completely shake him to the core. Are you being serious? The look on your face surely makes it seem like you are. Seeing no way out of this situation, he figures it’s best to be honest.

“Uh… I’ve always wanted two.”

“Good, then we’re on the same page.”

You have no idea where this sudden confidence came from but seeing that smile grow on his face makes you feel like you are dreaming. How can this man, who you’ve loved for so long possibly confess to wanting children with you and you answer him like it’s the most natural thing in the world. What is wrong with you?! You are waiting on the reveal that this was all a prank; Jiyong wanting to see your reaction and then telling you it was meant as a joke. Your past confidence rapidly dropping because of your negative thoughts, you turn away from him.

Noticing the sudden change in behaviour, Jiyong is sure he must have been the cause of it. Deciding to try and salvage whatever was left, he walks over to you. Grabbing you by the waist and turning you around, he pulls you against his chest. He gently places his hand on your chin, turning your gaze towards him.

“Look at me Y/N.” The slight command accompanied by the hand on your cheek are hard to disobey, making you begrudgingly lift your gaze. “What’s wrong? Did I step out of line? I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable with my question… I didn’t think before speaking.”

“No it’s not that…it’s… were you serious? Or was this all just said to prank me?”

“Well… Are you?”

Slapping him on the chest because of his retaliation, you role your eyes at him.

“I’m serious Jiyong, don’t play me like that. It’s not funny.”

“I know, I know. I… I was being serious Y/N. Seeing you standing here in my kitchen, talking about everything you’ve done for me and looking like you belong here got me thinking. It got me thinking of a future where I come home from work and greet you and our baby standing in this very kitchen. A future where we can take baths together every night after we’ve put our baby in it first. When those thoughts crossed my mind I was so shocked. I was shocked that I liked them as much as I did. Then I realised that the reason I liked them so much is because they were with you. These thoughts confirmed that deep down I am in love with you. I love you so much and I think I have for a long time now and I never realised until you standing in my kitchen woke me up.”

“Ji… I don’t know what to say….” His admission of love being too much for you to handle, your brain no longer functioning to answer him.

Shaking his head at your silent rejection, he looks down. “ You don’t have to say anything Y/N. I’m sorry I just threw this at you, I never realised until now that I did and I couldn’t keep it to myself. Please just forget about it, we can act like it never happened.”

Panic taking over your body at his emotional and physical withdrawal, you grab his arm to stop him.

“I don’t want to act like it never happened Ji. I didn’t answer because I was so shocked. How could the guy I’ve been desperately in love with for months suddenly confess the same? I… I’ve never been good with words but I just want you to understand that I love you too. Maybe even more than you love me.”

Looking into your eyes, the honesty that greets him fills his body with warmth once again. Rather than expressing his feelings with words and possibly failing to properly express himself, showing you seems like the best option. Cupping your face with both hands, he crashes his lips on yours.

You know that moment described in all the sappy love stories about fireworks going off inside your body when you kiss the one you love? Best believe they are happening now. His kiss leaves you breathless yet you’d happily choke if you could keep kissing him like this. Grabbing his shirt in an attempt to bring him even closer, you feel his hands land on your hips. His hands roaming your body in the most sinful yet delicious way fills your kiss with a new emotion; lust. Having been in this situation many times before, he picks up on your change of mood before you can say anything.

Wordlessly he turns you around and gently guides you into his bedroom. Let’s just say that by the time you entered the bathroom to clean up, the water in the tub had long turned cold.

A/N: It took me a long time to write this and I have probably changed this whole scenario about five times. I’m finally somewhat glad with the result so I hope you are too! I’m very sorry about the cliches, Michelle deserved them. Thank you for reading! 💋

Drarry - Coffee Shop AU - Inspired by this post.


Today your barista is:

1)         Hella fucking gay.

2)         Desperately single.

For your drink today I recommend:

You give me him your number.


Harry choked back a laugh as his gaze shot from the blazing sign to the quaint little coffee shop. It was a pretty little store, one he’d walked passed multiple times but had never frequented. The sign itself was enough incentive to provoke his growing curiosity, even if all he did was catch a gander at the supposed hella fucking gay barista.

