Bruce “I bought the bank” Wayne

Diana “I’m working with children” Prince

Clark “I take it back. I want to die” Kent

Barry “ I stopped listening when he said we are all going to die” Allen

Victor “ Keep the littlemerman away while I work” Stone

Arthur “ You are all tripping over yourselves” Curry

Lois “Big Guns” Lane

Alfred “ Send a letter to Paris that says «Do you want to be Bruce’s teammate. Cross yes or no” Pennyworth


Thelma Official Trailer 2017
Coming of age movie about a college lesbian who discovers her super powers and sexuality.

I repeat

Lesbian. Super Powers. Female. Superhero.

Fair warning - Reportedly Wonder Woman and the Amazons experience some pretty sexist treatment in the movie, and not just those costumes everyone lost it over. I’m talking several up-skirt shots and (spoiler) Flash falling and planting his face into Diana’s breasts. The fact Whedon saw how negatively people reacted when he made Hulk do that to Black Widow in ‘Age of Ultron’ and then still did the exact same thing in ‘Justice League’ has really pissed me off.