Womens fashion


In His Element

Model: Saïd Pressley | @saidhenri
Styled by: Jonathon | @7thson92
Shot by: Mitch & Gunner
@m0rillawarfare & @iamkelechi

What’s the difference, really, between men’s and women’s fashion? In the fall collections, it’s share and share alike. In W’s October issue, the stylist Melanie Ward, a longtime W contributor, has made the case that men’s and women’s fashion go hand in hand. She teamed up with artist Collier Schorr to create a fashion portfolio that gives a youthful and original twist to the idea of a uniform. Click here to see models like Erika Linder, Alton Mason, and Jonas Gloër, take their gender-bending wardrobes out on the town.