Since she arrived on our world, Diana kind of neglected hair care and after a few months her hair grew from waist-length to below her butt. It’s sometimes an issue during battle but she hates having her hair cut and no one will let her do it now. They like to run their fingers through it and fiddle with it and stuff. The good thing is she knows how to do about 30 different kinds of braids so she braids it for practicality.

“Diana shouldn’t need saving from Bruce”

Um no. That’s a disgustingly patriarchal, isolationist view. Feminism is about equality, not aloofness, not Them vs Me. Diana saved Bruce in BvS, now Bruce is returning the favour. That’s what teammates do, because they care about each other. I for one am glad that Diana isn’t a misandrist and refuses to accept help just because it comes from a man. Feminism is about removing the damsel in distress stigma, but how is Diana a damsel in distress just because Bruce saved her ONCE, and AFTER she saved him before? SHE IS MOTHERFUCKING BADASS WONDER WOMAN. HER BADASSERY DOESN’T GET WIPED OUT JUST BECAUSE SHE HAS A MALE TEAMMATE WATCHING HER BACK. FEMINISM DOESN’T MEAN SHE HAS TO BE 100% PERFECT WITHOUT SCREWING UP ONCE (that’s misogyny fyi). We are all from the same world, we care about the same things, so let us stand together and support each other and let genders not divide us.

Love is not just about saving the world, but also about letting yourself be saved, be loved, in return.