“Well,” a laughing voice remarked to his right. “That’s one way to get attention.” The bushy-brunette coughed, her eyebrows lifting in amusement as a small smile appeared on her lips.

Ron snorted. “Seems a little desperate if you ask me,” he muttered from beside her. “Who honestly can’t just walk up to someone and ask them out?”

“This is coming from the same bloke who danced around his fiancée for years.”

“Shut up, Harry.”

The door to the café suddenly swung open, the little bell tinkling angrily as someone stormed out. The three scrambled to get out of the way as a familiar young man with dark hair shoved passed, hard eyes set on the street and hands clenched determinedly at his sides.

Ron’s eyebrows rose. “Was that Dean?” he asked in surprise.

“Dean Thomas? From school?” Harry’s head swung around, trying to catch sight of their old school-mate as the male disappeared into the crowded street. “I wonder what got him so riled up?”

“I can only imagine,” Hermione mused, eyeing the sign with delight. “Well come on then, let’s go inside. I would love a coffee and maybe we can get Harry a boyfriend.”

The brunet spluttered. “Hermione!”

But the female had already stepped inside, her giggles drifting through the doorway.

“Better follow her mate,” Ron advised. “Otherwise you might get saddled with some tosser.”

“For the last time, Pansy, take the damn sign down.

“Not until we find you a man, Draco,” replied the dark-haired female. “You’ve been such a git lately—you really need to get laid.”

A faint blush began to creep up Draco’s neck and he all but glared at the silver coffee machine as he flicked the grinder switch, hoping the shrill crunch of grinding coffee beans was enough to drown out his supposed best friend.


Evidently not enough.

Pansy is going to be the death of me… he thought morosely.

“Look at what just walked in!”

Biting back the retort he desperately wished to spit out, Draco glanced over despite himself.

And blanched.

“The red-head?” he whispered furiously. “Pansy, what the fu—”

“Not the red-head, you idiot! The guy next to him!” Pansy reached over and began tugging excitably on the blond’s shirt sleeve.

“Stop that!” Draco snapped, yanking his arm away as he readjusted his gaze.

And felt his stomach clench.

The brunet was all green eyes and tousled black hair, a goofy smile on his face as he pulled a red and gold scarf from around his neck. His… deliciously tanned neck. Draco could only stare as the trio paused a little way from the counter, scanning the menu above their heads.

Pansy stood smirking by his side.

“I—um.” Draco cleared his throat, turning to switch off the coffee grinder. He began to fiddle with the silver milk jugs and wipe down the steamer, studiously refusing to look towards the three that were now approaching the bench.

Pansy’s smirk grew wider.

“Good morning,” she began, “what can I get for you today?”

Hermione, who was the first to order, acknowledged the brunette’s smirk with one of her own, her eyes darting to the blond who was staring fixatedly at the coffee machine.

“That wouldn’t happen to be the hella fucking gay barista now, would it?” Hermione asked innocently.

“Oh, Draco?” Pansy’s tone was equally innocent. “Why yes, yes he is.”

Draco oh so wanted to throw a murderous glare in his direction. The vicious fire in his chest was immediately stifled however, when he caught brief eye contact with the brunet standing right behind the bushy-haired female. The male was gazing at him, a hint of shyness softening his masculine features. Swallowing, Draco darted his eyes away as casually as he could make them, his cheeks beginning to burn as he reached out instinctively for one of his cleaning cloths.

Good god, he felt like a young school girl.

He barely listened as the trio rattled off their coffee order, one of them ordering a blueberry muffin to which Draco caught a “You just ate breakfast, Ronald!”.

“But, ‘Mione, I’m a growing boy.”

“You’ll grow outwards is what you’ll do.”

“Anything sweet for you, handsome?” Pansy asked.

Draco snuck another glance towards the counter, unable to stop himself from biting his lip as the brunet flushed slightly at Pansy.

“Me? Oh, no, just coffee—thank you.”

“Don’t worry, handsome, Draco here makes a beautiful cappuccino, you won’t feel as if you’re missing out.”

