Won Park

This is probably one of the more impressive pieces of dollar bill origami designs that I’ve seen in terms of detail. The creator’s name is Won Park and I found the instructions here: http://www.origami-resource-center.com/support-files/dollarkoifish.pdf

This koi was made out of an American $20 and was part of a school of koi that were a gift my grandmother had asked me to fold for my cousin. Each one took about 2 hours to fold but I think I could have folded them faster if I wasn’t being so cautious to get them perfect.

I really enjoy dollar bill origami because it makes for interesting gifts. I also enjoy seeing a waiter face when I leave some as a tip at a restaurant. The way their face moves from amazement to confusion over whether they should/can unfold it.

The Promise Season 1 Episode 4

The Promise Season 1 Episode 3

The Promise Season 1 Episode 2

The Promise Season 1 Episode 1

Na-Yeon is a bright woman. She supports her boyfriend Tae-Joon, who is from a poor background, and has even given up entering a university. But Tae-Joon dumps her for his success and goes with Se-Jin, who is a granddaughter of Baekdoo Company president. Do-Hee is Na-Yeon’s twin sister. She is arrogant and tough. Do-Hee works as a reporter at a weekly magazine. After Na-Yeon’s death, Do-Hee decides to take revenge. She takes on the identity of her sister Na-Yeon. Do-Hee then meets Hwi-Kyung, who is successor of Baekdoo Company.

Song Jong-ho, Yun Ju-Sang, Lee Jong-Won, Kim Hye-Ri, Park Ha-Na, Seo Jun-young, Lee Yoo-ri