Womens Sports

the worst example i can provide of “posts that use progressive language to push a regressive agenda” is a post I once saw that literally said something like “there’s absolutely no reason sports should be divided by sex.” Their entire argument was that the reason girls and boys have their own sports is because MISOGYNY and ~boys being scared to lose to girls~ and i swear to god i almost had a stroke

like i know this website is full of nerds who never played sports growing up but you are living in another plane of reality if you think the existence of “women’s sports” is because of misogyny. WOMEN’S SPORTS EXIST IN SPITE OF MISOGYNY. You can toss out all the examples you want of incredibly gifted women who could “beat the boys,” (women who were the best of the best) but for all intents and purposes, the end of women’s-only sports would mean the end of women in sports.

It genuinely has me shaken that Title IX is only a generation or so old - that my mother’s generation of girls was effectively barred from all team sports - and yet there are people today who are so out-of-touch with history and reality that they honestly think men “forced” women into their own sporting divisions, when in actuality it took women FIGHTING for their RIGHT to play sports, to have their own teams, to compete amongst themselves.

I’m sorry i’m so worked up over this, i just could not believe seeing so many reblogs on a post that throws the vast majority of women athletes - who CAN’T make the boys team because boys are taller and stronger, but who are driven and gifted and impressive athletes in their own right - under the bus just to make some sort of bizarre misguided point about misogyny

One of the my least favourite things in the world has to be the way there’s been such a push for coed sport teams. It’s honestly vile the way it’s been portrayed as being pro-equality and not at all dangerous. There is a reason some sports are sex-segregated and that’s for safety. Just imagine a biological man crashing into your average women on a school football or rugby team. If you support this, you don’t care about women.

Serena Williams: 5 Fierce Feminists Who “Encourage Me To Do Better”
Serena Williams credits a village of kick-ass women for lifting her up to become the G.O.A.T.

In her own words, Serena Williams opens up about the women who inspired her, taught her and shaped her into the woman she is today.

1. Billie Jean King and Chris Evert

“One woman that has been really influential to me, obviously, has been Billie Jean King. She just really took pride in what she did and what she does— and also Chris Evert. They’re really just women who go above and beyond… They were such great champions and they encouraged me to do better than them.”

2. Venus Williams

“Growing up with Venus when we were really young, she would always protect me. And going forward to tennis, college, and life she’s just always there.”

3. Her mom, Oracine Price

“I’ve always appreciated my mom, but I never appreciated and loved my mom on the level I do now because I have a daughter. So it just changed my life. It made me realize all the sacrifices my mom made. She was the ultimate mom. If it wasn’t for my mom I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t be Serena Williams. If I could just do half of what she did for me, for my daughter, it would be beyond anything I could ever dream of.”

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