Dazzling green eyes met with grey once more and Draco was surprised to note the way the brunet’s cheeks reddening further, a tentative smile on his face.

“Sounds good.”

“Why don’t you two go find a table?” Hermione suggested, reaching into her bag for her purse.

The red-head pressed a quick kiss to her cheek before grabbing Harry’s arm—who was still gazing at Draco—and muttered “Come on, you ponce.”

The blond followed their movements to a table directly within his sights, his heart thumping uncharacteristically quickly in his chest.

Damn… if I had known Pansy’s sign was going to draw in guys like him I would have told her to put it up months ago…

“Did you hear that, Draco? Isn’t it wonderful my sign has been so successful?”

The blond’s head snapped around. “What?” he asked dumbly.

His best friend’s smile was oozing with impertinence, eyes bright with glee.

“This lovely customer was just informing me that her friend with the dark hair is single. How’s that for coincidence?”

I’ll give you coincidence—

“Oh,” was all he said. Instead, he grabbed the order from the bench, eyeing the three coffees quickly. One skim latte. One hot chocolate. And one cappuccino.

With one last furtive glance at the gorgeous dark-haired male, Draco distracted himself with brewing coffee and steaming milk, carefully preparing each drink to his always demanding perfection. He reached up for three mugs, poured each drink expertly, before plating them on the side bench ready to be taken to the table.

A sudden flutter of nerves hit Draco as he eyed the mug of cappuccino. He bit his lip again, eyes flitting across the room and back before he reached for a napkin.

It wouldn’t hurt to write his number down, would it? It wasn’t as if the guy would feel obligated to ask Draco out now, would he? And it would be better for Draco to give his number rather than expect the poor bloke to fork out his own; at least it would save Draco from the embarrassment of being denied to his face.

Thinking quickly—or rather, not thinking at all—Draco grabbed the marker he used to write on takeaway cups and scribbled out a list of numbers, heart hammering in his throat as he shoved the napkin beneath the mug. He backed away from the drinks before he lost his nerve, returning to the coffee machine to clean up.

“Draco,” Pansy hissed suddenly.

“What?” the blond snapped.

“Take their coffees to the table, you daft moron!”

“What? Why me? That’s your job!”

“Gives you a chance to go talk to him!” Pansy rolled her eyes in exasperation, as if a child could have understood more. “Do you want to be single forever?

“And if I do?” Draco grumbled, marching back to the side bench despite himself. He slid two of the mugs into one hand skilfully and grabbed the third in the other. He straightened his back purposefully and crossed the dark wooden floor, coming to a halt beside the trio’s chosen table.

“The hot chocolate?”

“That’s me,” the red-head grinned, rubbing his hands together in an excited fashion.

Draco lowered the mug carefully. “The skim latte?”

“Mine!” Hermione called cheerfully, smiling kindly at Draco as he handed her the coffee.

He turned, eyes finally landing on the male gazing up at him, a gentle smile on his face.

“Which leaves the cappuccino for you,” the blond murmured, fighting hard to keep his hand from trembled as his extended his arm. The brunet reached up to grab the mug, his fingers brushing along the back of Draco’s hand as he did so, causing a lovely tingle shoot up the blond’s arm.

Draco almost dropped the coffee into the guy’s lap.

“Er—e-enjoy,” he stammered slightly.

“Thank you,” the dark-haired male said, voice warm and deep and oh so enticing.

Draco fought hard to conceal a shiver as he returned to the bench. Good god, his cheeks felt as if they were on fire—he could only imagine how they appeared.

“Well? Did you get his number?” Pansy demanded as soon as the trio had left the café. “I saw the look he gave you on his way out—he totally did, didn’t he?”

“Actually,” Draco replied, folding his arms as he leant against the bench, “I gave him mine.”

Pansy practically squealed and even the blond couldn’t contain his smile.

“I told you my sign would work.”

“Well, it hasn’t technically worked as of yet. It will only be a success if we go out on a date or whatever. In the meantime…” He shot Pansy a glare. “Take the bloody thing down.”

“Alright, alright,” the brunette grumbled, tossing her pen onto the counter and marching to the window.

