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which guests so far have been your favorites?

This is a really tough question. And it all boils down to personal preference.

I really love the idol episodes but if I had to pick a top 10 (in no particular order):

Kim Woo Bin  - he really lets his hair down and isn’t afraid to look silly. And, in the beginning, he isn’t all that great at challenges but is still really competitive.

Choi Min Soo - No 3 words strike bigger fear into the hearts of our members than this hunter’s name. Always entertaining.

Lee Gook Joo  - two words: dance battle

Jung Yong Hwa - Yong Hwa has a talent for variety and he fits right in with Running Man. He’s probably the only person who could become a permanent addition to the show and not have it be awkward. Plus, he’s great at challenges.

Lee Dong Wook - Dong Wook is really funny and he has amazing chemistry with Ji Hyo. 

Jackie Chan - He’s hilarious and it’s fun seeing the other’s fangirl over him.

Noh Sa Yeon - what’s not to love about our tuna noona? She’s funny and fierce!

Kwon Ji Yong (G-Dragon) - there’s something about seeing someone who just embodies cool be dragged down to Running Man’s level. He faces everything with a smile on his face but you can’t help but feel that he’s wishing he were anywhere else in that moment.

Kang Dae Sung - Daesung’s chemistry with Jae Suk and his variety experience make him fun to watch every time. 

Park Ji Sung - Captain Park took to variety like a duck to water. He quickly got over any awkwardness and formed a bond with the Running Man members, which feels truly genuine. The Ji Sung episodes are always fun with great missions.

Honorable Mentions - Moon Chae Won, Lee Seung Gi, Kim Enthusiastic, Choi Minho

Argh! I feel like this only scrapes the surface. Who are YOUR favourite guests?


Exit Rave: I Remember You

[This is intended to be a spoiler free recommendation/review for I Remember You. Unfortunately if you’re interested in this show already, and have seen anything about it on tumblr you probably will already be mildly spoiled for it, and because of the nature of the show it’s hard to avoid them and give a thorough review. But I’m going to do my best. This is long. Big surprise there, I know. And highly effusive. Hope you enjoy it.]

About this Review

I have delayed in putting up this review, because I wanted to complete a review that really did this show justice. I finished I Remember You, otherwise known as Hello Monster, pretty much as soon as it finished airing. But instead of writing this immediately, as I generally would, I wanted to give my thoughts I chance to solidify before I put something out. Thus, chronologically, I watched I Remember You before Marriage, Not Dating and High School King of Savvy but put those reviews up first while I’ve been working on this one.

I Remember You is the best drama I have watched so far and a close contender for my favorite drama of all time. Being qualitatively the best and being subjectively my favorite are very different measures of quality as I estimate them, and that this manages to hold a place at the top of both of those lists speaks to the effect this show had on me.

I like police procedurals. No let me rephrase that, I have a problem with police procedurals. From trashy, seemingly endless popcorn cop shows (like Castle) or those that I consider to have actual cinematic merit (NBC’s Hannibal, BBC Sherlock, or the first season of True Detective) I’ve seen a lot of them. In general I feel like homicide detectives are a fairly American preoccupation. We don’t even get out of bed for less than a serial murder case for the most part.

And because I am almost overly familiar with the genre I hesitated to start this show because I worried that the details would annoy me. Cop shows just don’t seem to play in Korea the way they do in the US. We make this type of show in our sleep, but based on nothing but my own observations they just don’t seem as popular over there. Based only on the domestic rating for this show I think my supposition might be correct.

And if you’re like me, some of the details are going to raise eyebrows. There is a lot of people wandering in and out of crime scenes, or sleeping in crime scenes, or not wearing gloves when handling evidence. The, for want of a better world, pretense at realism is considerably less studied. My recommendation? Ignore it. Ignore it because it isn’t egregious and everything else is so well done that I didn’t care about the little shit at all by the time I reached the end.

