Women in Film Portraits


Just women yearning for one another.

Carol (2015); Disobedience (2017); Vita and Virginia (2018); Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019); Atomic Blonde (2017)


Top 10 Favorite Films of 2019

  1. Parasite
  2. Portrait of a Lady on Fire
  3. The Lighthouse
  4. Once Upon A Time…in Hollywood
  5. Uncut Gems
  6. Us
  7. Midsommar
  8. Little Women
  9. Booksmart
  10. Knives Out

Honorable Mentions:

The Farewell, Marriage Story, Ready or Not, Doctor Sleep, Jojo Rabbit, Hustlers, Zombieland: Double Tap, Climax, Pain & Glory, The Last Black Man in San Francisco

portrait of women on fire



Cinematography is the omnipresent force around us when we watch a film, whether on the silver, small, or streaming screen. It is the visual foundational blueprint to bridging the gaps between the script, the direction, the acting, and the design of cinema. Without the photography of the film, the cinema is obsolete. 

Since the inception of cinema, brought to you by the Lumiere Brothers (the founding fathers of the film) in the 1890s. On February 12, 1892, Léon Bouly invented the first device that was designed to operate as a motion picture camera, film projector, and a film printer. The device Bouly invented and patented was called the cinematographe. Unfortunately, lack of funds and poverty forced Bouly to sell the rights to the cinematograph to the Lumiere Brothers, and the rest is history.

On February 13, 1895, the brothers patented their own version of the cinematographe, expanding on their innovative patent of film perforations (film sprocket holes, first originated by Charles-Émile Reynaud). 

Whether it’s the color composition or the visual frames expanded onto the screen, in lamen terms, the cinematography is about the art of making motion pictures. It is the language and sound, unspoken through the lens, and dynamically influenced through the screen.

The cinematographer is the ballerina, moving the camera with their bodies, placing the visual design within their shoulders.

In 2019, we had an array of beautiful masterful cinematography that elevated such great films. With gorgeous color and sensory piqued to perfection, here are our Top 10 for 2019.

  1. LITTLE WOMEN (2019); directed by Greta Gerwig; photographed by  Yorick Le Saux
  2. PORTRAIT OF LADY ON FIRE (2019); directed by Céline Sciamma;  photographed by Claire Mathon
  3. HUSTLERS (2019); directed by Lorene Scafaria; photographed by Todd Banhazl
  4. THE LIGHTHOUSE (2019); directed by Robert Eggers; photographed by Jarin Blaschke
  5. MIDSOMMAR (2019); directed by Ari Aster; photographed by Pawel Pogorzelski
  6. JOKER (2019); directed by Todd Philips; photographed by Lawrence Sher
  7. PARASITE (2019); directed by Bong Joon-ho; photographed by Hong Gyeong-Pyo
  8. QUEEN AND SLIM (2019); directed by Melina Matsoukas; photographed by Tad Radcliffe
  9. THE BEACH BUM (2019); directed by Harmony Korine; photographed by  Benoît Debie
  10. AD ASTRA (2019); directed by James Gray;  photographed by  Hoyte Van Hoytema 

My Top 10 Films of 2019

(in no specific order!!)

1. Portrait of a Lady on Fire dir. Céline Sciamma

2. Little Women dir. Greta Gerwig

3. Parasite dir. Bong Joon-ho

4. Honey Boy dir. Alma Har’el

5. Monos dir. Alejandro Landes

6. Midsommar dir. Ari Aster

7. Booksmart dir. Olivia Wilde

8. The Lighthouse dir. Robert Eggers

9. Marriage Story dir. Noah Baumbach

10. The Farewell dir. Lulu Wang


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