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A weekend of Camping with United by Blue

As some of you already may have seen, in the later weeks of October, I embarked northward for a camping trip with sixteen other women. It was an adventure I soon won’t forget. 

Since putting this knit hat on, I rarely take it off it’s so cozy and goes with absolutely everything I wear. 

I’d guarantee, a camp morning with out strong tea and bacon is a morning wasted. 

I was excited to take my pierreponthicks boots out and about into the wild. 

The temperatures dropped below freezing, with icy rain and snow in the morning. I was lucky enough to have borrowed Pop Keegan’s Van. 

The first day we all met at the trail head, made out hellos, and jokes, and marveled at the lack of cell reception. Then, we headed out for a long hike around Rickett’s Glenn and it’s renowned waterfalls. 

To put it lightly, the entire trip was amazing. Each of these women were open, and enthusiastic. Each funny and talented. It was a pleasure to meet them all and be a part of the outdoors with like minded women. Thank you to unitedbyblue for such a beautiful experience. Special shout out to kellyelainesmith for all of these photos. 

For more photos and to get the gear check out: unitedbyblue.com


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