Before I get into the meat of what made I Remember You so great, I want to address a couple of sidebar issues and then ignore them completely for the remainder of the review:

So…perhaps some of you have heard of a little pop group known as EXO? As it turns out they’re kind of a big deal. Who knew? And one of their members does dramas sometimes. I mean besides the fan service, self promotional web drama EXO Next Door. Like, actual critically acclaimed dramas with actual for serious actors. One I happened to do a review of, in fact: It’s Okay, That’s Love.

Originally posted by jonginssoo

And this actor/pop idol, one Do Kyung Soo, stage name D.O., plays a baby psychopath in I Remember You.

Originally posted by osnase

^^And a million ovaries around the world cried out in unison and were silent.

I enjoy Kyung Soo. He is a good actor, especial considering his age and relative inexperience. He made a good psycho. He has a relatively minor role in I Remember You, and aside from the EXO connection, I don’t understand/don’t approve the obsessing over him as Murder Baby. 

There were so many stand out performances that it’s rather unfortunate that they are being overshadowed by the idol actor in the series. But, like I said. No hate. I have no problem with idol actors. I like Murder Baby, I want to pinch his cheeks and share murderous tea with him. But I’m not going to talk about him anymore in this review.

The other thing I wanted to address rull quick was that the first episode of this show–down to the music, down to the sociopathic consultant, down to the illustrated thought processes superimposed on the screen–kinda thinks it’s BBC Sherlock.

It is not BBC Sherlock

Luckily it gets over that misapprehension really quickly all things considered and finds it’s own style and pace. But I feel like some mention of this similarity is fair since the influence is obvious. Don’t start watching this show and think it’s just a rip off and rage quit. Alternately don’t start this and think you’re getting the same thing, because it is a different animal.

The Actual Review

It is insanely hard to give a summary of this show without spoilers. A lot of the summaries I’ve seen are actually legitimately terrible or really misleading. If not that, then spoilery as hell. Everything about the early episodes builds logically and inexorably to the ending. The plot is really tight and well thought out and it’s clear that the writers knew exactly what they wanted to do from the beginning. This is a hard thing to find in Kdramas because of the live shoot system, which is why pacing tends to bottom out in the middle or the story suddenly implodes at the end. I don’t know if I Remember You was shot live at all, I couldn’t find that information, but if it was live-shooting didn’t have this unfortunate effect.

I’m going to side step the summary issue here by not giving one. Suffice to say that this show has elements of family drama, murder mystery, romance, psychological thriller and philosophical reverie on human nature.

The identities of characters, how they relate to each other and how this information is disseminated to the viewer is all really essential to the experience of this show, so I don’t want to ruin that for anyone. I would, however, like to give a couple pointers for anyone picking this show up with the usually Kdrama expectations, because it might increase your enjoyment:

1) The reveals aren’t really reveals. 

What I mean by this is, while there are scenes that are functionally “the reveal” where they tell you the true identity of one of the core players. You’re not going to be surprised. Unless you lack even a basic amount of genre savvy, you’re already going to know before the reveal happens. And, to my thinking. That’s kind of the point. I knew by episode 3…maybe episode 5 if I’m being super generous, who everybody was.

The writers seem to subscribe to the Alfred Hitchcock brand of suspense, where it is more likely to cause engagement and anxiety for the audience to know what’s going on and anticipate the consequences (i.e. know that there is a bomb under the table and observe the unsuspecting characters while they eat their lunch) than to have reveals sprung on the audience after being given no information, or insufficient information to predict the outcome.

Originally posted by ironicsuho

Another excellent byproduct of I Remember You’s style of mystery writing, is to give us some really beautifully crafted conversations laced with double talk. So many times you will find yourself pondering “does he know that she knows that he knows?” kind of questions. I found myself anticipating all the completely-theoretical-but-not-so-theoretical chats the characters had. They became my favorite parts of each episode. Those bouts of “I’m not saying I murder people in my spare time, but IF I was going to murder someone…” made this show an absolute, edge of your seat, blast to watch. I knew everything, or thought I knew everything, from the beginning, but I couldn’t sleep at night wondering where it was all going.

