Ok other than me telling everyone I would be resuming the story soon and somehow managing to add more people while I don’t post anything but gifs and crazy stuff that comes out of my head *eyebrow raise* (makes me wonder more about you than me)  I have been semi-rebuilding Moonlight Falls into a new world where everyone will eventually end up.

Filling it with houses of the Victorian era has been my goal, and while I did build a few (including one I have yet to post) I decided to take a shortcut. I opened up Midnight Hollow and pulled out 9 houses.

Placed the 9 houses on Faerywynde (a flat island world) and set about to recolor them. I love “painted ladies” (the vibrant colors some people used turn of the century.) But I also kept a few authentic muted. The small off-white front door has been replaced with a baufive door. The small muted green door has been replaced by a Mutske door. Other than that the only changes were color, flowers and trees. The 2nd and 3rd pictured houses had flowers and trees changing only. I did not touch the interiors on any house.

If there is any interest in these I will put them up for download. If not, enjoy the pictures.



friendly reminder that this was an actual fucking episode oh my goD

thanks friend this is exactly what i needed right now oh yES