Shaking his head, Draco reached into his back pocket and pulled out his phone. He didn’t expect the guy to make a move immediately of course, but the blond couldn’t help but gaze down at the dark screen hopefully.

Switching on his phone, Draco stared down at the now brightly lit screen, mouth going dry.

1 new message.

With shaking fingers, Draco swiped and opened up his inbox.

Lunch sometime?

P.S. your cappuccino was to die for. I’ll definitely have to come back.

Draco felt giddy as a smile stretched across his face.

Lunch sounds great.

anonymous asked:

i would give my soul to see your hcs on will and nico getting together

alright kids pile up your souls because i got a few messages to continue this and one particularly interesting review threatening to shove a beloved hamster down my throat if i didn’t so here we go

(part two to this)

  • the day that follows that morning is one of the most oddest days they’ve ever shared. it lacks in the normal amounts of bickering and the way their voices are more gentle when they speak or how they are catching each others eyes from the far corner of the room every now and then without glaring is just odd
  • nico wonders at first if it’s a bad thing. he doesn’t feel uncomfortable but he feels like he should because of the sudden shift in atmosphere between them. 
  • he thinks like this, spacing off a little bit while he eats lunch discreetly in his cabin, wondering what exactly happened in the morning because everything is kind of hazy and all he remembers is the warmth of will solace’s neck and the comfortable embrace that felt like the weight had been dusted off his shoulders
  • nico wonders what got into him, why he leaned in and why he didn’t jerk away in the first place. he thinks, locked inside his room, why he even goes to the infirmary every day even when will doesn’t ask or why he’s spending all his free time with him
  • nico also wonders about why will asked him to join him in the infirmary in the first place. he remembers the shock he felt when he heard the words “friendly face”. they hadn’t been that close or anything, mere acquaintances in battle.
  • but what about now? in his train of thoughts, nico gets lost in the thought of will solace. he starts picturing different images in his head from different memories, all with his golden blonde hair that curls adoringly at his ears, and the very light freckles that dust his cheek, the dimples that forms when he smiles and the eyes that look like a crystallized ocean. he thinks about will solace’s voice and how he speaks and his calm gestures or his annoyingly stubborn ones.
  • then it hits him like a truck. an answer as to why he thinks so much, to why he spends all this time with him and why he didn’t hesitate when will had hugged him that morning. the thought about how he maybe likes the son of apollo, no, definitely is gone for the son of apollo sends a shiver down his spine.
  • nico stops eating and just stares off into space, he can swear his heart isn’t beating and his mind can’t think but then everything catches up with him fast and he makes the dreaded acknowledgement in his head that he likes will solace
  • we all remember what happened the last time nico liked a boy, and nico knows that more than anyone else, so instead of calming down and remembering what a kind person will is, he just shuts the door to the hades cabin tighter and tucks himself tightly in bed, hoping the sleep will make this pit in his stomach go away
  • but it doesnt, and he lays, staring at the ceiling, wondering when the hell all of this happened. meanwhile, will solace has taken the obvious notice that nico didn’t attend lunch as the hades table is empty, and at first he shrugs it off but it comes back at him like a persistent bug that he just can’t swat away
  • so he focuses on other things like volunteering to be on healing duty for all the campers who’ll stupidly get themselves injured via capture the flag, and then when he’s done with that he’ll try to relearn archery and fail miserably, and then eventually he'llr retreat to the infirmary and wrap and unwrap a bandage on his hand until he realizes that’s something he does when he’s nervous and he’s obviously not nervous
  • it’s not nico’s absence that’s bothering him, it’s more so him wondering if even a hug was too much. they’d never really ‘touched’ like that before, and he starts to wonder if nico was stiff and tense the whole time and he’d just imagined the light blush on his cheeks
  • but that day passes, and then another day passes, and another day, until it’s been a week and the most nico and will have talked has been an awkward small talk before nico’s retreated back into his cabin or volunteered to go on some dumb mission
  • obviously, by now will solace has the worst feeling. he knows it’s because of him, but he does’t know why exactly and it’s pissing him off. he doesn’t want to be distant from nico, and he doesn’t want their only conversation in a week to be “small talk”, like they don’t know each other enough
  • will is obviously incredibly stubborn and he refuses to believe that nico has been avoiding him for a week now because he could’t handle a small embrace, and he shoves the thoughts that nico might hate him for whatever reason aside to take business into his own hands
  • so he trudges around the camp angrily, looking for nico in every corner of the camp. he yelled at the hades cabin door for a good thirty minutes before he realized nobody was there and the nervousness in his stomach turns into dread