2) The main pairing isn’t really the main pairing.

What I mean by that is the balance of this show is about 1/3 romantic development and tension between Jang Na Ra’s Detective Cha and Seo In Guk’s s Lee Hyeon; 2/3 individual casing and over arching plot involving Hyeon’s missing brother and the whereabouts of Murder Baby. The romance is at best a subplot. A very enjoyable and deftly crafted subplot, but not the main attraction by any means.

The emotional main event is dealing with Hyeon’s guilt, his search for his father’s killer, his brother kidnapper, his need to know if that younger brother is still alive, to fill in the gaps in his memory, and to finally realize with certainty if he is in fact the monster he was called.

There’s more I could say about who I think the main couple in this show actually is. But anything I could say would ruin some of the fun. And literally any relevant gif I could put here would be a mild spoiler so:

Originally posted by never-chenge

^^Have Park Bo Gum drinking some tea.

This balance of romance and plot is on point. The show needs the extra time to do everything it needs to do with the plotty bits. Honestly, they ending still feels like it could have used the breathing room of a 17th episode to really let the slow burn build up come to a rolling boil. But considering realistic time constraints, the show did everything I wanted it to do, and left enough room for the imagination to roam around in.

As an added bonus, this show gave me a handful of actors whose careers I will never stop stalking. Because if we’re following Detective Cha’s, or hell, anybody’s example from this show, stalking is in fact the sincerest form of flattery. I can’t say enough about the nuanced performances from Park Bo Gum and Choi Won Young. Not only that but every single minor character absolutely nailed their scenes. Team Leader Kang and Detective Son’s bromance has forever staked out a little corner of my soul.

I haven’t even been able to say a fraction of what I could, what I would want to say about this show. But I have to wrap this up somewhere. I’m breaking decorum and asking for reblogs. If you liked the show and want your friends to watch it, reblog I Remember You shit. Reblog this review, if you feel so moved. This is also me, unabashedly pleading for fan fiction.

This show needs an active fucking fandom like…STAT.

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^^Where is the fic for these two? Where!?

There are ratings of the head and ratings of the heart, but this is one of those rare shows where I can’t separate my feelings from my thoughts. I Remember You gets a 10/10. Watch this show. Just watch it.

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I like it. I dig sunflowers and I dig Jared Padalecki so…

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Any of them (except for trolls I guess lol idk). 

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Turquoise is my fave.

6. Favourite song?

At this very moment I have “I Am” by AWOLNation stuck in my head so we’ll go with that. I never have one favorite song tbh.

7. Top four fandoms?

Supernatural (could technically put this as all four but I won’t lol), PARKS AND REC, and I used to love me some Teen Wolf but they got rid of bae so no.

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Y’all share my passion for things I’d get made fun of for in real life lol

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Won Park is the master of Origami. He is also called the “money folder”, a practitioner of origami whose canvas is the United States One Dollar Bill. Bending, twisting, and folding, Won Park creates life-like shapes inspired by objects living and not– both in stunning detail.

Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. The goal of this art is to create a representation of an object using geometric folds and crease patterns preferably without the use of gluing or cutting the paper, and using only one piece of paper.

facebook | deviantart

This is probably one of the more impressive pieces of dollar bill origami designs that I’ve seen in terms of detail. The creator’s name is Won Park and I found the instructions here: http://www.origami-resource-center.com/support-files/dollarkoifish.pdf

This koi was made out of an American $20 and was part of a school of koi that were a gift my grandmother had asked me to fold for my cousin. Each one took about 2 hours to fold but I think I could have folded them faster if I wasn’t being so cautious to get them perfect.

I really enjoy dollar bill origami because it makes for interesting gifts. I also enjoy seeing a waiter face when I leave some as a tip at a restaurant. The way their face moves from amazement to confusion over whether they should/can unfold it.