Hero cops gun down unarmed man for having earphones in

Valiantly defending they’re community, these heroes gum down a man who was threatening them by being unarmed and unable to hear them, and worst of all, was disrespecting their AUTHORITY by being a law abiding citizen going about his day.

After the cop heroically shoots the unarmed man, he then proceeds to loot this filthy criminal’s carcass for spoils.

God bless our men and women in uniform patrolling the streets every day, gunning down criminals at will.

We polled over 500 men and women to find out what temptation means to them in the lab. Guess what? Over 40% of women can’t resist a man in uniform. 

Created by Peter Judson


In the late 19th century, medicine started to take a more scientific approach, and physicians first wore white laboratory coats to represent themselves as scientists.

“Frolicking in the snow at Camp Shanks are a group of Wacs, members of the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion, who were redeployed from France to this country, and landed in New York City. / In the picture are Technical Sergeant Lillian Butterfield of Bayonne, New Jersey; Technician Fifth Grade Bernice F. Lewis of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Private First Class Hester Givens of Linden, New Jersey; Private First Class Benita F. Schuster of Manhattan, New York; Private First Class Genevieve Marshall of Washington, D.C.; Sergeant Mary E. Walker of New York City; Technician Fifth Grade Bernice Axam of Passaic, New Jersey; Private First Class Mary Young of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Private First Class Katherine Metoyer of Columbus, Ohio; Priviate First Class Dolly Hall of New York City; Technician Fifth Grade Beulah Patten of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Technician Fifth Grade Dorothy E. Lounds of Tuckahoe, New York and Private First Class Isofine Jacobs of Chester, Pennsylvania. 1-3-46.”

January 1946

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A U.S. Army nurse carries her gear prior to boarding a plane for transport after being liberated from a Japanese internment camp. She had been a POW for three years. Manila, National Capital Region, Luzon, Philippines. February 1945. Image taken by Carl Mydans.