  • will solace asks around for nico, to everyone he can until he’s told by some new camper that they saw him leave camp early in the morning and will solace is just filled to the brink with confusion as to what this kid is doing outside of camp all day
  • nico doesn’t return the next day and chiron doesn’t say much besides the fact that nico’s just taking some time off camp and handling a couple of minor errands, which is frankly driving will solace insane because he knows that’s the dumbest excuse
  • he doesn’t know what to do during the empty days anymore, he’s all fidgety and nervous and something inside him almost wants to cry just because he misses not having anyone to glare at and bicker with and laugh until he can’t breathe with
  • more specifically, he misses nico, so he sits around whispering that thought constantly until it doesn’t sound like words anymore and convinces himself he didn’t do anything wrong. and as he’s sitting in the infirmary,distracting himself with various types of bandages, he remembers how good nico is in the infirmary and how he’s great with kids
  • he also remembers how brown and beautiful nico’s eyes are, with these little specks of gold around the black. he remembers how pitch black nico’s hair is, how his eyes can barely adjust to it’s darkness and how fluffy it can be. will also remembers he way his skin’s been getting that same olive tint again and how nico di angelo’s laugh is the sweetest thing he’s ever heard
  • but will solace’s realization for his feelings for nico doesn’t hit him like a truck. it doesn’t come at full impact and it doesn’t make him terrified. it comes softly and slowly, like honey, before it sets in his stomach in the form of butterflies and he catches himself smiling to himself, aware of the fact that he’s blushing and that he looks devastatingly fond right now
  • after a few days, nico finally returns looking pretty normal on the outside, carrying a satchel of whatever that he gives to chiron, and then tries to blend into the shadows and go back to his cabin
  • will solace can’t hold back the anger fueling in his chest anymore, and he’s so excited at the sight of nico that he immediately calls out his name just as nico is about to get inside, remembering nico’s familiar figure and a cloud of memories flood back into his head. looking at him after he knows how he feels for him is different, it’s nicer and everything else seems gloomy and grey besides nico
  • who is, i may add, looking a little bit scared as he clutches the door of the hades cabin. nico doesn’t know what to think at the moment, because in the time he was away he was in the underworld, moping around and thinking about everything.
  • nico’s aware that falling for will could mean hurt, and he doesn’t want that again after percy, so he’s made up his mind to avoid will until the feelings fade.
  • but right now, when he’s looking at will solace standing in the middle of growing grass in the low twilight evening,with the golden glisten of his hair and the light blue glow of his eyes, his stance is shaken, which only terrifies him more
  • but then will solace smiles, warmly and gently because he doesn’t wan’t to fight or pour out anger when he sees nico’s small figure with the prettiness in his eyes and the slight squint in his eyes and the parting of his lips that will’s eyes can’t help but flicker to
  • will finally approaches and isn’t even on the second step before nico turns to face him completely, breathing in and staring straight in his eyes. he’s rehearsed this a thousand times, but now that will is facing him, he can’t seem to pour out any words
  • so instead, he settles for glaring and frowning and the peaceful atmosphere is broken. he half hates himself and half is relieved that will might go away. but then will solace frowns and his stance is firm.
  • will asks him quietly where he’s been. nico looking away and huffs out a sigh, trying to distract himself with the trees or the sky or anything but will’s burning gaze on him. in the end, he has no choice but to look back at will and state quite idiotically that he went to the underworld for some errands
  • will isn’t having it, so he asks why nico actually went to the underworld, and nico’s starting to get annoyed. he can feel the tension burning between them like a fire and it isn’t long before they start actually arguing, with actual annoyance and actual anger
  • “you were avoiding me for a week before you left for the underworld, nico.” will says, his voice is rising only slightly more now and nico scowls and tries to leave but will puts a hand on his shoulder which feels like its burning 
  • “don’t touch me!” it comes out quick and fast and heavy and will can’t help the anger building in him, so he releases it by shouting a loud of what the hell, nico? before nico just screams at will to leave him alone and he dashes through the door, slamming it behind him
  • will doesn’t know if he feels heartbroken or angry or both. he just stays there, still hearing nico’s words like an echo in his head. they feel heavy, and scared and suddenly will feels like he understands just a little bit as to why
  • nico, on the other hand, sits on his bed and he can fear tears come to his eyes because all of this is so terrifying. all he wants to do is to bicker and banter with will and get lost in all his beauty without knowing that he likes this kid desperately.
  • and now he hates himself a little too, a feeling that is almost surprisingly foreign because he swore to himself he’d never let this happen again, and now it happened again, completely without nico wanting it
