the places i’ve yet to be

i find peace in places i’ve never been.

i dream of streets i’ve never walked

and sunsets i’ve never seen.

oceans i’ve never smelled,

music i’ve never heard,

lights that have never dazzled me,

and art that has yet to take my breath away.

i live for these places,

i find my comfort in them

until such a time when

i find out what i’m missing.



Lot of you have been asking me to explain everything and you guys are confused since you’re new. I can’t explain everything from the start, however I’ll try my best to make it understandable. So please bear with me! I advice y'all to watch Hyyh series, highlight reels and then read this theory, you’ll understand it better.

We all can see Jin with camera everytime, like he’s trying to capture every memory. Even in spring day he makes the camera like motion with his hands.

Also, he’s seen with flowers. Now we’ve established the fact that Jin is the main character. Flowers stand for purity and innocence. But maybe he uses them for time travel?

After Taehyung killed his father, his soul got corrupted. He became ‘evil’. Jin somehow found out, so in order to save him, Jin decides to exchange his soul in place of Taehyung. That’s exactly what we see during bst.

But instead of sadness leaving taehyung and entering Jin, it’s gets divided between them. That’s why Taehyung smirked, that’s why Jin’s face cracked. He wasn’t innocent anymore.

Now let’s move on to bst Japanese version. Jin and Taehyung fight and it’s Taehyung who wins, that’s why he smiles like a psycho.

This is hard to explain but Taehyung is portrayed as a bad influence on everyone?? Even on Namjoon. That’s why we see them both of them together, Taehyung’s corrupting him.

Also, we see everyone trying to protect Jimin from seeing something, something he isn’t supposed to see. By closing his eyes, blind folding him.

This confirms the time travelling part.

Seokjin time travels to save everyone including yoongi and jungkook. Yoongi would’ve died in that fire if Jungkook hadn’t pulled him out, you can see that in Euphoria.

But the time travelling is having consequences. Jimin is left alone because hoseok left him as Jin put him in place of Taehyung’s father, in order to save Taehyung from killing his father and thus preventing from him becoming evil.(Maybe Taehyung and Hoseok are related somehow).

This is not good for Jimin’s condition. He’s imagining things, he’s imagining being happy being with his friends but it’s not true. Utopia vs reality. It’s all his fantasy.

Since Wonder is the prologue, her is the second installment of the series, it comes after wonder. Which means serendipity is a follow up, that’s why Jimin is again alone.

Also someone on twitter pointed out how the shoes which Jimin are carrying in Spring Day are the same one’s which Jin is wearing, they’re both white. While Taehyung had black shoes on, Seokjin really altered everyone’s memory, took Taehyung’s place and is sacrificing himself.

But looking at Jin trying to jump, triggers Taehyung’s memory, he’s remembering that it was supposed to be him, that’s why he’s not smiling with everyone.

Now let’s talk about Jungkook. There’s a pose which he always makes. Some things fishy right? Remember when Jungkook got beat up on purpose, he went to the construction site and lost his footing. He never forgot the idea of falling to his death, it got implanted in his brain. In ly:her notes, Jungkook says, “no one would be sad without me.”

To sum it up, Jin’s trying to save everyone through time travelling but it’s backfiring.

There’s a lot I want to talk about yoonkook and Jihope relationship, also why Namjoon is always seen with a lolipop, I think I’ll do it tomorrow. If you have any questions, theories etc my ask box is always open ❤ And just a heads up Hyyh and wonder if just the beginning, it’s only a back story, the real story begins now.