…in that bit of white rag with the invisible stitching, lying among fallen leaves and rubbish that the wind has blown into the gutter or street corner, lies all the passion of some woman’s soul finding voiceless expression. Has the pen or pencil dipped so deep in the blood of the human race as the needle?
—  Olive Schreiner, From Man to Man, 1927.

Leaked Apple emails reveal sexist, toxic work environment (EXCLUSIVE)

According to Apple’s most recent diversity report, women make up 32% of its global workforce. About a dozen of those women wrote on a recent email thread, shared with Mic by an Apple employee, in which they commiserated on their experiences working in a company dominated by men.

The thread includes stories of discrimination, workplace harassment, being passed over for promotions, fear of retaliation — and worst of all, nothing being done about it.  Those who remain at the company continue to report toxic environments and incidents, hopeful that they will be resolved. Others, frustrated by a lack of change, resort to quitting. At least one woman is taking even more action.

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Much of what she lists doing isn’t simply cleaning and maintenance, but it is closely related. It involves thought, and planning:

“Hanging stuff on the walls, putting photographs in picture frames, thinking about whether we should buy new sheets because the old ones are getting old, thinking about the time that we are going to have dinner, thinking about what we are going to have for dinner.”

It is not just that Thompson is cooking dinner, it is that she is planning dinner menus (what would he like to eat?), and thinking of what time to have it – all types of thoughtfulness that go unnoticed. “It really annoys me that I have to think about this. It’s not fair, it’s taxing on me”, she says.

Birth control planning is another issue. “I am the one who has to do the entire research and break it down for him. ‘How long does it take you to get pregnant after the IUD?’ he asks me. “Well, why wouldn’t you make time to make that research if you are thinking we will have kids?”

The same is valid for smaller details of everyday life. “He is looking for stuff. Have you seen my nail filer? He goes to the closet and says he cannot see it. It’s there. ‘Where do we keep the kitchen towels?’ He asks me time and time again. After the third or the fourth time, that shit needs to be learned.”

She continues: “It suggests to me that there is a detachment to home that I do not have the luxury of having. Because if I did, then our everyday life would be a nightmare. So I take on that role. That’s not my authentic self, but I have no choice,” she says.

So Thompson picks her battles (don’t we all?), and the question remains – if we are socialized from a young age to be this way, is it possible that we really are better at it, even if nature did not make us so? Should we just shut up and get on with it because the world would probably stop turning if we didn’t?

Or is it time we started forgetting the birthdays too, time we stopped falsely screaming ecstasy, and demanded adequate, formal remuneration for emotion work provided in the workplace as a skill?

Now that, right there, would probably be a shake-patriarchy-to-its-core revolution.


Tuesday, April 14, is Equal Pay Day, the symbolic day when women’s pay finally “catches up” to men’s from the previous year.

AAUW is observing Equal Pay Day with nearly 150 events at churches, campuses, community centers and state capitols across the country. 

Why? Because 78 cents to the dollar is NOT ENOUGH CHANGE! 


The originators and adherents of #GiveYourMoneyToWomen didn’t just suggest that women should get paid for existing, although yeah that too if you’re buying. Rather, women should get paid for all the work they typically do for free – all the affirmation, forbearance, consultation, pacifying, guidance, tutorial, and weathering abuse that we spend energy on every single day. Imagine a menu of emotional labor: Acknowledge your thirsty posturing, $50. Pretend to find you fascinating, $100. Soothe your ego so you don’t get angry, $150. Smile hollowly while you make a worse version of their joke, $200. Explain 101-level feminism to you like you’re five years old, $300. Listen to your rant about “bitches,” $infinity.
—  On Unpaid Emotional Labor. This article resonated SO MUCH with me.