  • but then he thinks about will solace, and he remembers how just the sight of him makes his heart leap and how sweet and nice will has been with him for the past few months despite his obviously annoying and stubborn side. he just wants to feel the warmth and the embrace again and he is almost positive that will solace obviously doesn’t like him back.
  • at the same time, he doesn’t want this. he doesn’t want to start what will be a tense proximity between the two and he doesn’t want will to think of him badly. he wants to fight and argue and laugh with will, and because he knows that’s what he wants, in an impulsive action he finds himself walking out to the door.
  • nico is utterly confused and even more scared as his hands grip around the doorknob because he doesn’t know what he’s doing. he’s not going to confess, maybe never going to confess, but he doesn’t want to fight with will and he’s willing to compress his feelings for this one chance
  • and with that thought, he turns the doorknob and leaves the cabin to see will sitting on the steps, leaning onto the side of the railings. will notices his presence, but continues staring into the grass, wondering if he should acknowledge nico or not
  • nico likes it better silent like this, so he hesitantly walks over and hovers over the steps, wondering if he should walk back inside because the fear part of him is telling him to. except, he does’t know why he’s afraid so he tells the fear part of him to shut up and he walks down the one step before he’s sitting on the same one will will, a feet or so apart
  • will solace’s heart is pounding for some strange reason and it mirrors nico’s because nico just can’t keep his chest still or his hands from shaking, even more when will turns his head a little bit to look at nico, who is resting his chins on his arms that are placed guardedly on his knees
  • will solace only gazes, and nico risks a glance back before he properly stares at will, wondering what he’s thinking about. the blush in his cheeks rises and his heart is hammering because will is looking at him in a way he’s never seen before
  • will’s eyes are soft with the slightest hint of squint, his eyebrows are rested and his lips are a small bit pursed. his tan skin is a little blushed as well, and nico forgets abot time when he momentarily gets lost in will’s eyes
  • of course, that is before will slowly moves his head which makes nico blink. will leans achingly slow into nico, who is half shrinking back and half trying to keep his composure still. nico doesn’t know what will’s thinking, but his breath hitches when will only rests their heads together
  • for a moment, they stay like that, wills eyes closed. nico likes the warmth between them, and his chest is pounding and he’s unsure of what’s going on but he lets it happen. after a good few seconds, will moves his head to brush his cheek against nico’s so softly and it’s the most comforting thing nico has ever felt
  • “it’s okay”. it comes out as a whisper, but it feels like the only sound in the damp and peaceful evening. nico doesn’t know exactly what will’s talking about, but he understands strangely and almost feels his eyes water at the thought of this being okay
  • will pulls back just slightly and nico thinks he dreamed it as will’s eyes open. nico keeps his eyes closed, half the time staring at the ground and the other half flickering them closed. 
  • will is waiting for something like a hesitation, but nico keeps quiet, completely confused as to whats going to happen next. seeing as there’s not hesitance, will tilts his head just a little bit before he leans and and take nico’s lips in his
  • everything stops. nico can’t feel his heartbeat, nor the sounds around him, or even his senses, just like the time in his cabin when he made that dreadful realization. except now when everything catches up to him, it feels like a wave of fireworks in his stomach and he can barely breathe but he doesn’t want to
  • will, on the other hand, feels the innocent sensation of nico’s warm lips against his own and instantly wants more. he feels all the feelings rush into his chest until aches in the sweetest way. he reaches up and cups nico’s face in his hands, pulling him closer.
  • the feeling of will’s hands on his face makes a shiver go down his spine before nico finds himself trailing his hands along will’s waist, not wanting this moment to end. will kisses him again, and then again and again, heart swelling every time nico gasps just a little bit in innocent surprise
  • it isn’t long before they’ve completely lost coordination, when it isn’t even kissing anymore and it’s just a mess of mouths and fumbling hands and swollen, tugging lips with months worth of trapped feelings pouring out all at once
  • will pulls away and kisses nico one last time, and it’s innocent and chaste and gentle. he knows, in his heart he knows the fear that nico has within him and he remembers the anxiousness in nico’s eyes, so he lets the kiss be lingering and sweet, a few words of comfort in the press of lips
  • and then will pulls away and sets his forehead on nico’s, both of them catching their breath quietly and feel the heat in their cheeks rising. nico can’t stop himself from smiling, and will notices this which makes laughter bubble in his chest and he giggles and then nico does too and by then, it’s a mess of laughing, blushing boys.
  • in a moment, they’ll maybe talk about this and everything if they can get over their shyness and their laughter, but right now, they enjoy each other’s ringing giggles and the sight of their blushing faces in the evening hue

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Hi ❤ can u do 46 and 64 with Sehun please? Thank you!!! I love your work btw :)

Thank you!!~ 💖

46. “I just need to be alone right now.”

64. “Talk to me.”

Oh Sehun x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 201

Originally posted by chanyoelparks-deleting

“Sehun! Did something happen,” you asked him as soon as you saw his gloomy face. 

“I just need to be alone right now,” he said going to the bedroom but it wasn’t long before he sat down next to you, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Didn’t you just say that you wanted to be alone?”

“I did but then I realized that your presence calms me down.”

“Well okay,” you said, leaning back into the sofa and picking up the book you have been reading again. He watched you for a few minutes before taking it out of your hands.

“Jagi, talk to me.” 

“About what?” you asked.

“Anything, let me hear your voice,” you wondered what got him so clingy but decided to fulfill his wish and started telling him about your day.

“Your voice is so sweet,” he interrupted you, nuzzling his head in your shoulder. “I missed you.”

“Was it work?” you asked him. He always acted like this when something went wrong there.


“Do you want me to make you something?”

“Please,” your cooking always cheered him up. You tried to stand up but he pulled you back to him. “Stay here a bit longer…”

When The Clock Strikes 12 [Lafayette/Reader]

Woo! First fic for @hamwriters write-a-thon down! This idea came to me after searching for a ton of different AUs to work with. Now to finish up my GWash/Trans!Reader fic, then work on my femslash fic for the write-a-thon! Please enjoy!

Thank you to my wonderful amazing tumblr budbuds that inspired me to do a good job and inspire me in general! @musicalmiranda @love-doesnt-discriminate @hamilficsfordays @gunsandfics @boss-headcanons @diggs4life @imagineham @imdedicatingeverydaytoyou @secretschuylersister and @tempfixeliza <3 You’re all so kind and amazing and even if I don’t interact with you or chat with you, what you do and how funny/cute/relatable/sweet you all are makes me smile and makes me realize that the Hamilton (more specifically writing) community is such an incredible place to be!

Warnings: Alcohol, some swearing at the end, Lafayette’s full name (like w o a h), and New Years in case anyone has bad experiences with New Years!

Word count: 1514

Grabbing your third glass of cold, cheap champagne for the night, you laugh at a joke that Hercules had just told that wasn’t even funny. He seemed so enthusiastic about it that you couldn’t help it, but even sober, you couldn’t comprehend the punchline or how it was supposed to work out to be as funny as everyone made it sound like it was. You take a sip and walk off, trying to find the person who had dragged you here in the first place, Lafayette. 

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